Written by bubbles-de-vere

20 May 2007

Its 6pm, right on time the buzzer goes and its you, you come up and find me making coffee inthe kitchen, your hand slips up my skirt and you feel the tops of my stockings and my already wet knickers... The others wait patiently in the living room while you push me up onto the side and lick at my cunt through my soaking knickers. I know it wont be long before you are fucking me and drop to my knees loosening your trousers, they fall to the floor and i lick gently around your balls while you rake your fingers through my hair, somebody from the living room says you should share me and you slowly ease me toward the couch by the hair, your cock deep in my mouth the whole time.

You sit and i continue to suck you, squeezing your balls and wanking you as somebody pulls my knickers to one side and takes a long lick down my crack, teasing around my clit and making me moan as another drops is trousers and begins wanking near my face, i alternate betwen you and him, taking your cocks in my mouth and using my tongue, the guy behind me eases his cock into my cunt and i let out a sigh as i push back onto him. He slowly fucks me, forcing my head further onto first yours then the other guys cock, making me gago nthe length.

You suggest we chnge position so the guy who's cock ive been sucking lies down and i straddle him, enjoying the sensation as i fuck his hard cock. You step up behind me and spit on my arse and i know whats coming as you push my body forward and he slows his fucking to barely moving inside me... Slowly you push your cock up my arse. im about to cry out when the final cock, the one ive already fucked is forced nto my mouth.... and there i am, totally filled, totally satisfied as you all slowly fuck my every hole.......