Written by tigs

9 Jan 2006

Sitting at my desk, it was a shock to me when I felt a tug at the zipper of my jeans, looking down quickly I saw you there, hiding under my desk, I half smiled, but felt a bit cautious as although it was near to the end of the day, there were still others in the office. I was a little nervous as I felt you reach into my now open zipper and take my slowly swelling cock into your hand, freeing it from the prison of its trousers. I heard your little quiet moan of arousal as you began to stroke your fingers up and down my shaft. I could feel my cock stiffening in your hand and then suddenly the heat of your mouth as you slowly slid my cock into it. I tried hard not to show my arousal, but you could tell how excited I was from the way that my shaft throbbed in your mouth as you slowly slid your head and lips up and down it. You sucked my cock expertly, licking the tip and pausing as I got excited, bringing me right close to the edge, and then stopping, squeezing the shaft of my cock and watching it swell in your hand. Soon everyone else had left, but u remained under the table, I could hear a slow ryhthmic sound coming from beneath the desk, I very nearly shot my load with arousal as I peeked beneath the table, only to see your finger gently but urgently strumming the tip of your clit, Immediately my cock spasmed in excitement and I watched your glistening pussy hungrily as you pleasured yourself. Soon you returned to my cock, sliding a finger inside of yourself beforehand, and smearing the hot juices of your snatch over the shaft. Slowly you came out from under the table, unclasping your bra and allowing your breasts to fall free as you bent over the table, exposing your pussy to me. By now I was gagging to fuck that inviting little hole but I couldn't resist wheeling myself forwards on my chair and burying my face in your hot wet little snatch. Eagerly I tongued your entrance, my finger coming to find your clit, and noting with surprise that your finger was already on it, I could sense your arousal, your desperation to climax, and gently held you on the edge, pushing your finger from your clit as I licked in long slow strokes either side of the hugely swollen sensitive little bud. Your orgasm came swiftly and powerfully, and I clasped onto your hips as you came, your loud moans of climax filling the room. Smiling as you finished I left you post orgasmic over the table and reached down for my cock, I could see you were looking over at me so I gently began to wank up and down the throbbing shaft, letting you see how hard my cock was for you and how much I wanted to fuck you. I saw you bite your bottom lip as you watched, and decided to tease you further by rubbing the now hugely swollen head against your entrance. My cock was quickly covered in your fuckjuice as I smeared my own juices over your snatch, I felt you squirm and try to push my cock into your cunt but I teased you more, waiting until you stopped trying to push me into you before I pushed the head of my cock down to the entrance to your pussy. Gently I pushed it into you, my cock was so swollen that your pussy resisted me hard, but soon I felt that delicious heat and the warm tight sensation as your delicious tunnel started to accept me. I could tell from the feel of your pussy and the tightness of the mucles that you had been masturbating a lot over the last week whilst I had been away and the thought of that nearly made me gush into you immediately. My balls were heavy and I knew that when I shot my load into you it would be a huge eruption. I managed to calm myself and slowly fucked my cock in and out of that hot little tunnel, with you bent over the desk penetration was very deep and I enjoyed the feeling of the tight muscles of your pussy around my shaft as I fed the whole length in and out of your pussy, occassionally slamming it home inside of you and rocking my hips, squeezing my shaft so that the head swelled inside of you and made you feel full of cock. After a short whil you began to get very excited and rammed your hips back against me as I fucked your little tunnel, I could tell that you loved being fucked hard by my thick hard cock and rammed you as hard as I could without fear of shooting too early. Your cunt felt absolutely divine as we moved into a perfect ryhthmic fuck. Your hips crashing against mine, and once again your finger finding your magic button and bringing you ever on to orgasm, your second orgasm came almost without warning, your pussy pushing me out of you as it spasmed and throbbed about my shaft. Your orgasm wasn't as powerful as the first though and I could tell you had more in you. You pulled my cock from your snatch and pushed me onto the chair, straddling me quickly before slowly sliding down my erection, this time my cock slid gently and easily into your pussy, your snatch hungrily swallowing me. I could tell you wanted to cum hard and drove my hips up and down as you hungrily rode me, your clit getting just the right amount of attention as it brushed on my pubic bone. I knew that you were aroused but didn't expect you to cum as quickly and powerfully as you did. Your cunt literally squeezing my cock almost to the point of pain as your weight held me inide you. As you came down from your orgasm I knew you were sated and smiled as you reached down to fondle my balls, you could feel all the cum boiling hot inside of them and you gave me a wink as you whispered, "I want to feel all that hot spunk gushing up my pussy, I know you love squirting into me, fill me up with your seed."

I didn't need to be told twice and moved you onto your back on the desk, your pussy felt delicious after your orgasms, tight, yet soft and sloppy, and I fucked you hard as you hooked your legs over my shoulders.

I knew I wasn't going to last long and gave loud passionate moans as I came closer and closer.

Suddenly you felt me stiffen even more inside you for a moment, before that first wave of hot jism gushed into your hungry tunnel, I was moaning and writhing as the huge pumps turned into faster and faster squirts, never before had you felt me shoot such an enormous load inside you, your pussy feeling hot and full of both cock and my hot spunk as I shot my cum in huge spasms deep into your hot willing pussy.