Written by unknown

9 Mar 2006

There was this lady called Sally living in a local flat went to heat something up in her microwave only to find after two mins it was still cold so she thought in despair what was she supposed to do? Sally then had a brainwave and got the yellow pages out to see if she could find a repair company to come and have a look at her microwave, as luck would have it she came across a company called Microwave Dave and even better being a bit tight it had a free phone number in the advert, so she felt she had nothing to loose but to ring it, a friendly voice answered the phone and sally then relayed her problem, this person that turned out to be called mark said it shouldn't be a problem and he would pop in that day to look at it all needed was her house number and her post code as he had satnav that would get him straight to her door, so Sally gave him this information and in no time at all there was a ring of the door bell Sally got up from what she was doing to open the door well she didn't quite expect what she saw but never the less she let marc in with his big shinny tool box and he promptly got down to work taking the cover off the machine. Then the door bell went again and it turned out to be one of Sally's neighbors wanting to know about the van parked outside, so Sally invited her in and explained that is was Marks van and he had come to fix her microwave. Anyway Sally then invited her neighbor for coffee and also offered Marc one. Once made Sally and her neighbor who turned out to be called Susan sat next to each other at the kitchen table as there was no room anywhere else. whilst working on the microwave Marc noticed how close they were sitting and sally was brushing her hand up and down Susan's arm in response Susan started to play with Sally's hair well this went on for a while until Susan started to run her hands over sally nice voluptuous breasts, all this time Marc was trying to concentrate on repairing the microwave .Sally then started to lift Susan's top up to get to her very pert breasts hidden in a nice sexy bra, Sally carefully unclipped Susan's bra so her 36dd's could fall out and sally promptly took one of these in her mouth and started to play with it, having managed to get Susan's nipple hard she started on the other one, and it didn't take long before both nipples were very hard. In turn Susan removed sally's top and what a nice pair of breast sally had as she wasn't wearing a bra, well Susan then returned the favor and got Sally's nipples hard as well, they both played with each others breasts for a while, well by now Marc had forgotten about the microwave and was watching intently, Sally and Susan then decided the front room had a nice big settee in it and they moved to there and invited marc to come and watch, this he did. Well when they got on the settee Sally removed Susan's trousers to reveal an very pert botty covered with a nice pretty G string well all most covered, it wasn't long before this too was removed, so Susan was now completely naked, Susan thought this was unfair so she undid the belt of Sally's skirt and removed it reveling a nice pair of crutch less knickers Susan wasted not time playing with Sally's naked clit tweaking it so it became hard like her nipples. of course sally then had to start by opening Susan's very nice pussy so she could get at Susan's clit, but with sally she was using her tongue to do that and Susan by now was starting to squirm with the feeling of Sally's tongue probing her now very wet pussy. So Susan not to be out done turned round so she could start using her tongue non Sally's hard clit so there it was both girls going very hard at each others very wet pussy and marc sitting there with an extremely hard cock. Well I t was begging to get too much for Marc he just had to get his pants open to let his cock out, this he did and sally looked up seeing marcs cock she invited him to come over to the settee as he got there Sally got hold of marcs cock and promptly placed it in her mouth and started to give Marc the best blow job he had ever had, all the while Susan was still giving Sally's pussy a good seeing to. Sally was really getting marcs cock very deep in her mouth so much so she could lick his balls, well then Susan came up for air and to see what sally was doing, Susan said she thinks it was her turn so sally relented and took marcs cock out of her mouth and let Susan start to play and lick the round bulbess head and slowly work her way all over marcs cock and right down to his balls and these Susan promptly took in her mouth and started to suck very hard on them all the while she was wanking mark off and of course sally not to be out done had gone back to playing with Susan's hard nipples and her now extremely wet pulsating pussy, finally after playing with and sucking marcs

Cock she then took the whole 8'.s deep into her mouth as far as she could and promptly moved up and down Marc by now was almost to the point of no return and Susan sensed this so she removed his cock and told him to lay on the settee where she promptly sat on his very hard cock pushing it up into her pulsating pussy as far as it would go, whilst doing this Susan was using her hands by playing with Sally's very wet pussy sticking two of three fingers in and out and sally had one of Susan's breasts in her mouth and was playing with Marcs balls with the other hand. Well as you can imagine Marc was in his element and as he could feel Susan's tight pussy gripping his cock he could feel she was about to explode, so this of course made Marc give a finally couple of very hard thrusts so finally Susan screamed out in an enormous climax, Sally being jealous abut this made Susan get of marcs cock so she could have her turn, but her turn was a little different as she stuck marcs cock in from behind in her very tight anus, she really rode marc like this for a while all this time Susan was playing with Sally's clit. Sally could stand it no more so she got off marcs cock and promptly rammed it deep into her throbbing pussy it didn't take long before sally was screaming out also and by now marc could hold back no more he started to cum and my god did he cum , when he had finished and sally had come down from her high she was on she then took his cock back into her mouth as she loved the taste of her pussy juices mixed with a mans cum, well marc soon got his strength back and started to push his cock as far as it would go into Sally's mouth, and as she was bending down over the settee Susan took the opportunity of getting one of Sally's strapons and put it on and rammed it deep inside Sally's pussy well sally loved the feel of Susan's wet pussy and her 36dd's slapping against her back and arse so much so it didn't take long for her to climax again but as she had marcs cock buried deep in her mouth all you called hear was muffled screams but her body writhing about told the story. This bought marc also to another r climax but this time sally took his cock out of her mouth and let him spurt his cum all over her face and it ran down onto her breasts this got Susan very exited she promptly started to clean all the cum of sally whilst doing this marc was using his tongue on Susan's throbbing pussy. Well I think that is enough of this story for now if you want the next chapter you will have to email me then I might get inspired to write another one

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