Written by chill2me

16 Sep 2006

Wow what a night was a great time.

Bit nervious, been chatting to them for a wee bit and certainly tickled my fancy. But you never know how its going to work out. Are they totally going to bottle it, are their pics uptodate, is she being pressurised into it.

Well had plenty of time wondering about it as they stay a wee bit out of edinburgh.

Was to meet her first as he was still working. Met her outside the Pub,, mm yeah was a nice start, nice face and smile, onto a winner maybe. Good start at least.

Chatting away nicely on the way back to their pad. A few drinks to break the ice and good conversation. He turns up an hour later and a bit of banter than on goes a horny Dvd.

Well its bloody hot last night so i firstly get my trouser and shirt off and he comes over and we help her out of tight trousers and top.

Mm nice full breasts.. I start to kiss her while he roles her nipples (huge nipples) between his fingers.

Things are hotting up. i kneel on the sofa and she takes my cock in her mouth and he is licky her pussy. She is real enthusiastic about it..

All change, she slowly strokes my cock as he kisses her. now am i gonna get a fist in my mouth ?

Well u never know, some say they are up for it.. I take his cock in my mouth,, nice head ,, sucking and licking it , taking it to its root. MM hes enjoying this, he starts thrusting it in.

Then he moves down and slips his cock in her pussy , her hands on his hips pulling him into her.

I lower myself down and start to suck and lick his balls as he bangs away into her. Wow she is wet i can taste her juices running down his cock.

Then we retired to the bedroom for some more horny fun..

She and I got onto the bed and he was taking pictures when she gave me some excellent head.

He joined us on the bed and she got on her knees. He took her from behind while she took my cock in her mouth.

A quick break and drink they she says its her boyfriends turn.

Ok not my usual but hey go with the flow, she is on her back and him on top kissing her while i lube up my cock and his ass. I enter his ass slowly I can tell hes not used to it.. But it doesnt take him long to be pushing his ass back onto my cock.. OH he is moaning and groaning loving every minute.

Then he says its her turn and i get her legs up over my shoulders while i slide my cock in.. one hand on my side digging her nails into me and her other hand down playing with her clit..

Wow what a time then crashed there the night.. A coffee and a quick chat then back home with a Huge smile on me... FAB...!!!