Written by carben

24 Apr 2006

The first time was by accident. It was a hot summer night. I'd met a girl at a bar in the Negev desert while we were both hitching lifts. We teamed up and got a lift further down the coast. Sex wasn't a "what-if" but "where." Deserts aren't actually all that romantic. There isn't anywhere to go and this one was more fine grit than sand. Luckily we found another bar and some palm trees to put our sleeping bags under. We had sex, then she went to find some cigarettes. After half an hour I could hear her voice but didn't knwo wat was going on so I got up and went to find her. Close by there was a cluster of three cars and about 15 people, some from the cars and some just passing by. She was the centre of attention. She slipped off her clothes quickly and went down on one of the guys lying on the sand. I slipped into her from behind. It was the kind of time you could just reach out and feel a stranger's breast and slip thier bikini top off and kiss thier nipple without knowing their name. After about an hour we went back to our sleeping bags. Some new people came along. At one point she was lying on her back with one guy between her legs, another kneeling over her tits with his cock in her mouth, another guy's cock in her left hand and mine in her right. I wanted to come between her breasts but she wriggled out from under the others and asked for me. I slipped into her soaking lips and felt fifteen people's come oozing out of her around my balls, a little chilly in the night air.

It was some time ago, not behaviour I would recommend and yes, I have had STD and HIV tests since then and obviously clear. Something worth doing once but more safely though!