Written by unknown

18 Jul 2007

I stood outside Gina's place, my stomach fluttering with nervous excitement as I hadn't done this before, and yet the images of this lady were so sexy… and she was so delightful on the phone. Taking a big breath, I walked up to the door and knocked. After a brief silence the door opened and there you were in a short, black dress, your hair up on top of your head. We both smiled nervously as I presented you with a rose and you invite me in. You look even more stunning in person than the photos. In your heels you stood a little higher than me and you soon kick those off as we make ourselves comfortable in the lounge with some champagne I have bought along, quiet jazz playing in the background. We talk… and connect as we sip the champagne, becoming comfortable in each other's presence… looking into each other's eyes as we seek to understand the depths of the other. I'm mesmerised by your sensual lips as we both relax.

We begin to move closer to each other… light touches of the skin as we talk and become increasingly excited. You see the bulge in the front of my trousers and laugh as you reach down and stroke it. You too are damp in anticipation, but that isn't yet obvious.

I lean forward and lightly kiss you on your lips… inhaling your light scent. Our bodies draw closer as you look into my eyes and signal you are ready. As I slowly unzip your dress, our lips meet in more earnest kisses. As you dress falls off, we stand back and I take in the gorgeous sight of you in your black lingerie. 'You are so amazing, my goddess,' I breathlessly exclaim. You smile nervously as you unbutton my trousers and slow slip them down… and see my underwear bulging. You slip your hand inside and smile as you feel the size of what is hardening in your hand. Quickly those are also pulled down as I unbutton my shirt. I gently caress your breasts before unhooking your bra, revealing the most beautifully formed pair of breasts… your nipples starting to harden with the excitement. I grab one of the ties on your panties, loosening it and allowing the panties to fall away… revealing the beautiful, neatly trimmed pussy… glistening with dampness. we intertwine in each others arms… feeling for the first time each other's nakedness.

You kneel down and gently kiss the tip of my cock, but gently pull you back up… 'Not yet my goddess.' As I take out the whipped cream and seedless cherries… 'first we need to have dessert' as I signal you to lie down we proceed to spray the cream on each other. I place a cherry over your clit with a wide gin as you exclaim at the coldness of the cream. My tongue begins to clean you… making tracks over your body as you moan…. This was just the beginning of our evening…