Written by spankerking

27 Dec 2005

Well, it was like this, we had been chatting on another site, and we agreed to meet up at a hotel, it was a no strings meet - if we felt comfortable with eachother, we would take it further a little bit. Shes called Tara. She is 23, blonde and slim.

Well, we had a little glass of wine each and one thing lead to another, after a few nervous smiles, she said she wanted a good hard spanking, she had never had one before, but was looking forward to it. She wanted to start gently, nothing to hard, at first anyway. I sat on the chair in the hotel room and told her to lay across my lap, which she did with a nervous giggle, I told her to stretch her arms out in front, and relax, I started gently slapping her buttocks through her skirt and kinickers. I could tell she was enjoying it.

She wanted a little bit more, so once I knew she was comfortable I lifted her short skirt, she had a fine lacy black thong on, which gave no protection to her bum at all, I started spanking again, nothing hard, but enough to give them colour, she was really enjoying it, and started to slowly spread her legs, just enough for me to see her thong was wet. I told her she was very naughty, and that her knickers had to come off. I told her to stand up, which she did, and I pulled her knickers down and off. I also unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, I told her to take her bra off, and she did, reavaling hard nipples.

I pulled her over my lap and spanked her some more, every few slaps I slipped my fingers between her legs and could feel she was realy wet, after a little bit I slipped a finger in her and she moaned, I tickled her pussey until she nearly came, and stopped.

I asked her if she was naughty enjoying it as much as she did, and she said she was, and she wanted a real punishment, she wanted to be treated like a slave. I asked her what she meant and she told me she wanted to try the cane. I did not have one with me so suggested my thick leather belt, which she agreed to.

I put some pillows on the chair and told her to bend over it, I told her she was to take five stokes of the belt without a sound and I would make her cum. She agreed. She said she wanted to be tied up, I tied her hands with her bra and pushed her still wet thong into her mouth, I then pushed her over the chair.

I took my belt off and wrapped the buckle end around my hand, I left about eight inches free. Her bum was shaking, waiting for the first hit, I told her to spread her legs, which she did, her pussey was soaked. I lent down and licked it, she tasted sweet.

She pushed herself back on my face so I stood up, aimed and with a thwack gave her the first of five, she gave a small moan, and there was a red strip on her bum, I gave her another three and she was loving it, with the fith, she squealed, I told her she had to stay quiet, and had failed, so was not going to cum tonight.

She said if she could take one more really hard one in silence would I make her cum, I agreed, this time I released her hands and she bent over and touched her toes, I hit her as hard as I thought she could take, and she feel forward with the blow, but she did stay silent.

I took her over the the bed and put her on her back, I pulled her legs apart and began to lick her out, I pushed my tounge into her hole and felt her get even wetter. By this point I was very hard and needed to do something about it, I rolled her over and took her doggy style for a little bit, then turned her round so she could suck my cock, which she did.

I then put her on her back and pumped in her until we both came.

We'll meet again soon!