Written by Unknown

14 Jan 2006

we advertise not only on this site but in a well known swingers magazine. We had become quite dissilusioned by the replies we were getting from our advert in the magazine, as either time-wasters or complete perverts ( people who wanted a cheap thrill of a sex chat but were too cheap to want to pay what sex lines charge lol) would ring us. But ever optimistic we endeavoured to give it one last go with the magazine ad, and boy did it pay off!

Monday 9th of January started as every day does for us quite normal all the kids got off to school and Ian doing his work and I was pottering around the bungalow doing the housework, nothing unusual! lol! But as the normal day to day routine goes here, Ian stopped for lunch, so we sat down together to watch the lunch-time news, just as soon as we did the mobile rang. We did not recognise the number so knew it must from our ad in the magazine so I braced myself for another waste of 10mins or so explaining that I am not a cheap thrill line but we are a couple wishing to swing! Or we do not entertain for money or could we give them the number of such like services! How wrong can someone be? I answered the phone as normal, the gentleman (yes before you ask he is!) on the other end introduced himself as Mike, he said he was a married man but had a partner who he has been seeing for for a number of years. I in most intimate wisdom said "oh you have a fuck-buddy then!", Mike said in a quite suprised manner is that what it's called, then explained he and his partner Denise were new to the swinging scene and had seen our advert and thought we sounded like the perfect couple to meet and introduce them into swinging. Both Ian and I were very flattered by this but a bit nervous as we could remember back to when we first started out and how nervous we were and all the thoughts used to run around our heads, but we thought well ok we won't put them off and continued to listen to what Mike had to say.

He went onto explain, they had been talking about getting into swinging for a very long time and thought now was a good time to start, and that they had both seen our ad and the pictures which are with it, and we seem to be the ones. the conversation continued in a very positive vein, Mike promised to ring back that evening when he spoken to Denise. We replied that this would be fine by us. After the call had finished we did not think for one second that he would indeed later.

But another shock was in store for us later on, the phone rang again, it was Mikes number but not Mike on the other end but Denise. She was also very pleasent and explained how nervous she was but very excited by it all, I then explained that this was perfectly natural and that when we meet people for the first time we still (after three years on scene) get nervous. She said was curious about the bi thing and so I told her that I am bi and it is great fun, but I wouldnt pressurise her into doing something she was not comfortable with. Which put her at ease. The call ended on a promise of a meet for sometime soon.

Next morning just after 9am Mike rang again to say he and Denise had chatted about us and our phone calls and wanted to meet up with us asap. We said well we can accommodate during the day, but if the evenings are better for them then we would have to meet at a hotel/motel. Mike said that they both could do a day meet and did we have anything planned for Friday? We replied no we didnt and that would be great. We gave him our address and arranged for them to turn up about 9.30am on Friday.

Friday morning came, we didnt think of what day it was till we dropped the kids off at school and one of the eldest happened to say it was the 13th and how unlucky this day was. Ooops we thought we could have chosen a better day for a meet not because we are superstitious but it just dont seem to be the right date to swing and it all go well! lol.

9.30am came and went, no sign of Mike and Denise, then at 9.35am the phone rang his sat-nav on his car had lost its signal and he was lost! But he wasnt very far from where we live so Ian gave him directions to our house (which is difficult to find as the bugalow is set back 70 foot from the road and cant be seen.). soon we heard a car on the drive and there they were.

We invited them in made them both a coffee, and to get them relaxed took them into the lounge to talk about swinging and to make sure that they both felt at ease (there is nothing worse than being first-timers and feeling to danm nervous to do anything). It was quite easy as Denise and I got on like a house on fire as did I with Mike and Ian got on well with them both too. Mike did make a comment as to how nervous Denise was and he wanted to make sure that she was ok throughout the experience, and we felt the same to didnt want her to feel as though she had to do it, as I explained to her with men in general they are built for swinging as it is in thier genetic make up to get a hard on and perform whenever the opportunity is there but witha woman it is different.

