Written by tigs

11 Feb 2006

I bit my lip as I felt her fingertips brush over my groin, my cock throbbing beneath its prison of tight Jeans and Boxers as she sensually glided her fingertips over the top.

Biting my bottom lip I looked over at her, the cheeky glint in her light green eyes, as she popped a finger into her mouth and trying to look all innocent slowly slid it between her lips. Feeling my heart race with the eroticism of the moment I tried to focus, this moment had been so anticipated that I sorely wanted it to last.

Concentrating as she brushed her fingers up and down the outline of my shaft I watched her, staring in to one another's eyes as she gently teased around the outline of my shaft. I could feel it swelling and filling with my lust, getting harder and hotter beneath my jeans as she outlined the shape of my cock.

The suddenly she came to kneel between my legs, my legs apart as I relaxed in the softness of her armchair. Although the external viewer may think I was calm my heart was racing with excitement as she came to kneel between my thighs.

Unable to take my eyes from her body as she moved between my legs, roaming over her, almost mentally undressing her as she moved into place, a hungry look on her face.

She looked up and into my eyes, flicking a strand of her soft dark hair away from her face and licking her lips as she grasped the zipper to my jeans. Her other hand gently stroking up and down the outline of my shaft.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations more, feeling my cock leap and throb in its prison with its desire to get out. My mind filling of images of her lips around my shaft, quickly I snapped my eyes open.

Biting my bottom lip hard I looked down to find her slowly unzipping me, looking curiously in as she slid down the zip, and then, suddenly slipping her hand into my jeans and pulling my, now fully erect, cock free of its boxers.

I could not help but let out a cry of delight as her fingers brushed the sensitive flesh of my cock, her eyes widened as she took it in and she smiled running her fingers up and down the shaft she looked into my eyes. 'Hmmm this cock is making me Really wet' she moaned as she gently slid her fingers up and down my shaft.

I gasped as she stroked the softly throbbing flesh of my cock, her lips coming close to the tip and gently licking it, teasing me. Her tongue dancing around the shaft and slowly sliding down wrapping the thick swollen head of my cock in the warmth of her mouth.

I cried out in delight as she took me into her mouth, the sensation sending a shiver of delight up my spine. Her mouth was warm, and her lips soft and sensual. Slowly she slid my cock into her mouth, and up to the back of her throat, but not too deeply, just enough to give my cock a taste of what she was capable of.

By now I was absolutely burning with lust and hungrily reached out to her back, finding the clasp that held her skirt in place I gently began to undo it ( A task made almost impossible by the delightful sensations that her expert oral was producing inside me)

Suddenly she slid my cock out of her mouth and told me to strip.

Standing obligingly I pulled down my tight jeans and boxers and kicked them off, this was clearly enough for her as in this time she had pulled off the skirt that I had loosened and removed her top, leaving her clad only in her underwear.

This did nothing to dampen my amour as I could now see her stunning body before me, as I sat back down I began to peel my tight t-shirt up and over my head, but before I could get it free could feel her hands and mouth at my cock once more. She proceeded to pleasure me alternately using her mouth and hands. Wanking my thick shaft until my arousal showed as my pre-cum trickled from the tip, then hungrily swirling her tongue around the pre-cum tasting me before sliding her lips around my shaft and taking my thick head into her hot little mouth, wanking the shaft with her fre hand as she did.

Her expert attentions had me struggling to control myself, but I let myself relax and allowed myself to enjoy the sensations, controlling my orgasm storing it for a more convenient moment.

By now I was gagging to taste her, but couldn't take my eyes off her magnificent breasts, I could see that her nipples were very hard from the cool air downstairs, even through her sexy lace bra. I could no longer wait to see those beautiful breasts in the flesh so as she hungrily worked me I cheekily sneaked a hand behind her back to release the clasp to her bra.

The clasps loose I wasted no time in placing my fingers beneath the cups of her bra and cupping her breasts with my hands, her lips on my cock made me moan outloud and in conjunction with the soft sensual feel of her warm bosom, I very nearly squirted my load into her mouth right there. Luckily though I was able to control myself and set about gently massaging her breasts. Her moans of pleasure spurned me on as she sucked on my cock greedily, her lips sliding up and down the shaft, the sounds of her sucking me filling the room. Slowly, gently, teasingly I made my way to her nipples, gently circling the soft buds with my fingertips. At this point she decided it was time to ditch the bra to give me better access and I took the opportunity to admire her magnificent breasts.. Before she could descend onto my erection once more I pushed her gently back to the floor, coming to kneel either side of her, my erect cock resting on her belly and dribbling its hot pre-seed over her stomach as I knelt down to run my tongue over the soft surface of her right breast.

