Written by Unknown

20 Jan 2007

(this is true i swear)im 24 male from bucks and me and my girlfriend had just split up, so in a upset mood and anger i stormed out my house got in my car and when for a drive, as i was driving i remembered about dogging, so i drove to a picnic area near me (Beaconsfield) it was very dark and i didnt see any cars at first so i just parked up, then a light came on of a car the other side of the car park, the windows were all steamed up, so i plucked up courage got out my car and when over. there was a man and woman in the car and i think they had just finished fucking cos they just looked at me, so disapointed as i was i walked back to my car, then i heard a moaning fromthe corner of the car park so i slowly walked over cos there was know light on, when i was close enough i could see a blonde lady bent over and a muscley guy fucking her from behind. then i said to them "can i watch", "yeah sure" the guy said, so i moved a bit closer so i was right next to them, the blonde was stunning, big natural boobs, tiny waist and a nice round ass like j.lo, ummmmm nothing better. then the male said "help your self" so she swang around and started sucking his big hard cock and stuck her round ass out at me. i pushed in to finger slowly, she took his cock out of her mouth and said "fuck that, fuck me from behind" so i took out my hard cock and pushed it in her wet pussy i started to fuck her hard and grabbed her big tits until my balls were slapping hard on her big round ass, then she swang around a again and stuffed my cock in her mouth and her fella fucked her from behind. but not only did she suck my cock her could deep throat! how lucky am i? the guy then turned around and said "fuck her mouth hard, grab the back of her head". so i did and i could hear her gagging on my cock as my balls banged on her chin and her saliva dribbled down my balls and legs. i couldnt take it any more this was so good, then all of a sudden i pulled her head in as deep as i could go and then i shot my cum right down her throat. she swallowed every bit. then her fella cum right in her pussy doggy style. they put there clothes back on and she said " your a lucky boy we have never come hear before we were just passing by" then i said " well this is my first time i just split from my girlfriend and went for a drive" they said nothing else, they got in there are and drove off, i sat in my car and had a fag, thinking to myself "Dam im lucky"