Written by shonx2006

24 Nov 2005

Chapter One

Picture the scene

It is mid winter – sometime in mid December, I have asked you if you will come away with me for the weekend to the Lake District. You have decided that you will come but we agree to go in separate cars and meet at the hotel that I have booked.

There is a light covering of snow on the ground and the forecast is for more snow in the Lake District over the weekend. I arrive at the hotel on the Friday afternoon and you are due to arrive around about 8.00pm the same day.

The hotel is not your standard type hotel, but is a converted mansion with separate flat type accommodation with it's own entrance and includes a large lounge area, a large kitchen / dinning room, a large bath / shower room (the shower cubical is particularly large – big enough for two people comfortably) and a large bedroom with a king size four poster bed with large comfortable bedding.

The flat is centrally heated throughout. The lounge area has a big open mock fire (which is gas fired), a really large comfortable L shaped seat which in reality is big enough for at least 7-8 people. There is also all the usual furniture in the lounge and the kitchen is fairly modern with all the appliances that you could wish for.

During the afternoon I am busying myself making sure that the flat is heated for when you arrive. I also am preparing for a meal which will be made by the hotel restaurant and delivered around about 9.00pm on a silver service. There is champagne on ice and a large selection of red and white wines and also a large selection of sprits, beers and cider to choose from. I am really nervous in case you change your mind and don't bother to come. With every car that comes up the drive I wait to see if it is yours. As you can tell I am a little on edge until finally I see your car coming up the snow covered drive……………….

Chapter 2

As you got out of your car it started to snow and you looked really cold, I opened the door and came outside to meet you and help you with your case (you and I know how much you take away with you even just for the weekend!). As I approach you look up and see me and smile. The light is fairly good even though it is 8.15pm and your hair has a few snow flakes in it. Your smile is wonderful looking as I can see your white teeth shrouded in the red glossy lip gloss that you have on and you look very sexy stood there in the snow. I say hi and tell you how good you are looking and give you a kiss in the on the lips which turns into a full French kiss and lasts for at least a minute. It's nice to see you to you finally say, as it does appear that you were a little taken aback by your own reaction to me kissing you as am I.

'Well let's get you inside out of the cold and the snow', 'you go right in and I'll get your case for you from your car'. As you are walking in the front door I stand there gazing at you as you have an amazing walk and I love to watch your rear end move as you walk as it really turns me on. When you are out of sight I realise were I am and hurry after you after locking your car.

When I am inside I look around to see were you are, but you have already decided to have a scout round the place. I carry you case up to the bedroom were I find you sprawled on the bed. Ummmm this is lovely you exclaim and then turn to me and say 'but where are you sleeping this weekend?' At first I am a bit dumb struck and don't know what to say. You notice the worried expression on my face and decide to tease me for a short while. 'You did understand that I was coming up here just to spend some time with you and that sex was not on the menu for this weekend didn't you?'

Obviously the look on my face had turned worse and I was totally crest fallen. At last you tell me that you were only joking and I tell you that I will get you for that!!!

I start chasing you around the bedroom and I finally catch you on the bed (which is as you know a king size 4 poster bed!) after a short time of horse play I finally pin you to the bed and then I look into your eyes and we passionately kiss again. Surprisingly you roll me over and place your finger on my lips to silence me. You provocatively start rubbing your hands up and down my body which makes my cock go hard which is just the response that you wanted. You carefully undo my jeans and spring out my hard cock and start licking and teasing it and then place it in your mouth. At this point you won't let me touch you which frustrates me a little but eventually I manage to get a hold of you a swing you around a little so that I can start to stroke you on your most intimate place. You gasp for air at my first touch which brings me further into your mouth which makes me in turn gasp for air. I am grateful to find that you are already very wet with your juices running freely, I taste my fingers and you are as sweet as I remember you to be. I long to taste you properly and move to do so but you wriggle away just enough to prevent me from reaching your clit with my tongue. 'Not yet, you just lay back and enjoy, there is plenty of time for you to pleasure me correctly' you tell me. Not being one to argue I do as I am told and with the exception of playing with you, I allow myself to drift into the pleasure that your mouth is giving me. I forget myself and I am about to come and start to pull my cock away from you as I know that you don't like the taste, but you push me back down and tell me to let you do what you want to do. After a few more spasms have run through me I no longer can control myself and allow myself to come which happens just as you take my full length into your mouth. I explode with such an amount that it starts to dribble form your mouth as you are still working up and down on my spurting shaft. I feel like I have gone to heaven with all my dreams come true. To my amazement you swallow it all down and tell me to rub your clit hard to make you come, this doesn't take along time at all and after you have come we just lay there both spent.

After a while I look at the time and realise that it is nearly 9pm and that the meal will arrive shortly. I quickly get showered and changed into a brand new suit that was made to measure for me and I am feeling real good. I tell you to take your time and come down when you are ready.

