Written by dragonfist

14 Jan 2006

Secret meeting:

We arrange to meet at a coffee shop in the city centre, after both booking the day off work. We have been talking now for at least 3 weeks, and now we cannot take any more. I decide to go commando and wear my best jeans with t-shirt and warm jumper. You text to tell me that you are waiting for me at the coffee shop and are wearing a red top and denim mini skirt. This got me immediately hard, and I picked up the pace as you are now just round the corner from where I am. I have already told you what I am wearing, and you spot me before I spot you. You stand up and give me a wave and shout my name. I start to jog towards you and when I get to you, you throw your arms around me and stick your tongue into my mouth. I respond and grab your ass at the same time, giving it a cheeky squeeze. It's then I realise that you have gone commando too as I had stuck my right hand up and felt your bare ass. Mmmm, you moan and tell me you can't wait to get me home. I order two more coffees and talk about life in general and of course what we are going to do to eachother when we get to yours. First though we stop at a porn shop and buy a couple of erotic DVD's, just to turn up the mood with some oils too. We walk back through the centre towards the car park with our arms around each others waists. We get to the car park and you point towards your car and tell me that particular one is yours. When we get into the car, no sooner have you sat down into your seat, I lean over and stick my tongue back into your mouth and with my left hand I grab your right breast. I can feel your nipples start to harden through your top and you respond by grabbing my crotch. You back off from me and say, let's just get you back to mine, with a cheeky grin on your face. As we arrive to yours, we get out the car and you take me by the hand. We start to run towards your place and you hastily get your keys out of your bag. In shear rush, you drop your keys and bend down to get them. As you do this, I stare down your top and again grab your ass. Your hands are shaking as you try to put the key in the door. I slam the door behind me and you throw your arms around my neck, and plant an almight wet kiss on my lips. You lead me into the bedroom and tell me to put the DVD on. When the DVD starts to play, I look round at you to see nothing but lust on your face. I approach you and reach out to pull your top up, and as I do this you are unzipping my jeans. I am very pleased that you have also opted not to wear a bra, and as I gaze at your gorgeous breasts, your nipples are getting more and more erect. At this stage you have pulled down my jeans to my ankles and gaze at my huge, pulsating bald cock. Oohh, you say - I was hoping you would still be bald down there. That for me, you ask? Ah-ha I reply as I play with your erect nipples and tits. You go down onto your knees and tease the tip of my cock with your tongue while running your index and middle finger nails up and down the length of my swollen shaft. Then you take more of me into your mouth and roll my balls in your hand. I tilt my head back and breath a sigh of extreme relief! I start to run my hands through your hair and respond by moving my hands with the bobbing of your head. Then you stop and I start fucking your mouth. You are slurping and moaning wildly and then rise to your feet. You kick off your sandals and I un-button your denim mini-skirt, letting it dop to the floor by itself. You step out of them and take off my top. While take whats left of my clothes off, you lay on the bed with your legs spread wide open for me. I stare a while and start masturbating over your gorgeous, hot naked body. You point over to the oil we bought earlier on the bedside table and tell me to cover you with it. You don't need to ask me twice, so I reach over for it. I ooze it all over your body and rub it all in, atnd your hips rotate in sexual frustration. When I finish, I stick my head inbetween your thighs and start to lick your dripping wet pussy. You raise your feet behind me, and start rubbing your toes up and down the sides of my ribs and my back. I stick one finger inside you at first, followed by two then three while holding your pussy open with my free hand and massaging your clit. "FUCK ME MARC, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME NOW!!" I line the head of my fat, pre-cum dripping cock and press it against your hot, wet mound. You reach behind me and grab my ass, pulling the rest of my inside you. We both moan, and you bite your bottom lip. You then press your tits together and I lean forward to suck on your hard nipples, which then I proceed to start kissing your neck. I start fucking you at the same time, and I can hear your breathing heavily in my ear. You start whispering to me, talking dirty and telling me to fuck you hard. I pick up the pace. Our bodys are moving together, and your tits are bouncing up and down wildly. I look round at the tv to see the porno and that turns me on even more. I can hear your sweet juices splashing inside of you with every thrust I make, and I can feel them running down underneath my balls. You reach behind you and grab the bars of the bed and grit your teeth with your eyes closed. I pick up your waist so that your ass is off the bed and fuck you as hard as I can. Then I put your legs over my shoulders and bend your legs back so that your knees are by your ears. Mmmm, yeah fuck me good Marc, oh yeah - push it.. Ohhh, deeper, I wanna feel you baby, don't stop!!!! I feels a twinge in my cock and go back to the missionary position, and withdraw my cock from your sopping wet cunt. I kneel over you and put my cock in between your perfect tits. You squeeze them together so that my cock is trapped in your cleavage. I start fucking your tits, and the sensation of the oil on you is too much. I say, oh baby, open your mouth. I start tossing off and shhot load after load of hot spunk into your waiting mouth and swallow the lot. I then lay on to of you and we start to kiss and I enter you again, slowly making love to you. Then you lay me onto my back, reach for the oil and start rubbing it into my chest. You start to rock your hips back and forth while I am still hard inside you. I hold your hips and you get faster, your hands and nails rubbing up and down my chest. You lean forward and we start to kiss passionately. I start to take over and fuck you while you are on top of my. harder and faster I go, and you scream in delight! You get off me and go on all fours. You then say to me, I want you to fuck my virgin arsehole, and you start rubbing your swollen wet mound from behind, I grab the oil and put a little around your ass. Then I cover my cock with oil which feels so damn erotic, I cant wait to put it inside you. I gently press the head of my thick cock against your arsehole and with the oil, slides in nicely. You tell me to go slow and I ease it inside of you little by little. After a few secinds, you loosen up and I start to fuck you, while you masturbate your pussy with a free hand. I grab your ass and pull it towards me with every thrust I make, and the sensation is driving us both wild! You tell me then that you want my hot load inside your tight ass, and to fuck you even harder. Your words just turn me on and I think I have died and gone to heaven! Once again, I feel that twinge in my balls which tells me that I am going to cum and with one final thrust, you throw your ass back onto my cock and let out a huge breath, which in turn makes me shoot my hot sticky cum inside your ass. We then collapse together and fall asleep with the DVD still running. I can't wait to meet you again, which will hopefully be very soon.

Marc xxx