Written by ruhit99

21 Apr 2006

for my job i have to travel to different states during the year.sometimes my wife accompany me and sometimes dont.last year i was tasked by my company to go to state "f" for business trip of 3 days.there lives my sil and her hubby both working in some airline.my wife called my sil and asked her that i will stay with them.so my wife ensured my sil to keep an eye on me as well.once i reached my sil and her hubby welcomed me.we had dinner and my sil left for her flight.her hubby had to go in the morning for his flight.so i went to the guest room after chat and than slept.as i told u earlier my sil is a real cock teaser and really cool.ii got up around 10 and started getting ready.after shower i was romaing all naked as i was alone in the house.suddenly i heard somebody and there was my sil who closed her door.i felt sheepish and immediately ran towards my room and put on my boxer .meanwhile once my sil realized that i have put on something she came out and asked me to sit down meanwhile she will prepare my b/fast.i was sheepish and did not respond.

after b/fast she went to sleep and i went for my business appointment.i came in the evening and still had the guilt which my sil judged and she laughed.i asked for an apology but she kept on laughing and told me that it was a real fun.meanwhile her hubby phoned that his flight is delayed about 4-5 hours so he will reach late night.so after dinner we sat infront of tv and watched sex and the city.suddenly i realized that the heavy boobs of my sil are half naked as she fell sleep on the couch.he was also wearing half shorts and t.i waited for another 10 min and than i slowly started to pull her t up as she was not wearing any bra.meanwhile she turned to other side and i could just reach the upper boob part.but i imediatelt realized that i am real fond of her ass.so i started kissing the cheeks of he ass. she seemed to be either just posing or fell dep sleep.

i lowered her short and bit and put my full tongu in her ass.meanwhile my cock was touching her lips in other way i was just getting kisses over my cock

rest would be next time after nice and appreciable commments from swingers