Written by fred96

10 Sep 2005

I had been swinging with this couple for three or four months. I was invited to their sons 18 party at their house. Half way through the evening he managed to spill red wine all down my front. I went up stairs to get the red wine off and used the bathroom , I thought I'd locked the door so took off my dress leaving me in my bra and thong. Just then the door burst open (as I hadn't locked it properly)and in came the party boy looking for the loo-sorry he said I'm desperate and just locked the door unzipped his fly and peed into the pan. He finished and zipped up his fly! He then went bright red and looked at me in my underware. I could also see that he got a big hard on fairly quick-which started to turn me on. I wnet up to him and gave him a bithday kiss whilst at the same time rubbing is dick though his trousers-it got bigger and harder I then said heres my birthday present and knelt down un zipped his fly pulled is boxers down and took his (huge like his dads) cock in my mouth. He moaned and let it go and said just cum when you'r ready and them I sucked and pulled is cock balls and slipped my finger up his arse, he could hardley control himself and shot his load after about only 2 mins and what a load!! I could hardly swallow it all. he wnet limp and I said want a fuck now. He just nodded. I stripped off and then took the rest of his clothes off laid him on the floor and then sat on his face and taught him what to do with his tongue. He came hard failry quick (young lads are good for that) and I said just take me from behind, just fuck my brains out treat me like a slut-he did he pushed me over on all fours and (with a little guiding hand) slipped into me god what a cock in two thrusts he was up to his balls and well into me and just thrust away like a mad man-what a turn on for me too just been fucked stupid. He lasted a lot longer this time and I came just before him. I then got hime to lick me clean and we left to enjouy the rest of the party!