Written by playfulserf

20 Feb 2007

After the stranger and the couple had made contact and exchanged ideas they decided that they wanted to meet to meet to act at out a mutual fantasy. The woman already liked to dominate her husband and the stranger had agreed to be their sexual slave.

As the stranger awaited the arrival of his guests he was full of nervous anticipation and excitement. He hadn't done anything like this before and didn't even know their names. All he knew was that they wanted a submissive male to join in with their fun and games.

The couple had given him specific instructions on how he should prepare for their arrival: To ensure his obedience he had to frustrate himself by watching a porn film and to answer his front door dressed only in his pyjamas and in an obvious state of arousal. The woman was only to be addressed only as Ma'am and he was to show respect to the husband by calling him Sir.

The husband also had his instructions: on entering the strangers house he was immediately remove his clothing, put on his cock ring, sit on the sofa and watch the porn film until he received further instructions.

The wife had agreed with her husband, that she would be in total control. If the stranger did not appeal, he was to be no more than a cuckhold slave and forced to either watch in frustration or to pleasure just the husband.

All three of the individuals knew that the Woman was to be the Dominate Mistress and that both men were to follow her instructions. Nothing was promised or guaranteed. It was a possibility that the she might chose to fuck both of the men and for her viewing pleasure to instruct the men to please each other.

When the couple arrived at the strangers house they rang the doorbell and waited to be greeted. As promised there soon to be sexual servant open the door wearing his pyjamas and with an obvious bulge in his trousers. He demonstrated his submission by bowing his head and addressing his guests as Sir and Ma'am.

The couple followed the stranger into his living room where the husband immediately began to undress. His wife asked their servant to take her coat but made no effort to remove it. The stranger stood in front of her and undid the fastenings to reveal a tight PVC dress before moving behind her to slip it off of her shoulders.

As the stranger left the room to hang the coat the wife followed him back into the hall. Once he had hung her coat she gently pushed him back against the wall and entering his personal space her left hand reached down to brush against his cock.

The woman joked to the stranger that she hoped he would be obedient and would follow all of her instructions and smirked when he replied with a simple 'Yes Ma'am'

The stranger stood in silence as the woman continued to gently stroke his erect cock through the material of his pyjamas. She waited for her husband to finish undressing in the next room and take his seat to watch the film, which he did right by the open door.

Knowing that her husband was listening she asked the Servant if he wanted to fuck her. When the stranger replied that he did, she felt her whole body tingle with excitement. The woman asked the man to tell her in graphic detail exactly what he wanted to do and a she listened she could feel his cock throb excitedly and knew that her submissive husband was listening to every word.

Her husband continued to listen and felt himself becoming aroused as wife asked the stranger to remover her PVC dress. As the dress fell around her ankles to reveal her pert breast she pressed her body against the strangers and instructed him to touch her body, by inviting him first to stroke her thighs and feel the tops of her stockings, her exposed back, waist and bare buttocks before allowing him to feel her pert breasts.

The woman used all of femininity and sexual charm to put the stranger under her sexual spell, between each instruction she would kiss and nibble the servants neck so that he had goose bumps up his legs and thighs.

Taking the servants hand the woman announced that she wanted him to lick her pussy in front of her husband. The wife lead the stranger back into the leaving where her husband had been listening and waiting. She smiled as she saw his erect cock proudly standing to attention and proceeded to sit in the chair opposite her husband. The woman opened her legs and servant kneeled in front of her open thighs and brought his tongue towards her pussy. The servants teasing was so pleasurable as he worked on her clitoris and knowing that her husband was watching her being given pleasure by another man turned her on even more.

The lady invited her husband to come closer so that he could have better view and instructed him to feel between the strangers legs so that he could touch their servants erect penis.

The woman told the servant to prepare her pussy for husbands cock and that he was going to have to watch as her husband showed him how she liked to be pleasured

When the wife was suitably aroused she raised her body for the chair and moved to centre of the room where she knelt in the middle of the room and ordered the stranger to kneel beside her. As the stranger looked on the wife started to orally pleasure her husbands hard cock leaving the stranger to anticipate receiving the same treatment. The wife paused and ordered the servant mimic her actions and by sucking upon two of his fingers as she returned her mouth to her husband's tool.

The Mistress turned to Serf to enquire if what he had just witnessed looked good. When the stranger removed his fingers from his mouth and replied yes Ma'am, the woman advised him that it was now his turn. For a moment the stranger thought that he was going to be pleasured but then it dawned on him that his Mistress wanted him to take over.

