Written by spencerjl

4 Jan 2007

my wife and i had for a while spoke about the idea of a three some, but in a rather casual joke manner, however after talking to people, and a particular person from this site we decided we would try to get it on. Following many texts and photos been sent to each party we agreed to meet our man, we met at a hotel in Derbyshire and after a while our man arrived and knocked on the door, to say my wife was excited was well an understatement.

He came in and i shook his hand and he gave my wife a kiss.

We had a couple of drinks and i said i was off for a shower in the hope of them getting on with things on my return, sadly due to nerves my wife was still chatting so i kissed her and told her it was ok.

She then began kissing our new pal and i started to video the events with his permission, he soon started groping my wifes tits and she stroking his cock, soon she was down on him sucking him off, she seemed to be there for ages until he swapped and gave her a good looking out, then he was upand i told him to fuck her from behind which he did, i then positioned myself so she was sucking me off while he was fucking her hard, she loved it and looked at me with those eyes you know what i mean.

After a good while he groaned and sprayed his come over her and i wanked into her mouth at the same time.

After a while we said our goodbyes and he left i then threw my wife on the bed and fucked her with the smell of him still on her, she was nervous as was i but we loved it and will do it again i am sure.