Written by geecee

6 Sep 2005

I first met Sue (suckysucky) in an Edinburgh NightClub in November 2004. Within the hour we were both leaving the club and heading back to her (very nice) flat. We got on as if we had known each other for years and one thing led to another...well, you know the rest! :-)

Anyway, we ended up meeting up every night all of that week. However, at the end of the week she told me that she thought we were seeing each other too often and didnt want to get into a serious relationship because she said she was too young and wanted to have some fun with more than one guy... She said however that we can meet up on a weekly/monthly basis however as 'f*@kbuddies'...

F*&king Brilliant! I never thought i could have been happier! Here i was being told by a gorgeous tall Ukraine that she just wanted no strings attached sex from me whenever we both felt up for it! What was i supposed to do,say no??!!?

Since then we've been meeting up on a regular basis, whenever we both have a night to spare or are really horny (always really, but dont wanna take advantage of it tho..hehe!)

Anyway, I found this sight on the net and then told her about it about a month later. She has also joined up since then. You can find her profile under the name 'suckysucky'.

What a girl.