Written by vickyisupforit2

11 Sep 2005

IT was a summers evening in July 2005 and we decided to take the dog for a walk to the local river, it was getting on to about 10pm and was really quiet. There were no cars around so we got out of the car and made our way to the woods and after about 30mins of walking we bumped into a lady. We started chatting to her and she was telling us that there's lots of undiscovered parts round here that the public didn't know about. We said that we were new to this area and we were checking places out, so she offered to show us round a bit. She said she would take us to her favourite spot, we walked with her for a while and chatted ,then we reached a secluded spot. Lots of trees and thick bushes. She showed us a gap in the bushes and made her way through and we followed. On the other side was a big clear patch of grass and trees round the edge. There was a young couple in one of the bushes, the girl was banging her head up & down on his penis while his fingers slid in and out of her clit, the lady told us her name was Karen and this is why this was her favourite spot. She asked if we had done it out doors before, we said we had not, then she replied well do you fancy some sexy fun now. We introduced ourselves as V... & D.... Karen started to undo her trousers and top, she pulled her trousers off then her knickers then knelt down on her knees and undid Dale's trousers and released his penis. She slowly wanked him until he was hard then began sucking on his penis. I came over and started to kiss D..., I slid her my hand down to his willie and wanked him as karen sucked him. While slurping on D....'s manhood karen slid her hand up the inside of my skirt. I wasn't wearing any knickers so Karen's fingers found my sopping wet cunt instantly. Karen sucked hard and fast on D...'s cock as her fingers darted around on my clit. Karen moved from D...'s manhood to me, she lifted my skirt and buried her head into my wet pussy I gasped as Karen's tongue worked its magic. Paul removed his trousers and boxers and went behind Karen, he placed his hand between her legs and began to rub her shaven pussy as he wanked himself. The other couple had noticed what we were up to and approached us and introduced them self's as Chris &Donna. Chris went over to me and undid my top and removed it so my small tits were on show he kissed and groped mer while Donna began playing with D...'s manhood. Donna took hold of D...'s stiff cock and inserted it into Karen, Dalel held Karen's hips and slowly moved in and out of her as Donna stood up so D... could lick and finger her pussy. I was wanking Chris's rod as Karen lifted her head every so often and sucked his rod. Chris told me to lie down on the floor, I removed my skirt and made myself comfortable. Chris knelt to the side of me, I take his rod and eagerly suck it. Donna came over to me and made herself comfortable between my legs. Chris grabed my head and started to screw my mouth. Donnas fingers and tongue working into my cunt as D... was shagging Karen hard, he pulled out of Karen and lay on top of Donna. Donna pulled her arse cheeks apart and told D... to screw her arse. Dale shoved his manhood deep into Donna and pounded her hard. Karen gots up and went over to Chris. She started to kiss and wank him then she got on her hands and knees. Chris got the idea and climbed on top of Karen, he shoved his stiff rod in and had her hard.I started moaning and shouting that i was coming, so D... pulled out of Donna and shoved his rod into Me and did me hard as I came. Donna got up and sat on my face as Paul pounded into me, it was D...'s turn to come so he pulled out and sprayed his warm seed over Donnas tits and face. D... pulled away and donna rode my face and before long Donna was dribbling her warm sweet juices into my mouth. I guzzled it back. Donna climbed off me and went over to Karen and Chris she kissed and played with Karen's tits as Chris rammed her harder with each thrust. Donna slid herself under Karen so they could eat each others pussy. Karen buried her head into Donna's pussy as donna licked Karen's clit. Chris's rod slid in and out then he pulled his rod out and pushed it up into Karen's ass so Donna pushed her fingers into Karen's pussy, karen was moaning out as she was filled in both holes. Chris soon said he was going to come and pulled out and sprayed his come over Karen's pussy and ass hole while Donna licked his come up, once clean they all got up and got dressed. We all swopped e-mail address and phone numbers for another meet and will be arranged very soon