Sure enough 2 minutes after I have gone down the stairway which is a spiral staircase, there is a knock at the door and the meal has arrived.

For the starter I have ordered Winter Vegetable Broth with Toasted Croutons, Greenland prawns on a bed of crisp lettuce topped with homemade Marie rose sauce and Button mushrooms in bacon and Roquefort sauce on toasted bread. For the main meal I have ordered Chicken breast with a wild mushroom sauce and a Rack of lamb with potato gratin and rosemary and for desert I have ordered Apple and Rhubarb Crumble with Orange Crème Anglaise, Bitter Chocolate Tort with Vanilla Mascarpone and a selection of Cheese and Biscuits. I had moved the dinning table into the lounge area so that we can be close to the fire and had already set the table so that we could eat soon as the meal was delivered.

You have showered and changed for the meal and you look stunning. You are wearing a sexy black dress with black high heeled shoes and your hair is up just as I like it. I walk up to you and kiss you again and tell you how fabulous you look, but I cannot resist having a feel around your bottom and to my sheer delight you are wearing sexy black lingerie which you have specially bought for the weekend. You cannot possibly image how much I am turned on at that moment and all I want to do is just rip your clothes off there and then and make passionate love to you in front of the roaring fire!! You have noticed the movement in my trousers and tell me that I should wait and control myself as the weekend is yet young. How you expect me to do this I do not know as whilst you are telling me this you are stroking my hard shaft through my trousers. Eventually I come down from which ever planet I was on and walk you to the table. Understandably I am walking behind you as I love to watch your ass move when you walk. I pull the chair out for you to sit down and watch as you sit whilst fantasising how you would look if you were sitting down on my hard shaft. I pop the champagne open and serve you a glass and the bubbles got up your nose which makes me laugh and then you start laughing to. I open up the first service to reveal our starter and serve you first before sitting down myself………..

Chapter 3

During the meal we make some small talk about all the usual stuff like what we have been doing recently.

All the time that you are talking I am watching you closely and I notice that your breasts are full and ripe and that your nipples are hard. I notice that you try to extend your leg with your shoe off so that you can try to catch me unaware and play with my now stiffening again shaft. Unfortunately for both us the table is just a bit too long and you can not reach me.

The talking continues throughout the meal and I can tell that you are looking forward to the rest of the weekend. I explain that I have hired a small boat (with a cabin obviously) for the Saturday for us to have a relaxing afternoon sailing on Lake Windermere and that I have booked us in at a restaurant near Windermere for our evening meal and then back to the hotel. For the Sunday I have planned for us to go for a bit of a drive round the lakes subject to the weather of course, it's not too important what time we arrive back at the hotel as we do not check out until 10.30am on the Monday morning.

After we have finished the meal which we both enjoyed greatly I fix us some freshly ground coffee and we go to relax on the large comfortable L shaped seat which is in front of the fire. The lights are down low now and I have put some relaxing music on the CD player which is playing softly.

