Written by bobupanndown

15 Aug 2005

I met a couple at Adam and Eves in Manchester last year called John and Emma. They were new to swinging and were very nervous and I asked them what they were into.

Emma told me that she wanted to have sex with other men whilst John watched, I suggested that I would come over to visit them and help them both to start off.

Some weeks later I phoned and arranged to come over the following Saturday! I told Emma that to make it work she would have to do exactly as I asked and that John was not to join in on this occasion.

The Saturday arrived and they did exactly as instructed. Emma was told to wear white suspenders, bra and g sting with tan stockings high heals and a two piece suit with a short skirt. She was to make a three course meal and during the meal no one was to mention sex no matter what happened. Emma was also instructed that after the first course she was to go to the bathroom and remove her jacket ,shirt and bra and return and serve the second course and to say nothing about what she had just done.

After the second course Emma went to the bathroom again and removed her skirt and then served the desert in just stockings heals and g sting this time as she was serving my desert I put my hand between my thighs and started to rub her slit! She then I sat down and ate her desert when we had finished I handed her an envelope to open and inside was a note and a vibrator. The note said pull your panties to one side insert and bring yourself to orgasm! This she duly did and

afterwards I said that we should go into the lounge as I wanted John to watch me fuck his dirty slut of a wife!

In the lounge I got Emma to bend over and spread her legs wide as I wanted her to open her pussy up so that john could see how wet I was making her, after 10 mins of foreplay I put my cock in her for the first time I gave her an instant orgasm!

After a good fucking I shot my spunk on Emma's face and that's how it all began for one couple I met.