Written by otm322

10 Jan 2007

This has not happend even though i wish it would

This is a fantasy of mine

Standing in my room geting dressed on a friday night thinking about the first swingers party i was about to go to to be honest i was a little scared all those naked people.

i walked up to the house it was big and old i knocked on the door. As the door opened i could see that the girl opening the door had no clothes on she was very beautiful and shaven. At that point there was no terning back i entered the house not knowing what was going to happen my first swingers party i could hardly contain my self. Inside the house was huge as i walked through the hallway i could see that the rooms where filled with bean bags and there was some kind of hammocks hanging from the selling by chanes and the amount of naked people well i just could'nt waight.

In the corner i could see a large table with an assortment of sex toys there was all different sized dildoes from small to extra large butt plugs vibrators anal beeds strapons all sorts and so much lub u could fill a bath with it .

i was then taken to a room and told that i could get undressed in here and put my clothes in a draw so i started to take my clothes off as i did i could hear 2 people talking through the door as i listened i heard 3 words that sent a shiver down my spine BISEXUAL SWINGERS PARTY i thought to my self do i stay and carry on get undressed and hope that no male swinger want's to have sex with me or do i get dressed and make a run for it just then the door opened a sexy naked women tells me to hurry up.

I dont no what to do im just standing there still like a statue come on she said and walked up to me and starts to help me undress when i am completely naked she put her hand around my cock and starts to pull me towards the party as we walked in to the room she pushes me on to a bean bag and falls to her knees she starts to lick and suck on my cock and a second women comes over and stradels my face and starts to rub her pussy all over it i start to eat her clit she tastes so nice .

So hear i am at my first swingers party and i have one girl giving me head and one on my face this is pure pleasure .

After about 20 minutes of this the girl on my face starts to moan and tells me that she is about to cum and i had better drink it all every last drop so i open my mouth wide and then her juices cascade down my throat this terns me me on so much that at that point i cum in the face of the girl that is sucking my cock and she starts to lick it all up the two girls thank me and walk of to a second new arrival but this time its a women i watched as she was pushed on to a bean bag and the 1st girl drops to her knees and starts to eat her pussy and the 2nd straddle her face and started to rub her cunt all over it this was my 1st sighting of bisex at this party (but would not be my last) i tern and look to my left there is a girl sitting right next to me on the floor looking at my cock her legs open fucking her self with a dildo she asked me if i would mind doing it 4 her so i took hold of the dildo and started to fuck her with it hard and fast after a time i took the dildo out of her cunt and positioned myself on top of her easing my cock in side her i started to thrust away stretching her love tunnel she started to make such a noise that i could hear exactly what the women behind me was asking all i herd was can i do that to u plz i was having such a good time i just said you can do what you want what i did'nt no was that she was whereing a strapon dildo as i felt it push up against my asshole i paniced and jumped up knocking her down to the floor thank god no 1 sore it as i started to help her up i looked at the strapon it was huge.The girl i was fucking got up of the floor and pulled me by my cock and told the girl with the strapon to come along as well we walked in to a room that no one was in and she bent over a box in the middle of the room and told me to put it in her asshole so i pushed my cock in to her ass she tells me that it is so nice that she doesn't understand why i dont want to try it so i reluctantly agreed the girl behind me came closer rubbing the strapon up against my tight little vigin hole and started to force it in as my asshole started to stretch it started to hurt a little it's in she tells me its in and askes if she can see how much of this 15 inch dildo i can take i thought it was in i said to her she gives a giggle and tells me that only half an inch was in me ok i said and she started to force this huge dildo into my hole untill it was all the way in i must admit it was nice so kinky.

I dont know where it came from because im not gay or bisexual but out of my mouth come the words fuck my asshole fuck it hard and fast so she did thrusting deeper and deeper faster and harder the girl under me asked do you like it i closed my eyes and nodded my head to say yes i did i told you that you would like it she said and then she whispered to me we are going to have some fun with your asshole tonight it wont be tight by the morning after about 40 minutes of having my asshole enjoyably raped i realized that i was making so much noise things like harder faster deeper that some of the people in the main room had herd me and come to investigate i opend my eyes and the room was filled with people male and female watching me being fucked analy the men in the room were playing with there big fat cocks and the girls were rubbing there clits.

i saw a man walk over to me and pulled my ass cheeks apart so that he could see the strapon going in and out and then i felt his tongue around the rim of my hole i did'nt know what to do so i just let him do it i could'nt jump up and run with all these people in the room besides i had my cock in a girl under me and a big dildo in my ass.

in the corner i could see a man fucking a girl i couldn't take my eyes of them the girl under me noticed and asked me what i was looking at nothing i told her yes you are she said but is it her or him that u want i tell her that i want to see her sucking on his enormous cock but she said you first.

