Written by chill2me

16 Sep 2006

Hi there peeps..

Well last night(saturday), first meet with a M/F (lets call them BEN and TINA) couple with my female play partner(Fee).

MM Well its mid saturday afternoon and getting a wee bit apprehisive and nervous. Tidied my flat, got shop and got the wine and nibbles and called to see if Fee's (female friend) was still ok and up for it. I had spoken to the couple online and they were getting ready themselves and would meet us at 8.30pm just off princes st.

Well ive meet Fee 8.20 and make our way to the pub. Now are they going to be there are we going to have been stood up! Well walking past the window looks like its well busy.. Ach just finish off a cig before we go in. As we are just about to go in I here my name and look round there they are furthere down have a cig too.

Mm first impressions nice.. Well big breath here we go! We only have one drink as its so busy (busy with the Edinburgh Fringe and all).

We get back to my flat and i get the drinks are out. Well they are a bubby pair.. very chatty, funny. No real pregnant pauses. Plenty of conversation with a few flirty comments thrown in by us all. A few sexy looks and smiles.

Well a few more drinks and its about time to make a move.. No one is indicating a move,, the girls go to eh loo for one of those girly chats. We guys pass a few smutty manly comments.. About making a move..

When they come back I say "Well dont know about anyone else but I am making a move". I go through to the bed and undress and just have my white pants on.

Ok whos going to make the first move im thinking to myself.. Ok its Ben that pokes his head through. Comes straight up to the bed and starts to kiss me and then pulls down my shorts and takes my cock in his mouth.. Wow can he suck cock. This is going to be a great night. I can hear giggles at the door and both girls are poking there head in have a good look.. They then join us on the bed. We kiss them both and undress them.. Mm both are nice and curvey with large breasts.

Both our cocks standing proud ,I enter Fee's pussy while she is on her knees while Ben takes Tina missionary, her legs up in his arms ..Lying next too each other. My hands wander and play with his balls as he moves in and out of her pussy. MM all nice and smooth and trimmed just how I like it.

Then all change Fee roles on her back and Ben kisses her and fondles her large breast taking one in turn in his mouth. I go on my back and Tina takes my cock in her mouth.. Nice not as good as him but am i complaining.DONT be daft.

She cups my balls in hand as sucks my cock then in takes each of my balls in her mouth,, mm now thats nice.. I look over and Ben is over Fee, still kissing her, rubbing his cock over her pussy.. I reach over and as he moves forward i angle his cock, Fee archers her back, so it enters her in one go upto his balls.

Tina then moves up and straddles over me.. leaning forward letting me kiss and hold her titts. The hold my cock and lowers herself down slowly on it.. Then grinds her self up and down on me, slowly at the start then gaining speed.. Wow is she good. Fee is getting a good shag, i can hear his balls slapping away on her ass at good old speed, hearing small gasps escaping from her.. I look over and she smiles and winks at me.. Yeahs enjoying it.

Tina's not finished with me yet, she gets up and sqauts down on my cock, leans forward and holds my shoulder then goes at it slapping her pussy up and down on my riggid cock.

We all take a break at this stage.. Through to the lounge for a quick drink and cig.. A wee banter. Unfortunately Fee's got a bad case of heartburn and decides to stand out afterwards.

Once myself , Tina and Ben go back through, Tina's in the middle and i play with her titts while he plays with her pussy and clit. She knows how to enjoy herself. I then move up and lift her legs up and enter her slowly, a bit of cock at a time slowly teasing her.. Then once all the way in i gently build up my pace, taking my time. Ben is snoggin her and still playing with her clit. I shaggin her at a good pace, my balls slapping her. Moving my hips slightly so change the angle of my cock as it pushes inside her.

I have to take a break or I am going to blow to soon.

I lie back and she turns round and ask "do you want shagged now?", I reply yeah sure.

He moves round gets some lube on his cock and my ass. she helps and lift my legs up a bit and slowly pushes against my ass. I say " wow, slowly now, its been a while!" He pushes in and no more and stops there until im used to it. Then slowly sinks his cock full inside until his balls are on my ass cheeks. She is slowly stroking my cock and teasing my pierced nipple.

He then picks up speed and is banging my ass.. Wow this is great.. I cant hold out much longer as he doesnt let up. She bends down and takes my cock in her mouth and sends me over the edge..

I warn them as i shoot my load and catch half of it over my face..

Wow what a night.. Thanks guys.. Best night in a long long time

All of the above id happen.. Missed out alot of details and bits and pieces but thats the main part that i had fun with..

Cheers peeps..