The warmth and sensation of it sent a tingle of pleasure down my spine, and I felt my cock dribble a hot sticky trickle of pre-cum over her tummy as I gently sucked the nipple into my mouth.

Gently I suckled on her nipple, feeling it grow in my mouth, the tip of my tongue dancing over it and around it, brushing the areola with the tip of my tongue, her moans becoming more pronounced as I teased her.

Gently I teased each nipple, feeling it harden in my mouth, then moving to the other, keeping this going for some time, feeling her buck and writhe beneath me as her pussy ached for attention, but not giving it, knowing that the teasing was arousing her.

Then suddenly I did give in. releasing her breast I shifted my weight back so I was staring up between her thighs, Gently I slid down the small panties that she wore, exposing her hot wet pussy to me. I could feel my thick cock throbbing in anticipation as I looked up at her sex, the soft lips of her pussy swollen with her lust, glistening in the soft light of the living room. I felt my heart beating hard as I moved between her legs, gently nestling the hugely swollen head of my cock against her lips.

I heard her moan in delight as she felt the head of the head of my cock at her snatch-hole. Taking hold of the base of my shaft I slid it up and down between the soft juicy lips of her tunnel, feeling her fuckjuice coat the head of my shaft as I teased her entrance. Gently I began to push my cock into her. Her pussy although soaked was very tight, and gripped me firmly as I eased into her hot hungry cunt.

We began to fuck gently at first, her hips coming up to push me into her further and further with each stroke of my cock, until suddenly I was nestled up inside of her, I gave a grunt of delight as I felt the whole of my shaft buried up her, and gently allowed myself to come to rest on her body. Feeling her breasts pushing against my chest as we began to move into the fuck. Unbidden She lay completely still, allowing me to fuck, explore and enjoy her hot little pussy as she revelled in the sensation of the thick swollen head of my cock slipping in and out of her. We fucked like this for what seemed like hours, eventually our hips moving in perfect unison so that my prick rubbed against a different angle inside of her tunnel with each stroke. Her gasps of pleasure began to increase as we continued to find the perfect position together. Her hips came from the floor and I lifted myself also so that my pubic bone pushed gently against her clit on each stroke.. Overcome like an animal I drove into her, hearing her moans become louder and louder, higher and higher pitched as I brought her toward orgasm. Then suddenly she came. Her whole body trembling with pleasure as her snatch spasmed about my shaft. I felt it instantly, gripping me tightly, then pulsing in long powerful waves as her orgasm pulsed through her body. The slick hot sensation at the base of my shaft as her pussy pumped its fresh hot sticky juices down my thick shaft.

Waiting out her orgasm I gently lifted her to the couch, my cock still buried inside of her. She looked up into my eyes and smiled. 'Its your turn now' She said as she smiled up at me, lifting her legs up to my shoulders and pushing up, giving me deliciously deep penetration inside of her tightness, the sensation was amazing, MY cock felt completely surrounded by the hot tight flesh of her box. Slowly I began to buck my hips, feeling and enjoying her pussy in this delicious new position. As I became more excited she drove against me too, varying the depth of my penetration by tightening her pussy and pushing back with her legs against my shoulders. She could tell I was getting excited, and she was too, the depth of the penetration and the way that I stirred my hips as I pushed fully into her gave her gentle pressure on her clit. 'Im close' she gasped as I began to increase the pace of my cock slipping in and out of her.. I could feel my own orgasm approaching, the familiar tension at the base of my cock. Mentally calming myself I bucked my hips powerfully, really wanting to fuck her pussy hard before I exploded inside of her. She looked up and gasped 'Please cum in me… Fill me with your juice' I knew she was close, and so was I. But I desperately wanted to feel her snatch spasm around me as I was buried right inside her before I came. I wanted to see the look of ecstasy on her face as her orgasm hit.

Suddenly out of nowhere she came. Her tight muscular pussy spasming far harder than the first orgasm. She almost pushed me out, but I drove in as deeply into her as I could and watched her face as she came. Her snatch squeezing me, her hips moving in tiny circles as she came. Then suddenly a hunger overcame her and she drove me into her, fucking her hips up against me, desperate for my seed.

It didn't take long of this before I knew I could not hold on. I felt the spasm beginning at the base of my shaft. Biting my lip I drove my hips up and pushed myself all the way into her.. I looked in my eyes as I felt it hit, My entire body spasming with my enormous orgasm as my cock began to throb and gush its huge thick load into her tunnel. Again and again I spasmed, my orgasm enormous, coming in waves of delight squirting and pumping into her snatch again and again and again…..

Its important that I stress this is purely a work of fiction…

For now :-)