Written by lizandalex22265

10 Jul 2006

We met Cathy on a swingers site, and chatted with her over a period of a few days, she had watched me suck Alex's cock on webcam. She played with herself, as I described how I would love to eat her pussy.

She was so turned on one evening she came over.

We took her straight to the bedroom, she was extremely nervous, she said that she was comfortable with me but was very nervous about Alex.

Alex stepped outside and sat at the desk in the opposite room.

Cathy and I chatted for a few minutes, then I leaned over and kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

She returned her mouth into mine and we both began to run our hands all over each others breasts.

Both of my hands then went up her top and undid her bra, and my mouth then left hers and licked her neck and down onto her nipples, gently biting and licking them.

I looked up at her, and said, I don't feel right doing this without Alex, and asked if I could open the door so he could watch. She nervously nodded.

I opened the door to see Alex sitting at the desk with an enormous hard on through his jeans.

I smiled and winked at him, and then returned to Cathy to continue the seduction.

She had sat on the bottom edge of the bed, and she smiled at Alex.

I undid her Jeans and slid her trousers off, and took my own dress off. She lay down and I lay on top of her, we passionately kissed for a while, and I enjoyed feeling her soft skin against mine, like silk on silk.

I slid down her body again, licking at her nipples and then I went down in between her legs and took my first lick of her clit, she quivered and I loved the taste of it. I was shocked at how much I loved it, and I smiled at her and then Alex.

Her body tensed up and then waited for the next lick.

I licked her clit again with the full length of my tongue and continued to do this for a while, I then slid my tongue into her hole, and swirled it around inside her, she tasted wonderful.

I then said can Alex join us, she then beckoned him back into the bedroom.

He walked in and derobed himself, his stiff hard cock was throbbing with excitement.

I raised my arse, and he slid his cock in my already very wet pussy, and I continued to devour Cathy's pussy.

I then lay at the side of Cathy and caressed her clit and breasts whilst we kissed passionately, and Alex started to lick her pussy, and she screamed with delight.

I then asked her, "can Alex fuck you" and she said yes.

It felt wonderful, watching him fuck another woman, I continued to kiss and fondle her, as she screamed with her first orgasm.

Alex then lay on his back and said I want you both to sit on my face and cock.

I immediately sat on his cock and she sat on his face.

As I rode his cock and leaned forward and shoved my fingers up her pussy as he licked her clit, she started writhing around and screaming even louder as she came again, her juices draining out of her body all over Alex's face.

He then asked us both to lick his cock. We obliged and we lay either side of him, licking his shaft from base to tip. I felt my tongue meeting Cathy's and we kissed again, then mouths back to the cock and kiss again, and cock again and again.

Alex was in heaven.

He didn't want to cum at that point and he asked me to lie down and he licked my pussy.

Cathy caressed my breasts and fingered me and we passionately kissed for ages.

My body stiffened with excitement, and I groaned as I came.

Alex then pushed his cock in me and fucked me hard, and shot his load inside me.

We lay there for a while chatting running our hands all over each other.

I then opened her legs and pushed my pussy onto hers and we rubbed our pussies on each other.

Alex then grabbed the dildo and slid it in between the pussies and we both groaned with pleasure.

We continued fucking and licking for another few hours, and Cathy came 6 times that evening.

I now want to repeat this event and eat more pussy, I do hope you can oblige.