Written by love_forplay

27 Nov 2005

Start in the bedroom.

I am sitting on the edge of the bed you are standing in front of me.

I slowly unbutton your blouse, revealing your lushes breasts.

I unclip your bra then play for a short time with you tit's, kissing them then I move down to remove your dress (jeans).

Cupping my hands around your bum cheeks, I then move to hip line of your knickers, pulling them down making sure that my hands glide down your legs, revealing your hidden treasure.

While standing I pull your legs apart then sit on the floor.

Moving my head under your legs I then give your pussy a good long lick, going though your legs I then stand up behind you letting my hands room freely about your body.

Push your hair to one side I then kiss you neck, while caressing you boobs and between your legs.

You then sit on the bed reach over to release by now will be my fully erect member.

Undoing my pants you proceed to give a royal blow job.

Just before the point of no return (or not depending on your mood) I push you back, so you are lying on your back with your legs in the air.

reaching over I lightly bind you up with what ever is at hand then put a blind fold on you then I go to town, eating you out, until you cant take it any more, I climb over you then push my dick into you (covered of course) sucking your tits and kissing your neck.

Just before I come I then withdraw then start using your toys on you, until you beg for me to take you again.

I will then roll you over into the doggy position then push my member into you till the hilt then rock you as I push back and forwards, until I explode inside of you.

Then it's your turn to play out your fantasy