Written by hugoboss2

26 Jan 2006

I and my wife we mark to go to one boate was Saturday and always we left, when I was searchs it I was irritated therefore it was with a friend ours, the Bia, and as I was crazy to fuker felt that it would go to confuse, but exactly thus did not say nothing. Already in boate with a little of beer in the head the things had been moving, I was to dance with the Bia and I was very excited and it it perceived when I leaned in beautiful ass. When we come back toward table naomi called me to dance and I was but the truth is that I wanted to be with the Bia but could not give flag, I danced and I did not forget rubbed them that I gave in the Bia. When we come back toward table naomi spoke that he would go to the bathroom, was leaves it that I wanted, I always eat I am expensive of wood, I did not lose time, I summoned the Bia to give an exit and it he like, we were for it are and there I grasped the Bia and gave some kisses, it I started with that speak of "I I cannot I am my friend" and I trying to thread the hand under the skirt, but it did not leave and we come back toward inside. When coming back toward inside we find with naomi that already in he looked them, we drink more a little and we leave, there while he was going for the car I was stops backwards with naomi and I gave one sarro in and I said that he wanted to fuker, it said that we estavamos with the friend and did not go gives, I in the expensive greater of wood I came close myself with naomi of the Bia and spoke, "Bia you wait people gives love in the motel, is fast game" it gave a smile without funny, and naomi did not say nothing, I continued and it spoke that if people it exactly waited therefore it were hitchhiking, and there was we, while we esexpectded in the garage I tried to convince naomi to leave the Bia to enter, and the Bia alone listened without if to refuse, what it encouraged to me, finally naomi agreed, enters and I already was crazy pra to fuking, I was to take bath and the Bia was in the room, when come out naomi said Bia to go it to take bath and we start to fuk and we threaded in pussy of naomi of a skill that he had never made it she bawled and I put with force, quickly I enjoyed, when the Bia left the bath stay togeder and it it started to speak that it gave to listen to the sound far, I asked for it stops seating back in the bed to talk and it was, starts to speak of sex and it said that she was excited in the bathroom when heard people, asked if it mastub itself, it said that not, and under the sheet I started to thread the finger in naomi, that Tb was excited with speack, the Bia said that she was with heat, I spoke for it to take off the cloutes that we do not have problem, and it it made, I was wilder there and I started to thread 3 fingers in the pussy of naomi that it started to moan high, I did not resist and I jumped in top of it and I started to fuking in the front of the Bia without problens, the Bia alone looked at for the other side, then I still passed the hand in pussy of it of panty and naomi gave one covers in my hand and pulled, Passed litte time it looked at for me and spoke, "eats this soon beat I knows that it goes to roll exactly, in the same hour left from above it and took off the chests of the Bia for outside and started absorbing, it was crazy, lowered and I took off its panty and I started to absorb pussy of it, it was draining of so wet, it she was crazy and it pulled naomi for the hair and started to absorb the chests of it, naomi was scared but soon it was delivered and it started to moan, I put in pussy of the Bia and arrives so easy of so wet, when I placed it of four it absorbed pussy of naomi with ferocity that enjoyed in the mouth of it, after 20 minutes almost putting I enjoyed, I took off mine wood and they had continued, never see naomi to enjoy in such a way, the Bia absorbed until ass of it while I absorbed ass of the Bia, we are 3 hours in the motel together more 2 times, later the Bia he changed himself and I and naomi are alone in the souvenir.

sorry about the english im brasilian come to england caple months ago