He had sucked a cock before and knew just how much pressure to apply, without being to forceful. It was a long time ago though and it felt so good to have a cock in his mouth again. The woman taunted the Servant, her mocking voice demanding that he demonstrate just how much he wanted her by pleasuring her husband.

When the wife had watched for enough she told the servant to stand and to place his hands on their buttocks. As the stranger reached around to hold both of their bottoms the woman kissed her husband passionately. Only later would the servant realise the significance of kiss that his Masters were now sharing.

As the couples lips parted the woman ordered the Servant to sit and observe as her husband showed him how she liked to be pleasured.

The stranger was told to lie face up on his sofa and his got into position the wife stood parallel to his shoulder. She raised her right foot and placed it on the edge of the seat, so that her high heal shoe was under the servants chin. She then lent over the Servants head and supported her body by placing her left hand on the arm or the settee and her right hand against the head rest. As her husband entered her from the rear she knew that the stranger had an excellent view of the cock being thrust deeply into her wet passage and the realisation that they were being watched began to really turn her on. The Mistress moaned and groaned in pleasure as her pert titties bounced above the cuckhold strangers head. Her Husbands cock felt so good as it pounded away, thrusting deep inside her wet pussy with his buttocks slapping against her arse. Her voice begged her husband to fuck her harder and repeatedly told him exactly how good his cock felt inside her and it wasn't long before the knowledge of being watched and the teasing of the hard cock was bringing her body to a climax.

As soon as his wife came the husband withdrew his cock, for if he was to continue any longer he would have surly shot his load inside her. His wife waited for her orgasm to subside, her legs were still shaking like jelly as her orgasm subsided.

She told the Serf to kneel and demanded that he taste her love juices by sucking her husbands cock clean. As she watched the stranger once again pleasure her husband she caressed her own breast and played with her swollen nipples.

The Mistress told the husband to sit on the sofa and once he was in position she straddled his thighs and lowered her to pussy down on his tool so that she was impaled upon it in the reverse cow girl position.

The Serf now had a perfect view of the Mistress penetrated pussy and as he watched the husband penetration he could feel his own cock throb in frustration.

The wife ordered the Serf to tease her pussy orally and a soon as she felt his magical tongue flick against her swollen clit as her husband continued to take her, she gasped in pleasure. As the servant doubled her pleasure it was not long before again she felt the need to climax, and as she started to come once again moaned in appreciation as hot juices gushed over her husband's tool.

The Mistress dismounted her partner and repeated her request for the serve to taste her love juice by sucking her husbands cock clean.

When the wife was satisfied that her husbands cock had once again been sucked clean she parted her legs for her partner to fuck her again. The wife ordered her husband to fuck her hard and deep leaving the Serf to watch in envy as his Master continued his demonstration of how to please his wife and pleasure her pussy.

The stranger began to worry about shooting his own load as his engrossed visitors continued to put on their live show, moaning and writhing together as their passion increased on his sofa.

The Mistress new that her husband now wanted to come and demanded that he withdrew before he could he fill her pussy with his hot spunk.

With her husband now standing in the middle of the room she knelt down beside him and demanded that their Serf came closer. As he knelt down beside the wife she asked him if he had ever made another man come.

When the servant replied that he hadn't she told him that she wanted to him to suck her husbands cock clean until her husband was ready to spunk and then allow her to wank her husband off over his face.

Nervously the stranger returned his mouth to her husband cock which was thickly coated with the juices of his Mistresses pussy.

As the husband felt the Serfs warm mouth pleasuring his rampant tool the sound of his own partners voice telling them both exactly what she wanted to happen was a real turn on.

The Mistress lowered her voice to encourage the stranger

'That's it Serf, Suck that cock for me

Let me see you pleasure my Husband fully

I want to see you Suck your Master off

Make my husband want to come and I'll reward you later'

The woman looked up at her husband and asked if it felt good. When he replied that he did she began to encourage her husband to spunk.

'that's it darling, let our servant make you want to come

I want you to let me wank you off over his face

I want to cover our Serfs face with your hot spunk

Spunk for me, Spunk for me darling, I want you to come

Show our Serf that you're his senior, Give him your spunk

And you shall have a special reward'

The Masters cock began to feel so hard and so rigid in the Serfs mouth, it started to taste slightly salty as it leaked drops of pre-cum

The woman used a thumb and one finger to take hold of her husbands shaft and her voice turned once again to encourage the Serf

'That's it Serf, Your doing so well

'your going to make it happen

Your going to make your Master want to Spunk for me,

You can do it, Suck it just a little more for me

When the husband started to gently thrust his cock into the Servants mouth his wife ordered him to wait until the crucial moment was arriving before he withdrew.

