Written by princessandromeo

6 Sep 2005

we meet evil_klown (the gorgeous warwick and lawla)

they drove bout 120 miles to come and meet us, and we were all really exicted.

after there long drive down we decided we would all go out down town for some drinks and a boogie on the dance floor.

after we got out of the taxi and was ordering our first drinks at the bar, lee (romeo) realised that he didnt have the house key.

we checked in all pockets and thought and thought but the key was knowhere to be found.

we were getting slightly worried as that key was the only way we was gonna get back into our house at the end of the night.

we were stranded, locked out of our house with a gorgeous couple who had drove a long way to be with us, very embarrasing.

finaly after a few hours we managed to get hold of the taxi driver who took us into town, and he had found our key in the back of his cab.

so we carried on and enjoyed our night and when we were ready to go home we D toured to the cab office and collected our key which the cabby had dropped off for us earlier.

so everything was good in the end we had a fantastic night with fantastic people indoors ......thankgod.