Written by fuckingtart

22 Aug 2006

After much discussion Jane and I (Shaun) decided to go ahead and try swinging. At first we didnt fancy going to a party with lots of people and so we responded to some adverts as a 'nervous first time couple'. We met a few unsuitable people before deciding on Hilary and John. We met them at a hotel close to their house and although she was not entirely my cup of tea, Jane clearly liked the look of him and so we jumped in their car and went to their place.

Once there we had some drink and began to play cards losing items of clothing and doing forfeits as we lost. Clothes had to be removed by the persons either side of the person who lost: forfeits had to be performed with one of the other couple. Jane had started by wearing her knee high boots and a long suede skirt, with a white blouse. Hilary was wearing high heels, seamed stockings, a shortish skirt (which had a habit of riding up) and an opaque flowery blouse. We soon discovered that the opaque flowery blouse hid no bra but just Hilary's small breasts. Once they were uncovered Jane and I took a nipple each in our mouths.

The 2 guys lost shirts and socks and in my case trousers, before Jane had a long losing run which saw her boots, skirt and blouse come off to reveal white undies and hold ups. At this stage it became clear we all wanted to get at each other so John took Janes hand and led her upstairs. Before entering the bedroom he carefully placed a blindfold on her. He then took her into the room and laid her on her back on the bed. What I could see but she couldn't was that something else was about to happen. He removed her bra and panties and then tied her hands to the headboard and her wide apart legs to the bed legs. Both he and Hilary then set about her, leaving me to watch (I was quite happy with that). It was amazing to see her respond to the touch of another man, but watching her being touched by another woman was mind blowing. She could obviously feel 2 sets of hands on her and then 3 as I joined in.

Hilary started licking Jane's pussy whilst I got into Hilary doggy style and John was in Jane's mouth. I had to tell Jane who was doing what to her. She came as she later admitted she had never come before and in double quick time. We stayed like that with Jane's orgasm building again before changing positions. This time Hilary sat over Jane's face making Jane lick her pussy whilst John got inside Jane and gave her a really good seeing to. I just watched Jane enjoying her new experiences and could tell from the redness in her face that she was going to come again and she bucked around almost throwing John out of her when she did. We then took off her blindfold and untied her.

It was then Hilary's turn to lay on her back with Jane playing a vibro in and out of her whilst I got doggy again, this time in Jane. John was in Hilary's mouth. All this was too much for me and I came inside Jane. This prompted a change in position as Jane sat on Hilary's face and dribbled all of my cum out of her pussy and onto H's tongue and face. When partially dry they started kissing each other and I heard a groan as John shot all over his own stomach . Jane turned to him and just rubbed it in all over him, and licked him dry.

We then moved back downstairs to watch some porno where we agreed to watch the film and then, hopefully recovered, act out what we had just seen. The girls got dressed and played out their parts from the film. Hialry was partly shaven, and she and John gave us a showing together almost as good as the film. Then Jane had to get involved. This time she slipped off her coat to reveal just her hold-ups and boots (as in the film). She started to finger Hilary, then lick her whilst John took Jane from behind. Then he just flipped her over planted himself in her (he was not big but he had great stamina) and proceeded to fuck her fast before sighing and shooting inside her (this was not in the film) but we had agreed that was ok. Meanwhile Hilary sat on me facing away and guided me into her as I sat on a settee and I didnt take long to come watching her bouncing up and down on me and seeing me totally disappear inside her.

I had always fancied tasting my own come, but had never quite had the courage to do so. But Hilary didnt give me the choice as she pushed me backwards on the settee and then proceeded to sit on my face. It seemed a bizarre thing to do but I licked my own come out of her pussy. It was warm and salty. Meanwhile I could feel someone licking my now limp prick. But it wasnt Jane because she was standing beside me, it was John! I didnt know how to react, but Jane urged me to let him continue as she found it very horny to watch it all happening. I guess we stayed like that for about 5 minutes, me tasting my own cum from Hilary and John licking me dry. I had never had a bi experience before and I was surprised it didnt turn me off although I didnt do anything to John in return.

On the way home I began to think that Jane had almost been more intimate with Hilary and John than she ever had with me. I started to get hard just seeing her sat next to me knowing that an hour beforehand she had had another guy in her and had been kissing another female. When we got back to our hotel we started all over again--we were so turned on. We met Hilary and John twice more and then decided to try our luck elsewhere. We stay in touch with them and they will forever be the people who broke our duck!