Written by tantriclady

31 Dec 2005

Taking you slowly and firmly by the hand is a thought that gets me going. I'm already heading to fantasy land. Then I gradually move myself lower until my mouth goes around your cock as it extends, my hand gripping the shaft, my tongue playing around the tip, my lips slipping up and down. The fantasy is only just beginning. I gradually nibble and lick and suck along the shaft, gradually working towards the base until, very gently, I can take each testicle in my mouth and suck and caress, whilst rotating my thumb gently but firmly on your 'sacred spot' behind them, just before your anus. Then, slowly working my way back up, I would take your rock hard shaft between my breasts for a while, working up and down with them wrapped around it. After a while, with them still holding it with the head sticking up, my tongue would flick down the eye and around the rim of the helmet. Then, using the palm of my hand, slowly and sensitively massage the head of your hard purple bulb.

Then, swapping over, your tongue in me as you get rigid gets me so wet I think I'm going to burst. I'd love to feel your tongue slowly running it around the lips, then up and down, up and down, before slipping it inside me and working it round and round, pushing it deeper and deeper. Withdrawing gently you move to my clit and as you lick and suck you push your fingers in me, fingering, sucking, licking, rolling me onto you so I can ride your tongue until I'm close to my orgasm.

Thinking of you taking me with your large hard cock, feeling the warmth of you, feeling my rippling grip around your shaft as a rhythm starts, is working very well for me. I think things may start slowly, but once inside me we would work to a crescendo of hot, hard, passionate fucking that goes on past the first cum, and keeps getting better, and hotter, and harder, and wetter, until we are shaking with the pulsing energy. I'm shaking now just thinking about it.

Maybe later, another time, a threesome? Obviously the thought of mmf is one that appeals to me, thinking about you sinking your cock into me from behind whilst I suck on another man's cock or, maybe, you watching me enjoying your cock whilst another man uses his tongue on me. I think I could pretty much go with the flow.

If I've set your mind to fantasy thoughts, and if you are interested, let's see if you can come up with anything to help you satisfy them.