She called him he looks over come over hear she said he pulls his cock out of his fuck buddy and starts to come over he stands in front of us and looks behind me at the big fat dildo in my ass and the man licking my rim he looks down at us and smiles then ses which one of you is going to suck my cock 1st i start to lick my lips and with my right hand i reach out and take hold of his cock and started to pull it to my mouth i push my tongue out and start to massage the tip of his cock and then put my lips around it and started to suck on the hood of cock i then put my hand down on to his balls massaging them then wetting my fingers i pushing my hand back behind his balls until i could feel his asshole i started to playing with it for a few minutes then i pushed three of my fingers up in to his asshole as deep as i could still massaging the tip of his cock with my lips i her the girl under me tell me to give him deep throat so with the fingers up his ass i pulled him closer taking him all the way in my mouth sucking him like a loly pop.

The man that was licking my asshole asked if he could fuck me i nodded yes and the strapon girl pulled it out of me stepping aside leaving my not so tight asshole vunreble to attack.

He forced his cock deep in to me it was so different warm and his cock was fater than the dildo so there i was fucking a girl in the ass sucking on a cock and being fucked in the ass by a man this continued until thay both came at once one in my mouth and one in my ass the first pulled his cock from my mouth leaving cum dripping from my lips and then the second pulled his cock out of my asshole i begged for him not to stop but he told me there are more people that want to fuck you so i got up and and gave one final thrust in to the girl under me and ejaculated deep in to her ass.

I looked around at all the people having sex and my cock started to grow again as i walked to get a drink some one grabed my leg i looked down and there was a girl in a chair legs spread wide open and a man eating her cunt she puled me closer to her mouth and started to eat my cock i tilted my head back and started the motion of fucking her mouth as i looked down again the man had moved up and they were both sucking at my cock.

A girl walked past me with this big purple butt plug i called her over and asked her to put it in to my asshole and she did it was biger than enything i had taken but it felt nice.

I pulled my cock from his and her mouth and went to get a drink walking with this plug in my ass made me so horny and people could see this every chance they got thay gave it a little wiggle.I went in to the main room where every one was and i herd someone say that its time 4 the blindfold game hes new someone said let him play it so i went over and thay started to put the blindfold on and pull the butt plug from my now well oiled asshole ok some one said the rules of the game u have to tell us who you are having sex with a man or a woman i was pushed into the chair and then some one sat on my cock sending it thrusting beep in to a tight asshole after a few strokes i said a women and lifted the blindfold it was the hostes of the party bouncing up and down on my cock again they said and again some one sat on my cock thay was tight as fuck it had to be a man so i lifted the blindfold for the last time and it was it was the man who fucked me so deep before he started to move up and down sucking me up deep into his anal passage i dont like this i told them i dont want to fuck a man i just want to be fucked by one.

This wasnt a problem he got up of me and pulled me out of the chair and called for some one i could see a man come in to the room he walked over to us i looked down at his cock and it was so big that i was scared that it was going to hert me he sat in the chair and i lowerd my self on to him my back faceing him as he started to slide up inside me the pain was so nice it hert but i liked it a girl sat in front of me and started to suck me off this went on for a time then a man walked over and moved the girl and then lifting my legs in the airhe went to fuck my ass but i said to him i allready have a cock in side meand now you will have 2 going on to his knees he pushed his cock up proding at my hole he pushed hard and would you believe it he enterd me stretching me asshole beyond belief i was screaming at this point in pain and pleasure telling them to fuck me harder i looked to my right and there was 3 men watching us come over hear i asked them thay all got up and started walking ove to us i asked 1 to go over to my left side and with each hand i started to wank them of and then asked the 3rd to fill my mouth he steped up on to the arms of the chair and pushed his cock to th back of my throat choking me i was fucked like this 4 about an hour the pleasure was emense i didnt want the night to end but it was coming to a close.

I got up full of sperm and started for the room that had my clothes in i walked throught the door and there was a girl getting dressed i told her of my night and how i had enjoyed it one more bit of fun she asked ok i said she ternd me around and started to lick my asshole omg it was so nice then i felt her fingers enter my now stretched non virgin asshole and then her hole hand i could believe it i was being fisted omg i thought to my self i cant w8 for the next party