As her husband began to pant his wife started to stoke his cock. She used the fingers on her other hand to tickle his balls.

The husband was now so close that and as he began to repeatedly gasp the word 'oh yes' his balls began to heave in his wifes hand.

With every final suck the Serf could hear his Mistress telling her husband to spunk.

The husband groaned loudly and as he did so he stepped back to pull his cock form their Serfs mouth and as he did so his throbbing cock immediately ejaculated the first release of his hot spunk.

The wife began to tug at her husbands shaft and sprayed even more of his come across their servants face. She wanked her husbands cock dry and when it surrendered its last spurt she rubbed the drips from his helmet into the Serfs face, smearing the come that had already been deposited.

As the servant reached for hanky to clean his face, the woman told her husband to kneel on all fours for so that she could prepare him for his reward.

The wife grabbed a red dildo and began to gently insert it into her husbands arse as the Servant cleaned his face.

The wife looked at the servant and in a rather stern voice advised him that if he wanted to fuck her that he would have to first help her reward her husband. As she continued to tease her husband she ordered the servant to remove his pyjamas and told him to fuck her husbands arse. When the Serf was ready, the wife removed the dildo that she was using to prepare her husbands for the servants penis and as the stranger knelt behind her husbands buttocks she guided his cock into her arse.

As the servant enjoyed his first ever experience of anal sex his mistress tugged at her husbands cock and encouraged the stranger to take her husband until he shot his load deep inside him.

For a while three of them sat satisfied in the lounge, the stranger made the couple a drink and they enjoyed a little small talk mainly about their fantasies.

The wife asked the Stranger to take her upstairs to one of the bedrooms. As the servant took her hand to lead up the stairs she grabbed her husband to lead him along.

The stranger took them into the main bedroom. There was double bed facing the full length mirror wardrobe doors and a large chair.

The wife immediately made her self at home and laid in the middle of the bed. She asked the men to lay one each side of body and requested that they both sucked upon her nipples.

As her nipples hardened with warm mouths set upon them her hands both reached down to grab a cock and she requested that her husband played with her pussy.

As the two men continued to arouse her body the wife closed her eyes to imagine what she wanted to happen. The thoughts of being split roasted and experiencing a double penetration began to enhance her arousal.

The wife arranged the men on the bed so that they could give each other oral before instructing her husband to stand on the floor and inviting their Servant to over to share his cock. At first they took it in turns to suck the hard tool whilst the other flicked their tongue across the husband balls. Then the stranger and the woman sat facing each other so that they could simultaneously kiss and flick their tongues around the mans helmet. As their husband received their pleasure he gently thrusts his cock between their swollen lips.

The wife knelt on the edge of the bed and ordered her husband to enter her pussy. As he pushed his cock inside her she told the stranger to fuck her mouth.

The presence of a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy felt better than she could have ever imagined and it wasn't long before the actions of the two men where bringing her to an orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided the woman asked her husband to withdraw and told the stranger to lay on the bed. As the stranger obeyed the wife straddled his waist and lowered herself onto his erect penis. Once he was fully inside her she asked her husband to fuck her arse.

As the wife enjoyed her first double penetration, she moaned in pleasure, her gasping voice letting both men know just how much they were pleasuring her until her wet cunt shuddered with climax.

The Mistress once again wanted to experience the servants tongue teasing her pussy as her husband fucked her. She ordered the Serf to raise his head and placed a folded pillow beneath it. Then she requested that he stretched his arms away from his body so that she could place her knees in the pits of her arms. As she lowered her wet pussy down on to his waiting tongue her husband gently stroked his own tool and began to watch as the strangers tongue once gain teased his wife.

The Mistress then told ordered her husband to one again fuck her pussy. As he positioned himself behind his wife's raised buttocks he slid his manhood across the tip of their Servants tongue and between the lips of the wet pussy .

The wife began to suck the strangers cock as her husband found a steady rhythm. The woman was constantly moaning 'fuck me and lick me as the two men pleasured her beautiful body.

As her husbands fucking became harder the sensations were almost too much for the wife to take as the Servant doubled her pleasure.

The woman could feel an orgasm starting to take hold of her body and as gripping the strangers ankles she begged her husband to fuck her even harder.

The wife told the servant to squeeze her husbands buttocks. As the stranger obeyed he could feel the depth of husbands penetration, and the mans buttocks clench as he delivered each thrust.

The wife and the stranger could both sense an increased urgency the husbands fucking. As he strokes became harder and faster his balls brushed across the servants brow before slapping against his wife's beautiful arse.

