Written by rooks

29 Aug 2006

Darkness, pure, uninterrupted, darkness. Accompanied by a chilling silence, she stood there partially suspended by the manacles on her now raw wrists, not knowing how long she had been there or why she was there. The sharp, nervous sound of her breathing reverberated round the area she was in giving the impression of a large hall or warehouse, this was the first sensation she picked up on, followed by the realisation of heat above her hands which she took to indicate that although she was blindfolded and could see nothing at all that she must in fact be standing under a light. Thoughts raced through her head. Who had taken her? Where was she? What did they want with her? Why did she feel like she was an exhibit in some strange menagerie? Whilst there was no indication by sight or sound of anyone else there her instincts told her she was not alone. And what's more she was right.

"Who's there"? ..........she asked, receiving no reply. Straining to hear, sense, feel a presence to no avail her suspicions were confirmed from an unlikely source. While her other senses were somewhat negated by the blindfold and the fact there were no sounds coming from anywhere around she became aware of a smell weak at first and then as she concentrated it became more apparent, her mind focusing on one job at a time until she finally was sure it was after shave a very nice cologne tho she could barely smell it the lack of other stimuli made it more discernable till finally she uttered ........."Jean Paul Gaultier"?

Three words but three words that would kickstart an experience she would never forget as from behind her and to her left she heard footsteps approaching, slow, deliberate steps, which she couldnt explain why but the sound of which disturbed her greatly she could feel herself being watched, examined from afar and her heart began to beat a little harder in her ample chest. The footsteps stopped and she knew he was close, the scent was a lot stronger now and she could almost feel his eyes burning into her ........."Very good!"......... said a soft but strong masculine voice. She gasped out loud and could almost feel the blood coursing through her veins at the aknowledgement knowing she was completely helpless and wondering on her fate. It was then that something struck her, when she had left that morning for work, as usual kissing her boyfriend goodbye and walking down the path with a wry smile on her face remembering the night before - a night filled with lots of sexual excitement as they had gotten a nice bottle of wine and chinese and discussed fantasies as they played truth or dare in front of an open fire teasing each other until they could hold on no longer and ended up having very passionate, very vocal sex on the hearth rug - she remembered she was wearing trousers for work and yet moving her legs she could tell she was now in a short skirt and silk stockings with no knickers, "How the hell did that happen?" she thought and her nervousness began to heighten. This was definately not helped by the sound of the man starting to circle her, suddenly she felt very naked and for the first time realised she was actually intrigued as much as uneasy ........."What was going on?"........ she thought ......."I'm tied up by god knows who, blindfold, dressed like a slut and for all i know i could be in huge danger and I'm getting fucking wet! Get a grip you fool!" ............. With all these thoughts running through her head she failed to notice he was standing directly behind her now but she was brought dramatically back to reality when she felt his breath on the nape of her neck. Whether it was shock, fear, or both, the fact she let out a soft but unmistakeably sensual moan betrayed her aroused state.

His hot breath seared her flesh causing her heart to pound furiously in her heaving bosom. She felt so many emotions so fast it confused her and left her mind a montage of possibilities. Fear, excitement, confusion and bewilderment at what was to become of her, for all she knew she could be dead soon. If it wasn't for the fact she was so aroused she would have wept.

A strong, masculine, yet still not rough, hand softly took hold of her jaw and turned her head allowing him to place his lips on hers its was then she realised - like so many people can through familiarity - it was her boyfriend. His tongue invaded her mouth and she eagerly reciprocated offering him her hunger and moaning with her intense passion. He continued for a short while and then turned her face from him straight ahead and to her utter disbelief her mouth was met by anothers and again she was being kissed, her boyfriends lips now on her shoulder and neck. She hesitated at first so he simply said "Continue until I TELL you to stop!" Her moan this time was undisputed as her fate finally dawned on her.

They had discussed on a few occassions, mostly whilst in bed, that she would love to be taken by more than one person but didnt want to know who they were and he in turn had said he would love to see her with another this was mentioned in quite vivid language the night before as they both neared orgasm in fact it was that thought that made him shoot his hot cum inside her in the end.

