Written by pmwzzz

3 Jun 2007

it was plain to see my wife wanted my good friend, he wanted her and i wanted us both to have her.

during dinner i told him the plan when she was away from the table, he was keen but nervous. later, at his hotel we talked as wife went to lie on the bed and pretended to sleep. i went into the room first and sat on the bed beside her long legs and stroked them, pushing her tight dress up to her buttocks. he watched from the doorway, rubbing himself through his jeans.i called him over and he sat by her head, removed his jeans and slowly began to feel her soft bottom, pulling her thong tight up her crack. then leaning over he kissed her ass and sniffed her arse and cunt. i took her dress off and pulled her little knickers down. then she was completely naked, groaning as our hands played between her uplifted buttocks. i put her hand into his boxers and she pulled out his huge, fat, stiff cock, squeezing it, she gave the end a lick. pulling her up onto all fours she took him in her mouth and from behind i watched her head bobbing up and down on that massive member. he held her head fucking that soft mouth as he leant forward to watch my cock pushing up her pussy. he wanted to see her take it up the arse so i pushed myself into her tight butt hole, she tried to cry out but her mouth was so full of cock meat, she could only make muffled groans.

we agreed to turn her over and pushing her legs over her chest i fucked her bum hard, she loved this and so did my friend as he pumped his lenth down her throat making her gag and splutter. suddenly he withdrew and she made a little noise of suprise as he came huge gobs of cream over her face and in her mouth. i couldnt hold on and shot my load on her chin, chest and tits.

this was our first but not last enconter!