The wife new that her husband would soon need to shoot his load and began to gasp

'Make me your woman, Cum Inside me',

'I want you to fill my pussy cum'

'Give it to me, Give me your spunk'

As the bed creaked with the husbands piston like thrusts his wife slapped the servants ankles and gasping for breath she repeated called out her instruction: 'Fuck me – Lick me, Fuck me – Lick me'

The servant felt the wife's knees tighten around his ears, as she squealed in ecstasy. Her whole body tightened as the orgasm that had been building up released throughout her whole body.

As the woman climaxed her husband pulled his wife hips towards his body and with a final deep thrust of his pulsating cock deep he started to release his load inside her.

The husband and wife were virtually motionless as they remained coupled. As wife's thighs trembled through the after shock of her orgasm the husbands heaving balls pumped the spunk from his throbbing cock and into her pussy.


As the husband withdrew the servant felt the husbands wet cock slap across his face. The wife ordered the men to stand by the bed.

As the men watched the woman fingered her own wet pussy.

With her fingers were covered in a mixture of her own love juices and her husband's spunk, the wife preceded to stand immediately in front of the servant. Raising her hand to her own lips, the wife slowly parted her cum covered fingers.

The wife asked the stranger if he wanted to fuck her and when the Servant, careful to remember his manners, replied 'yes Ma'am', the wife parted her lips and began slowly sucked her fingers clean.

As the wife took her fingers from her mouth, she stepped towards the servant and took hold of his waist. The husband placed a hand on both of their bottoms and watched as instinctively they both closed their eyes as their lips moved towards each others.

They kissed each other twice before the wife parted servant lips with her tongue. As the servant opened his mouth he received his first taste of another mans cum.

The husband watched as his wife and the stranger shared as they continued to kiss each other fully and passionately, enjoying their cum swapping kiss as.

When the wife and servants kiss broke she showed her husband her empty mouth and ordered the servant to do the same.

The wife then instructed the husband to lie on the bed and as he did so she mounted him in the sixty nine position and demanded that he licked her dripping pussy.

As her husbands tongue started to go to work she turned to the servant and told him to mount her. The servant knelt of eh husband s head and behind her raised buttocks. Slowly he slid his =erect tool into her already spunk filled pussy. He had waited so long to take his pleasure and the frustration of watching he womans husband fuck his wife had brought out the animal in him.

The stranger fucked the wife hard and fast, his hands gripped her waist and pulled him onto the thick shaft of his cock as he pounded his meat into her sticky pussy.

It wasn't long before he too wanted to cum and as his fucking became more urgent the wife demanded that he too should shoot his load in to her pussy.

As the husband licked his wifes penetrated pussy he could hear here moaning and groaning in pleasure as she was simultaneously fucked by the stranger and teased by his own tongue.

The husband felt his wife body stiffen as she started to orgasm and squirt her love juices into her mouth.

The strangers fucking was relentless and when he started to cum he continued to pump his cock in the wife's pussy until his throbbing cock had completely emptied its load.

The strangers wet cock slapped across the husbands face as he withdrew.

As the husband looked up he could see the strangers spunk start to drip from his wife's pussy. His wife remained in the position that she was in and as she regained herb breath she demanded that her husband liked the strangers spunk out of her cunt whilst she sucked his cock clean.


As the husband withdrew the servant felt the Mistresses partners wet cock slap across his face.

As the stranger stared into the wife's spunk filled pussy he heard his Mistress beckon her husband to move around to the other side of the bed.

The woman told her husband that she wanted him to end their servants frustration and demanded that he suck the stranger adding that she wanted to see him swallow the strangers cum.

As the husband went down on their host his wife played with strangers balls and verbally encouraged him to reach his climax.

The stranger wiggle with excitement, as the husbands warm mouth brought his climax ever nearer.

The stranger was soon moaning in real pleasure leaving the husband and his wife in doubt that he was about to shoot his load.

As he felt the husbands warm mouth teasing the spunk from his balls he could hear the womans voice speaking to her husband

'that's it darling, finish our servant off and show me how you can swallow another man cum'

When the servant started to release his load he cried out in pleasure and whilst his cock was still pumping his spunk in to the husbands mouth the wife sat up and rubbed her now leaking spunk filled pussy into his face.

The husband pulled his head from the servants throbbing tool and raised his himself up so that he was level with his wife.

The wife demanded that he opened his mouth so that she could see all of the spunk that he had just sucked out the servants penis and after her inspection she ordered him to swallow the whole lot.