The two men kissed and teased her mercilessly knowing she couldnt move her hands they would move away slightly leaving her wanting more, then without warning they would touch part of her or kiss her somewhere else driving her insane. At first just semi-innocent touches on her arm or waist or tracing a finger seductively across her lips making her mouth open trying to lick at it. Then the occasional stroke of her bottom as her skirt was gently hoisted..... "Spread your legs!" .............said the second man, the voice older, more assertive than her boyfriend but nevertheless a stranger she replied .............."NO i cant see what you're doing!" ...........her first mistake.

There is an unmistakable "Crack!!!" when the palm of a hand meets a buttock at speed. She let out a loud yelp as the pain soared through her already over sensitised body, the cheek of her arse was on fire when her boyfriend whispered in her ear ......... "Do as you are instructed and question nothing!" ......... The coldness of his voice simply oozed authority and power and sent a chill down her spine making her clit throb uncontrollably. She did as instructed and stood with her legs parted, this in turn put more strain on her wrists and she was stretched by her own weight and now exposed to this stranger knowing she would be punished if she questioned anything else.

He walked around her and she heard her boyfriend step away and she presumed, sit down, as she heard what sounded like leather and thought he must have a chair there. He had left her with the stranger and now she was his to do with as he wished. Her mind raced at the perversity of it all.

His hand found her ankle and this startled her making her catch her breath, this beautiful woman tied and helpless like some kind of pagan sacrifice. In her mind he was the lion and she was the gazelle caught in a trap with no means of escape - her boyfriend had made that perfectly clear she was here for the duration of her ordeal and had no say whatsoever, unless of course she wanted to try another spanking.

His hand stroked her smooth stockinged leg sending waves of pleasure through her body even though she was trying to just enjoy it she was uneasy and this made every little touch even more intense. He kissed the crook at the back of her knee and she thought her legs would buckle under the sheer exquisite teasing. Moving slowly he kissed her thigh and stroked the inside of her leg never quite reaching the top of her sheer, lace top hold ups......and then it happened.

He blew very softly at the inside of her thigh and moved slowly higher until she could feel the warm air flow over her pussy, instantly she felt her lips open like the petals of a flower and she came ........ no longer able to hide her emotions. The slut inside her betrayed her even further when she begged ......."Touch my cunt, .........Please!" ....... He moved behind her and slid his hand between her legs driving her wild as his thumb slipped easily into her waiting hole,

his fingers mischeiviously stroking her clit at the same time, she squealed with delight as this stranger pumped his thumb into her hot cunt and before long she was nearing another orgasm .......... once again time for a surprise as she felt hands touch her breasts pushing her right to the edge when she realised it was two more men as their mouths gorged them selves on her nipples, her blouse having been ripped open and her breasts exposed nipples harder than she could ever remember gave away her arousal as these men explored her body as they saw fit. She wasn't even being submissive as such she simply had no choice. She was helpless and was loving every second of it.

She heard chains moving and felt her hands being slowly released and her wrists were unshackled, the men kissing her wrists in a futile gesture to take away the pain - not that she even noticed anymore - she was picked up and moved, her legs lifted and she was placed in some kind of swing. The two men supported her arms and torso whilst her bottom half was left to sway free...... at least for a moment anyway........ seconds later she felt him between her legs and made no attempt to close them. She wanted cock, she wanted it right now, and she didnt care who gave it to her.

