Written by rebel1945

23 Jan 2006

I asked my wife if she would like to have another man fuck her and if I could watch. She said she was all wet and yes.I asked if she had anyone in mind and she said there was a guy at the pool that hit on her and she would like him.I said well talk to him tomorrow.

I came home from work and she was moping around. I asked if she had talked to him.She said yes but there was a problem, he didnt want to wait. He asked if he could see what he was getting and I said yes. He took my bathing suit top off and held one boob in each hand and kissed them.My bottoms were soaking wet when he pulled them down. He said how nice and rubbed my pussy. He told me to lie down and he would clean me out. I looked down and his dick was popping out of his suit but I lay down and he stuck his tongue in me I have never been eaten like that, but then he was on top of me and I could feel his dick in my pussy,I came twice then he stiffend and shot his cum in me.I got dressed and came home. I asked if his cum was still in her, she said yes and I asked if I could add mine. I pulled her bottoms off snd stuck my dick in that messy pussy, I added my cum. There is much more to this story.