We cuddle up close and I gaze into your eyes and I know there and then that you still love me. We again make some small talk whilst we enjoy the coffee. There is large sheepskin rug on the floor in front of the fire and I invite you to sit there with me and you accept. Once on the floor you look at me and then slowly start to kiss me, it is not the same urgent kiss that we had when you first got out of your car but a more relaxed kiss as we both appreciate that we have a long weekend to indulge in each other. I slowly start to massage your breasts and I am pleased to notice that your nipples are still hard under my gentle touch. I reach further down and indulge in the feel of the lingerie that you are wearing. You start to undress me whilst I am gently feeling around your bottom. You notice that my cock has stiffened dramatically and struggle to get my suit trousers down past my fully erect shaft. At this point I have only got my shirt and pants on which I consider to be unfair as you still have your dress on. You push me back down on to the rug and spring to life my fully erect shaft and slowly but surely you start to lick up and down occasionally taking me deep inside your mouth whilst your hands are busy at work on my balls. With an effort after a few minutes I am able to stand up with you on your knees still licking and sucking at me, I am now on the verge of coming again as your expert mouth moves up and down my shaft. You notice this and pull me all the way in side your mouth were my cock sings out with great spurts of my juice. You allow me to relax a moment after the final spasms of my orgasm have subsided, I am still in your mouth and once again you start to move up and down my still stiff shaft occasionally burying it deep inside. I slowly withdraw myself and rub my hard member over your face and you try to lick at me again. I turn you around and you are now on all fours whilst still fully dressed, you think that I am going to enter you but I surprise you by laying down and pulling you down on to my face and I start licking at your sopping clit you shudder with excitement and start to dribble more of you juices down on my willing tongue, as my tongue penetrates you for the first time you gasp and shudder and to your surprise you come with such a force that makes you writhe around whilst I am desperately trying to hold you onto my tongue. You beg me to stay were I am and continue. I am teasing your clit and occasionally entering you with my tongue and each time I enter you with my tongue it sends another delicious spasm through your body showering me with your delight again and again. Finally you can not take anymore and pull yourself off me, you have come so much that my entire face is a wash with your juices. You tell me that you want me inside you and I am a willing partner to that thought. I carefully remove your dress and for the first time I am able to see you in all your glory in the lingerie that you are wearing. Just the sight of you in the lingerie makes a small amount of juice come from my still erect cock, you see this and before I have chance to do anything you lower your head and lick it off. You look fabulous in the lingerie and you are still wearing the black high heal shoes which just adds to my pleasure. I lay you back down on the sheepskin rug and start to kiss your body all over, occasionally I move your pants to one side and enter you and slowly move my body up and down and you move with me, then I again start to kiss your body which starts to make you shudder again and then I know that it is time for me to make love to you. I slowly lift your legs up and with my teeth I slowly pull your sexy briefs off. Again I occasionally take a lick at your throbbing clit whilst I remove them the rest of the way with my hands. I leave your stockings and suspenders on as they are very sexy. I keep your legs lifted up as I move into position to enter you. I rub my hard cock up and down your gaping hole and you are shuddering with the anticipation. Finally I stop teasing you and with ease my hard shaft enters your willing body. We start to move together and I can hear low moans of pleasure coming from you and I can feel your internal muscles gripping onto my hard cock as I slide up and down inside of you. I start to lick your legs, which starts to make you writhe with joy and once again you come. We move back to the L shaped chair and I position you so that I can shaft you from the rear. The sight of your ass pointed up makes me desire to enter it so I rub my cock all over your ass but decide that the time is not yet right for me to have your ass and I enter you and we start to fuck. The sweat is running down us both as I pound away, the sight of your ass making me more urgent, oh boy this is good and I can feel the rush of my own juices start to make their presence felt in my balls, you too can start to feel the tightness in my ball sack and with fresh vigour force yourself back onto my now throbbing cock with a final push deep in side you I can resist no more and spurt my thick come into your willing hole as you feel my orgasm rushing through me you start to squirm and with explosive power you blast an enormous orgasm of your own, it is all that I can do to hold you whist my cock is still spurting inside of you. We both collapse onto the couch and just hold each other without saying a word both of us entirely spent and needing to recover. We just lay there together for what seems an eternity but which is in fact about an hour. It's late and we decide that it is at last time for us to go to bed. As we are both sweated up we decide to take a shower before we retire. We both get in to the shower naked and start to wash each other down, as I am washing you down I notice that your nipples have gone hard again and as I am close to the top of your legs I with a supposed innocence feel around your clit and find that you are wet not only with the water but with the same delicious juices that I was lapping up earlier. I do nothing to else as you have started to wash me down and you seem to be spending a long time stroking up and own my cock which is semi hard by now. You wash all the soap from my dick and place my now ultra clean dick deep into your mouth which instantly makes it up to fully erect. That's the response I was looking for you tell me and we start to deeply kiss. As we are kissing you position yourself so that my hard shaft enters you whilst we are standing and you start to grind away. We are both locked together in passion whilst the water from the shower is freely running over us. I start to feel you shudder again which results in my now throbbing hard cock get even harder. I can feel you start to show the signs of coming again and just as you start to orgasm by cock to my surprise starts to spurt with my own orgasm. We are still embraced in a really passionate kiss you now with your legs wrapped round my waist and me pushing you up against the smooth shower wall. Eventually we both subside and in silence once again wash each other down.

Once dried we are laid on the bed and talk for a while but I still can not get the feeling out of me that I would like to make you come one more time and my cock is hard again. You see this and not in a questioning manner but in more of a statement you say 'I see that I am going to have to take care of this one more time before we go to sleep!' with that you move down the bed and stroke my erect penis. Whist you are moving down the bed I make my move and position myself under you, you try to move away as you what is coming but as I am stronger than you I manage to keep you where I want you. You decide that as you have no chance to escape my grasp you may as well enjoy. I start to lick at you and you are soon wet as I continue my quest to get you to come one more time you are stroking my hard cock and then to my surprise and delight you take me into your mouth whilst rubbing my ball sack, we are now in the position which I had hoped for, me licking and sucking at your clit whilst you are bobbing up and down taking my cock deep into your mouth. We are both squirming about whilst holding onto each other and finally with a shudder you start to come and I drink eagerly from your body at the same time whilst you are on a downward stroke you feel my shaft stiffen up immensely and you know that I am about to come, you push my all the way into your mouth until I think that you are going to swallow my balls as well and I come with such force that you almost have to take me out of your mouth.

At last I think that we are both satisfied and we just wash out faces in the sink and climb wearily into bed and kiss goodnight, you have your back facing me and push up close, surprisingly my cock is still semi hard and it slips effortlessly into you and we both go to sleep and hopefully recover enough for tomorrow………..