After a while we all decided now was the time to move to the spare room which we had prepard for the occaison,(ie: pile of condoms vibrators for the use of and of course a very blue dvd on the pc already on but paused). We all decided that the best way to progress was to all undress ourselves as this wouldnt pose as a problem for Denise. Then to break the ice I suggested that we should kiss and caress our respective partners and wish them the best of luck and to enjoy the up and coming experience. Denise held onto Mike for comfort, not knowing wether this was gonna pan out. I kissed Ian and he said "good luck babe". We then moved to the bed, as Denise and \mike both sat onto the bed Ian and I took control of the situation and proceed to caress them both. Ian was a complete gentleman throughout as was Mike, but Ian was so kind and gentle with Denise, every time he stroked or kissed/licked a new part of her body he asked her if everything was ok and did she want him carry on, first of all she just nodded gingerly but her moans of pleasure should have been enough. he gently stoked and massaged her volumptous breast and her nipples pinged into spontaneous erections, they stood so proud and inviting so much so Ian felt the urge to suck them this really made her squirm. Whilst they were enjoying the first tempestuous steps into the full swing i decided to take Mike into this full on! I got my compact rabbit vibe and stroked his flacid cock from base to tip with it, it did not flacid for very long, Denise was intrigued by what I was fdoing and manouvered herself so she could see what I was doing but still able to enjoy Ian's touching and licking. Mike turned to Denise and said "are you ok babe?" and she answered"oh yes! you look as though you are enjoying that" to which he added "god yes are you enjoying what Ian is doing to you?" she nodded and led back down just as Ian's hands moved down her stomach she sighed with pleasure as he reached he hairy pubic mound she arched her pelvis so his hand moved further down her pussy and he stroked her with more furvor she responded by taking hold of his semi erect penis and started to wank him nice and slow. This was my chance explore Mike's erect prick I pulled his foreskin back and with the rabbit ears on the vibe I gently pushed one inside his jap eye, he gasped with pleasure, and a small ammount of precum oozed from his prick and i rubbed it into his glands as to make the feeling more intense. Ian remarked to Denise that not to worry about Mike as I knew what to do and he would be alright, she relaxed even further then and took hold of Ian's now erect cock and gently put iit into her mouth and sucked on it, by now Ian was playing with her very wet pussy and easing her lips wider so he could rub her clit and probe into her tight hole. I had now started to give Mike a bj (I love giving bj's as it turns me on turning on someone else) I took the whole of Mike prick into my mouth and sucked it, as I withdrew I encircled his glands with my tongue just to tease him further. This really got Mike going as he then started to caress my nipples (of one I have pierced, so is very sensitive to the touch) they did not need much to make them both very hard and needing to be sucked! but this did not happen, he then left my aching nipples and his hands moved down to my very wet and pulsating pussy, as soon as he started to caress my smooth shaven mound I lent back onto the bed as to give him easier acces to my willing clit and pussy, from this vantage point on the bed I could see everything that Ian and Denise were doing which was very nice, Ian had his 2 fingers deep inside her puusy and his thumb was rubbing her clit which was by now harder than ever! She was thrusting her hips against his hand as she was coming close to her first orgasm, she was wanking the base of his cock hard as she greedily sucked on his manhood. This really got me going(I dont know if it was the fact of they were virgins or just very nice people but it did it for me) Mike's hands had by now pulled apart my pussy lips and he was stroking my clit with his thumbs, his elbows pushing agianst my inner thighs forcing them gently apart, as to give him better access to lick my pussy, as soon as he licked my clit I started to come I moaned with ever mounting pleasure (I have the extreme pleasure of not having just a couple of orgasms during sex but I suppose you could I have one long continous one!) As I started to buck and writh on the bed to the tune of my oragsm Mike plunged his lovely tongue in to my hole and lapped up and down my slit, I then reached out with my hand and gently stroked Denise's thigh she did not object, maybe because she was engrossed in her own orgasm!

