Written by shunter3

7 Apr 2006

This story is a fantasy of the way we would like our first experience of the swinging scene to go.

We had been members of S.P. for a month when we received mail from a couple who had seen our profile and wanted the same things we did. Going through all usual things such as photos back and forth and e-mails introducing ourselves both formally and sexually. We eventually arranged to meet to break the ice, having a night out could be an ideal way to do this my wife and I thought. The meeting was to take place in a little pub on the outskirts of a little village not far from either of us at 20.00 on a Thursday. My wife and I arrived first ordered drinks and sat near an open fireplace from which we could see anybody who was coming or going. We had been chatting for around 10 minutes when the door opened and in walked a couple instantly recognizable from the pictures we had seen in our mails. They approached the bar ordered and made their way towards us, Cheryl and Alan were a couple who had been married for 10 years and were trying to bring extra spice into there lives and were first timers like we were. Cheryl was around 5'6 (same as my wife) she had shoulder length black hair and carried a few extra pounds. Alan was 6 ft had short mousey colored hair and a tattoo of a bird on his right forearm. Introducing themselves they sat down both looking nervous as we were. We soon started idly chatting about the weather and about the areas we lived but soon changed to more risqué subjects after all that's what it's all about. A couple of drinks later and all our inhibitions had gone out of the window and the talk was all about what they wanted in what was to be there first swing. I could see my wife was starting to look interested in Alan touching his thigh as she laughed at his sexual innuendoes Cheryl and I had both noticed this and she nodded in agreement. The conversation had now turned to where this would take place Alan commented that there was a hotel just along the road and we could book rooms there if we were up for it. This seemed like a great idea to me as Cheryl was making my cock rise from it slumber. We finished our drinks and walked the short distance to the hotel booked 2 rooms and went upstairs. When in the room we composed ourselves there was a knock on the door I opened it and in walked Alan closely followed by Cheryl. Alan sat on the bed next to my wife Cheryl came close to me and kissed me full on the lips putting her tongue in as far as it could go. I grabbed hold of her arse and pulled her closer feeling she had no panties on, we broke for breath and I looked around to see Alan was lying on the bed with my wife who had her legs open and He was rubbing her pussy through the top of her panties. Not to be outdone I turned to Cheryl and asked her to sit on a near by chair, this she obliged and as soon as she was on it I kneeled in front of her and opened her legs I raised them up and saw that although she had a trimmed pussy she had a mass of jet black hair on her Mound of Venus. I kissed up her inner thigh smelling her womanly scent as I did eventually getting to her now moist lips. Instantly I stuck my tongue on her clit she let out a long moan and said oh fuck that's it lick that fucking clit which I did with vigor. After a while she shouted im coming and squirting a long stream of come straight down my throat which I swallowed as fast as I could. When Cheryl's orgasm subsided I raised my head and turned around to see my wife sucking Alan's cock Alan said sorry I should have told you Cheryl was a squirter. I replied it was ok as I love the taste of women's come as my wife sometimes comes heavy. Cheryl and I joined my wife and Alan on the bed were she loosened my trousers and grabbed hold of my now erect cock hoping it was not going to be outdone by Alan's whilst she did this I glanced at his cock and noticed it was around the same length as mine bit bigger but more thicker but had an enormous bulbous head. Cheryl had now placed my cock in her mouth and was busily rubbing my wife's clit with her free hand whilst my wife was still licking on Alan's manhood. She stopped hiked up the bed and asked Alan to lick her now sopping wet cunt as she put it. With that Alan cocked his leg over her head so that he was facing the bottom of the bed and I could see her munching on his swollen cock. Cheryl was doing a wonderful job as I said I was about to come and asked her to stop as I wanted to make it last. She withdrew her wonderful mouth and immediately moved to lick my wife's cunt pushing Alan's face away I just looked across at my wife sucking Alan's cock and said is that nice Hun she greedily nodded and to my surprise asked if I wanted a go. We had discussed earlier that I wouldn't mind trying to suck a mans cock and this seemed to be an ideal opportunity, I shuffled across and hesitated at first but thought what the hell in for a penny. I took Alan's bulbous knob head into my mouth and licked the underside gently it wasn't all that bad and he started to move his hips slowly pushing it deeper into my mouth. While I was doing this I felt a mouth go back around my cock thinking Cheryl had finished licking my wife's cunt I started to respond and push my cock into the eager mouth. By this time Alan was ramming his cock into my mouth as he was close to Cumming I removed my mouth t take a breath and noticed Cheryl was still eagerly tonguing my wife and it was Alan that had my cock in his mouth I looked at my wife and she smiled knowingly. Alan was doing a wonderful job as good as Cheryl had earlier and I asked how he knew what to do he lifted his head and said he was copying me as it felt as good for him we all stopped and laughed but soon got up from the bed and undressed. Alan then made the first move and made my wife kneel on the edge of the bed he opened her legs wide and entered her with a forceful push making her let out a throaty groan. He pumped her with 5 or 6 forceful thrust she let out a cry and quivered in orgasm, by this time Cheryl was frigging her beautiful cunt and was asking me to fuck her. I moved over to the edge of the bed pushed her back onto the bed and entered her lovely cunt she moaned as I thrust into her the feeling of her pussy walls wrapped around my cock was wonderful and it was all I could do to stop myself from coming. As I thrust into her Alan said he was about to come and shouted as he pulled out of my wife and spurted a long heavy stream of come all up my wife's back he moved around and stuck his still pumping cock into my mouth and let me taste my wife's juices and his come all at once which wasn't all that bad. I was about to come Cheryl new this and asked me to come in her not wanting to disappoint I obliged and shot a good stream of come into her womb. I withdrew and Alan bent and licked the residue of come from my cock and the moved to Cheryl's cunt to get more of his wife juices which were now mixed with my come. As we all fell onto the bed spent Cheryl laughed and said she knew Alan wanted to suck another mans cock as he had been talking in his sleep about it. We all laughed and fell asleep. This is just fantasy but you never know what will happen. Happy swinging.