Written by lillyandchad

7 Mar 2007

We arrange to meet you (single guy) in a hotel bar. I have told him I will be wearing a denim mini skirt and 5" red stilletos, showing off my long shapely toned legs, and a tight red top. I do not know what he looks like so this adds to the excitement. We take a seat at the bar and order two stiff drinks. After a while of glancing around and wondering who it will be, I walk to the ladies. You follow and quickly stuff an envelope into my back pocket, still not revealing your face and then you are gone. It has a key, room number and says 'get comfy, i'll be there soon'. I go back to the bar finish my drink, give my hubby a hard kiss on the lips and whisper the room number then walk upstairs to the room. I leave the door off the latch for easy access and undress, leaving only my little skirt on. I lay on the bed face down facing away from the door. After what seems like an eternity of exciting, anxious thoughts I hear the door open and close. You stand there observing my long legs and juicy arse peeping out from beneath my skirt. Slowly you undress whilst checking me out. I have goosebumps with excitement. Then I feel you touch my calf and I shudder. You slowly run your fingers up my legs and up between my thighs. You stop and spread my legs apart to reveal my shaven glistening pussy. I hear you moan with pleasure as you start to slide your fingers from my clit to my arse and back. This gets my juices flowing helping you to slip a finger a finger inside my hot wet pussy and my tight virginal arse. mmmmmm I groan and push back into your magic hand. As I start to rock back and forth on it I hear another click of the door. After a few minutes of observation my hubby moves round the bed and I feel his hand on my head and see his already hard cock before me. I start to lap my tongue on the end, then slowly lick down his shaft and take his balls into my mouth. Gently sucking them. I move up his swollen cock and take it all down deep into my throat. Sucking it up and down. This gets you even harder so you pull me up onto my knees and take me deep and rough. I gag on his cock as you fuck me. Then you slide your thumb up my arse and double fuck me. This takes me to the hilt and I scream out that I am cumming. This gets you on the verge too and you pull out and cum all over my arse. My hubby cannot contain his excitement as he removes his dribbling cock from my mouth and he sprays his hot cum all over my face and open mouth. We all fall onto the bed and I turn to finally see you for the first time and smile.