Written by hotstud86

21 Jan 2006

i like to do alot of swimming in my spare time and one day when i went swimming i saw an amazingly hot girl. when i finished i couldnt help but get a boner and went to take a piss to try and get it down. wen i was there a guy came over and took a piss next to me and i could see him taking a look at my pennis. he finished first and walked away. while walking to were i was going to get changed i saw him again and i could see a big boner in his swimming shorts. i went into my cubicle and got realy turned on. i thought to miself that must b because of me and walked back out in just a towel with a uge boner he saw me and said \"nice\" . i said \"cheers\" and took my towel of just b4 i got in my cubicle so he could see my naked arse and left the door open wen i got in. just after he came round and entered my cubicle. we then got of with each other and i puled down his shorts. i moved down and began to suck his cock slowly and softly at first and then geeting faster and harder until he came in my mouth. he then moved down to my cock and sucked it of til completion. i bent over and showed him my arse for him to enter and he fucked away at my arse. it felt fantastic and i trie my hardest to hold bk my groans of pleasure but couldnt. after he came i then fucked his arse and both of us were graoning in pleasure and felt brilliant. i left with cum still dripping out of my arse