His hands were on her hips as he pushed forward and in one thrust was balls deep in this gorgeous woman's hot cunt. ........... "Fucking give it to me!!!"...... she yelled as he pounded harder and harder at her soaking slit, his balls slapping on her arse as each stroke hit home. Reaching her hands out she took the cocks of the two men supporting her and started to wank them, feeling their cocks grow with each stroke, both very impressive in size - she hoped they would be next. She could hear her boyfriend moaning in the background and presumed he was stroking his cock watching the show..........this was not the case......... the distinctive sound of high heels came towards her and circled round behind, fingers went in her hair and her head was wrenched back and a womans mouth forced onto hers ........she gasped out loud and as she did the woman opened her mouth and spilled fluid into her mouth and continued to kiss her hard, pushing her tongue into her mouth .............it was then she realised it was spunk........ whats more it was her boyfriend's spunk, which was apparent when the woman smugly volunteered......."Your man's cock felt fucking lovely stuffed down my throat and he loved my mouth so much he filled it with cum!............he's got me all fucking wet and i want to cum so it's your turn bitch!!!"......... With this she tipped her head back and the men lowered her slightly as the woman straddled her face forcing her soaking shaven cunt onto her mouth..........."LICK IT YOU FUCKING SLUT!!!!"........ she commanded. Too far gone to care that her boyfriend had been getting his cock sucked by this domineering bitch or even for that matter that she had never been with a woman before, she did as was instructed and started to lick the woman's cunt. The lips were smaller than hers and the clit was quite pronounced. The outside was perfectly smooth and the underlying thought in her head was "fuck this tastes fantastic i want her cum in my mouth".......a request duly delivered as the woman came in a beautifully timed gush right into her captive's mouth and over her face. That was enough for the boyfriend as he walked over and got behind his cock sucking partner and bent her forward slightly .....tho still over his womans face..... and buried his now rock hard prick in her freshly licked pussy and began to fuck her.

She had never considered him fucking another woman behind her back, let alone thought of him doing it right in front of her. As her boyfriends bare cock pumped in and out of this fucking whore's hole it didnt take more than five seconds for her to reconcile this in her head as she came once again over her pussy's assailant and she returned to licking the woman and her boyfriend in turn making them both moan and utter profanities.

The man pulled from her sopping twat and brought over a table or something on wheels and slid it under her. One of the guys got under her and on it and reached round holding her waist as he pushed his swollen cock into her arse ........."fuck thats big!"..... she thought...... as it entered her puckered little hole pushing slowly at first then speeding up as her arse relaxed and offered him a chance to bury it to the hilt in her.

The other guy ... who coincidentaly she knew had an even bigger cock .... walked round and stood between her silky black stockinged legs and spanked her clit with the head of his cock and teased her slowly, before finally stuffing her full of his enormous prick, stretching her wide and making her cum instantly all over both of them. They continued to plunder her juicy cunt and arse while the other man reached below her and undid the blindfold affording her a first look at her beloved's cock fucking this sweet pussy not even a tongues length away from her gaze. That combined with the two huge cocks filling her cunt and arse pushed her further than she could have thought possible and she exploded in an epic orgasm and for the first time in her life, she gushed, soaking both men and pushing them to the point of no return which indeed had a knock on effect on the couple above her as the woman began to cum as well ............"I want you all to spunk all over her, ..........fucking drench her ...............I want her to feel hot spunk shooting on her!"....

The four men surrounded her wanking their cocks wildly as the woman bent down, still supporting her head and kissed her passionately, tasting her own cum mixed with her sweat then lifting and telling her to "open her mouth and beg"....................she looked up at the woman gave her a final kiss and then turned toward the men and whimpered ....."cum on me". .................. "Fucking louder bitch".............. said the woman............ "tell them exactly what you want!"...............................she cleared her throat and with every ounce of the slut she had left in her moaned out loud....."I want your spunk. I WANT EVERY FUCKING DROP ALL OVER MY FACE, MY TITS, IN MY MOUTH ...........AND............ I WANT YOU" - as she pointed to the original guy - "TO STICK YOUR COCK IN ME AND FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR CUM"................he duly obliged and was overcome with her forcefullness of request to the point that as soon as his cock was buried in her he began to spunk, filling up her well used pussy with his seed. Her orgasm was still in mid flow when he pulled out and the woman dropped to her knees and shoved her tongue in her cum soaked hole and began to drink from it, sending huge aftershocks through her body and starting a chain reaction of explosive orgasms. This was too much for the three guys left, as one by one, they started to cum, firstly over her tits, then the huge guy started squirting all over her face, this was way too much for the boyfriend who pointed his cock and filled his beautiful slut's mouth with cum and watched as she swallowed every drop.

The woman continued her tongue work as she cleaned every spunk covered inch of her making her cum another twice in the process and causing her own mini eruption as she shared the last of the spunk with her and fingered her own cunt.

Her boyfriend walked over, kissed her softly and simply said "Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!!"