Written by wobble-botty

15 Mar 2007

We are in the car driving back from a weekend of fun, love and passion in the highlands of Scotland. In the car on the way home we discuss they way we mad love all over the hotel room, in hidden places but also in public ones and how much we had both loved it.

As you were driving I place my hand on your stockinged leg, and begin to lightly stroke your beautiful leg, 'god it was horny' you say, 'mmmmm' I reply 'it was', you look into my eyes bite your lip and your legs slightly part…..my hand runs further up your leg until my warm hand touches the skin between your stockings and your knickers, my hand presses against the lovely warm flesh. Your legs open wider as my hand presses against the gusset of your sexy knickers, I can feel that you're hot, horny and wet already, my cock straining in my jeans.

I press my fingers against your wet cunt, feeling the heat of sex coming from you: my fingers slowly circle and caress your clit through your knickers lightly applying pressure you your swollen clit making you lightly moan. Rubbing it through the sensual material of your knickers, down along your damp swollen pussy lips, your breath getting heavy and your tits begin to heave as you enjoy my teasing, I watch your nipples get harder and push out of your bra.

I pull your knickers to one side and slowly insert a finger inside your juicy wet cunt, moving it slowly in and out of you, your juices running over my hand and onto the seat, I take my fingers from you and lick them clean, offering them to you and you lick your own juices from my fingers. I tell you to 'find somewhere to pull over', mmmmmm 'why? What are you going to do?' you ask.

'You will have to wait and see, just find somewhere' I reply, I lean back and slowly begin to rub my rock hard cock through my jeans, 'would you like me to fuck you my darling?' Unzipping my jeans and pulling out my cock, looking into your gorgeous eyes I say 'You want to feel this inside you'. 'God yes please' you moan. 'Well find somewhere and now' I say in an excited voice, slowly wanking my cock for you. You indicate and turn right down a lane, at the end of the lane is a hidden picnic area, you pull in behind the trees to see a picnic table and 2 benches. A car is already parked up but seems empty.

We look around, you shrugged as if to say you're not bothered if we get caught, or even better just watched. I pull you to me and my hand grabs your breasts caressing them firmly through your top, your hand reaches down and you begin to rub my aching cock through my jeans, raking your nails along my length and squeezing the head, 'get out' I tell you, we climb out of the car and I take your hand and lead you over to the picnic area, we can hear voices in the woods but we carry on anyway, we are both too horny and hot to bother or even care, it just heightens the sexual tension between us both. I push you against the table and press myself against you, you can feel my hard cock pushing into you, you grab my arse and pull me in even closer to feel it press against your clit. You then run your hands under my shirt and up my back, you take my shirt and rip the buttons from it to expose my chest, you take one of my nipples in your fingers and squeeze it then you take it into your mouth and gently bite and lick it, your other hand slides into my jeans and squeezes my naked arse hard, I moan quietly as you tease me making my cock throb even harder.

My hands grab your hair and push you down further as I unzip my jeans, I hold my cock in my hand and ask you to 'suck it',,,,,,, you look up at me and your tongue licks across my tip, licking up my pre come ooze that is seeping from it, you lick it clean and then take me deep into your mouth, your tongue teasing and flicking the length as your head moves backwards and forward taking me to the back of your throat. Your other hand pushes my jeans to my ankles and you reach out and squeeze my shaven nuts, rolling them in your hand. You take my cock out of your mouth and lick the length of it with your silky tongue, then you lean down and lick my nuts, sucking one into your mouth, you begin to wank my cock as you suck my nuts, causing me to moan out loud. 'God I want that hard cock inside me' you say 'wait, you will get what you want soon enough' I reply.