Ian stopped fingering her and told her to move down the bed to give him access to her pussy, he then parted her legs and figered her while licking and sucking her clit, she was now in heaven she was bucking and moaning, Mike had stopped licking me out and started to play with her breasts so I took hold of his manhood again and started to wank him fast I was far too excited to think about anything I (as everyone else involved) apart from pleasuring and being pleasured! Somehow we all change positons on the bed and Denise was sucking Ian's cock again, ian was stood up so was just enjoying the view, Mike was led back on the bed and he was licking her pussy and I was sucking Mike's cock, with all this sucking of thier cock's I'm very suprised that they did not explode! Mike stopped licking Denise's pussy and moved round to where Ian was stood Denise opened her eyes to see 2 cocks needing attention, she promptly took one in her mouth and the other in her free hand and continur=ed to pleasure them both and swapped occaisionally so they both got equal fun! Mike's hand reached down to her eager pussy and statred to rub her swollen lips and clit whie Ian was caressing her hard nipples. I then moved in for a closer look as it really turns me on to see a woman cum at close quarters! I then joined Mike in pleasuring Denise's pussy with my expert, delft fingers (being a woman I know all the right spots without having to find them!) The smaell of her cum was just far too inviting for me not to taste her, I inched closer to get a better vantage point and knelt by her feet but my face was an inch from her gaping slit I could see her vagina walls pulsating, I then looked up at both Ian and Mike they too were enjoying what I was doing and what Denise was doing to them! Mike winked at Ian as if to say this is the time for Denise to experience a woman's tongue, I didnt need to be told to and I then very gently ran my finger's down her slit and parted it further with one hand the other I pushed one finger into her pussy and proceeded to lick her clit which bobbed around my tongue, Mike showed Denise his hands and she knew it wasnt Ian either and she jumped with excitement, I then took her clit into my mouth and suck and nibbled it while fucking her with my fingers she bucked and writhed with extreme pleasure, her pussy now dripping with cum I withdrew my fingers and replaced them with my tongue and fucked her into another orgasm which was very intense I could her her muffled cries of enjoyment as she still had either Mike's or Ian's cock in her mouth! As her orgasm subsided I rubbed my whole face into her wetness, Mike brought one of hands down and parted her lips to make her clit stand out even further and invited me to suck on it one last time, I said it was just like the feeling of when a man comes having their glands stimulated it would be ticklish but still sucked on her clit, she gave out a huge sigh of pleasure and bucked one last time. I sat up and looked at her and asked if she enjoyed it and wether she was alright? She answered inbetween breaths "Yes! she loved it" Both of the men now knew we were both ready to be fucked and stood away from the bed to put on the condoms while Denise and I lay on the bed watching and I continues to gently stroke her legs and breasts.

Mike then came over to the side of the bed where I was led and said "Bend over!" (not in a harsh way) I did not need to asked a second time as doggy is my favorite postion, so I bent over the bed so my ass was up in the air and rested my hands on my arms, he proceeded to insert his stiff prick into my soaking wet pussy, as soon as he did this I came again and again with every thrust of his prick my orgasm intensified! Ian asked Denise which way she would like him to fuck her and she said doogy too. so she bent over the bed and he plunged his very hard cock into her wet pussy. So now there was 2 couples banging away thrust for thrust ass Denise and I continued to cum. Both Ian and Mike had endured a lot of stimuli from the both of us so all of us knew that this finale would not last very long, but we all came together Ian and Mike grunting their spunk out within moments of each other and Denise and I collasping face forward on to the bed! All very happy and very very satisfied!

Well we had been at it for a good few hours and time was pressing on as we had to clear up before we had to collect our kids from school, so they said that they both had enjoyed it so very much and thanked us for being so gentle and understanding and Denise thanked Both Ian and I independantly, Ian for being a gentleman and making sure she was happy and enjoying it all throughout, and me for giving her her first bi experience.

About an hour after they had gone Mike phoned us and said " When could they meet us again as there would be no stopping them now!" Well all we can say is glad we could help them out into the swinging scene and yes please can't wait for the next time. Probably next week just got to get the sitter in!

Hope you liked the true story, will let you all know when we have more stories to tell!