I pull you up and tell you to 'lean over the table', you place your hands on the table and look back over your shoulder at me…….. I press myself against you from behind and grab your tits, pulling them free from your sexy bra and think, god you have lovely tits, I roll your nipples between my fingers and thumb, they are rock hard and feel amazing. One hand reaches down and hitches up your skirt, I take your knickers in my hand and rip them from you…… I kneel down behind you, lift one leg onto one of the benches so I can look at your wet cunt, I lightly blow on it then my tongue touches you for the first time, I lick the length of your cunt lips then take one of your passion swollen lips into my mouth gently sucking it into my mouth, I repeat it with the other lip, my tongue then slides into you and tastes your sweet cunt juice. I begin to fuck your cunt with my tongue, my tongue then begins to flick your clit, you grip the table and begin to moan, we hear rustling close, another couple are watching us through the leaves, she has is cock in her hand wanking it like mad. I slide a finger into you as you move slightly so the couple can get a better look, I then insert a second one, your so wet, you begin to squeeze your own nipples, 'god you make me so fucking horny' you shout out loud enough for the couple to hear 'yeah and you make me so fucking hard' I reply, gently wanking me cock. 'I want to find out how hard' you say……… I gently bite your hot arse, you grab your cheeks and open your arse up, I lick along the crack then begin to tease around your norty little hole with my tongue, then I gently push it deep into you, we both moan at the mutual pleasure we are both receiving.

I stand up and rub my cock along your pussy: you lean forward over the table and push your arse into the air. 'Fuck me' you beg, 'Oh you want me to fuck you' I reply cheekily, 'god yes, shove your cock into my cunt, fuck me now and fuck me hard' you shout, both beefing it up to make sure the other couple can hear us and enjoy our show.

I push you onto the table and continue to rub my cock along your cunt and the crack of your arse then I slowly push my cock into the entrance of your silky cunt, then I grab your hips and begin to thrust into you deep and hard, we look over to the other couple, she is bent over a branch and he is fucking her hard, she cannot take her eyes off you.

I hold you tight so you cannot move, nailing you hard and fast, 'is this what you wanted', I say 'yes, yes, yes' you scream playing to our watches. I begin to get quicker and quicker, short hard deep strokes, you pushing onto every thrust as you take me inside your soaking cunt.

I grab your hair and pull your head back, so your nearly in the standing position and so the couple can see your face as you get a good fucking, you look over your shoulder at me and I kiss you hard, our tongues fighting one another with passion and desire, your hands reach around and grab my arse, your nails dig into me as you try to pull me deeper into you, my hands mauling your swinging tits and rubbing your nipples between my fingers, your arse continues to push up to meet every thrust of my cock as we fuck each other hard. I pull out of you and spin you around, we move to the other end of the table so we have our backs to our watchers, she is now sat bouncing up and down on his cock, I push you back onto the table grabbing your boots and push your legs wide open, and resting both your feet on each of the benches so the couple can look at your cunt, all red and fucked, your juices running down the crack of your arse. I kneel down and begin to lick those juices from your cunt and the crack of your arse, I push my tongue into your cunt as your finger slides into your arse, my tongue flicks your clit as you look up to see the woman sucking wantonly on her mans cock. You pull my head onto your cunt.

I stand and plunge my cock back inside you, standing up I hold your ankles up so your legs are as wide as possible, your finger still pushing in and out of your tight little arse hole, I begin to fuck you long and deep, the couple seeing my arse pumping, my nuts slapping against your hand as you finger your arse, 'oh god yes' you shout as my arse moves up and down, you arch up to meet every thrust of my rampant hard cock, I turn you slightly to the side so the couple can see your arse and then spank it a couple of times, you moan out loud, your moans getting louder and louder.

I lift your legs over my shoulders, your moans mix with those of the woman, as I plunge deep into you, your nails rake my chest as your orgasm gets closer, my pace does not slow as you begin to come hard, you look deep into my eyes as your orgasm washes over you and you shout out my name. I begin to feel my spunk rising in my balls, I pump as hard and fast as I can, short and sharp thrusts, my spunk begins to rise, I pull out of you, jump onto the 2 benches either side of you and begin to wank my cock hard and fast, you reach up and take over, frantically wanking my bulging cock, I tell you that I am coming, you continue, a jet of hot spunk shoots from my cock and splashes all over your face and tits, your wanking continues to release my dirty come all over you, the woman moans and the man fills her cunt with his come at the same time. As my orgasm ends you sit up and take my cock into your mouth licking our juices from it, the couple try to creep away, you wave at them, as they break into a run, you lick my cock clean and smile at me.

We dress, I sit on the bench and pull you on to my lap, you pull your legs up and I cuddle you, you look up and I kiss you, tasting my come on your lips,,,,,, we laugh all the way home in the car and talk about future picnics, we are so horny we fuck in the car on the drive of our house when we get home……………x x x x