Written by innocentfemale

1 Aug 2006

One night walking home from work, alone in the dark .. i heard slight giggling behind me .. ( i was a long way from home and walked home alone always ).. desprate to get home worried about the voices behind me , the foot steps that drew nearer and nearer, two men getting closer to me . the giggles getting louder .. !! then one of them shouting after me .

slow down !!!

I didnt, i moved faster ....

Then they shouted again

We will walk you home . !

I said . no its okay im okay walking alone

No! he said its not safe to walk alone, wait we will walk you..

They got closer to me .. worried and scared ..

Walking beside me .. talking to me giggling away with them not realizing what was going to happen next .. closer to the garages we got .. dark .. no lights .. both of them either side of me .. teasing and taughting me .. asked them to leave me alone .. but they didnt ...

One of them began to grab my bottom saying ..

You ave a nice firm arse !

slapping his hand away from me .. stay off !!!

then one said .. ((( lets give them names before i go any futher ! lets call them col and ste .. ))) Then col said ..

Why dont you come with us to our garage .. ?

I replyed .....NO! i just want to go home okay please

Ste .. insisted i come with them and grabbed me by my arm .. pulling away from him .. but not able to .. col put his hand over my mouth and began to whisper in my ear ..

Your going to enjoy us .. enjoy us fucking you ! in our private little place were we go to have our fun .. i\'m horny and need your pussy and you will give it to us !!

I started to cry .. .. his hand over my mouth, my eyes filled with tears .. but still i hated the fact that he Col saying all that to me had made me wet between my thighs and had actually turned me on !!!!!!!!!! sickening to my stomack that such a encounter with two men that i didnt know would excite me that way ..

Closer we came to the garages .. no one around they pulled me inside .. and pushed me to the floor ..

Take of your clothes .. col said ....

No i replyed ...

But then ste came closer . its okay we are not going to hurt you .. only enjoy you !! would\'nt you like to suck my cock.. ??

Putting his hand on my thigh gently began to stroke my inner thighs ..

I gasped !!!! Oh god .. yes i would ..

Ste .. took his cock out of his pants and i nealed forward toward him .. and gently put his cock in my mouth .. willing .. not having to be forced .. and begin to enjoy his manhood in my mouth .. slowly sucking and slurpin his precum .

col came toward me ......... Now Now .. ! not all for him me to !! theres a good girl .. taking his cock out of his zipper and telling me to stroke his cock with my hand like a good girl .. and i did .. rolling his cock back and forth in my hand .. ste holding me by my hair . pushing his cock in and out my mouth .. while i moaned and groaned .....

Mmmmmmmmm! moaned ste would\'nt you like this in your pussy .. ?

Yes i would .. !! ( and in deed i did i wanted his cock fucking me hard and fast ).

ste took his cock out of my mouth and insisted i lift my skirt for him .. and standing to my feet .. and stepped back a little for them both to see .. i began to under dress slowly .. gently watching there faces as i did .. licking there lips .. i knew they wanted it wanted to fuck me .. pull at me .. spunk on me and in me to !!!.. i was begging for it col had turned me on with his filthy talk the whispers in my ears as i cryed .. my clit had throbbed at his words .. calling me a slut a whore .. saying it was what i was for .. fucking .... he was right i was and i enjoyed it too!!

lifting my skirt slowly revealing my nicks . all damp from my pussy juices .. that were flowing ..!! so wet and so horny i was ..

col said.... dirty bitch look at her ste she wants our cocks .. she needs fucking .. and were the men to fuck the slut !! ..

Turning round lifting my skirt higher .. and sliding my hand in my nicks i began to rub my pussy infront of them .. my clit was hard and bulging and needing . ..

Come closer, col .. neal in front of me i asked .. slowly he came close to me . fondling my erect nipples thro my blouse .. .. slowly undoin .. my blouse revealing my breasts , button by button ... tilting my head back .. a slight moan ! Mmmmmmmmm ! yes .. he put his head forward to ward my breast and began to suck and lick my erect nipples .. mmmmmm .. ! licking them all over .. ste stood watching amazed that i was enjoying him .. wondering how i could and i did .. ! ste came close to me ..

you really are a dirty whore arnt you .. ? yes i am i replyed . sliding his hand down my nicks feeling my wet pussy throbbing dampening his fingers, he slides a finger in my pussy .. god yes fuck me .. pushing more fingers in me two then three .. pushing and fucking away at my pussy . nearly falling back they layed me to the floor .. dirty floor .. with mud and filth laying all around .dirtying me and my clothes i didnt care i wanted what they wanted to give take from me !!! have !!!! and enjoy !!! i\'d go home dirty from the floor it would be worth it!!!

Gently ste opened my thighs .. as wide as he could looking at my pussy in full view ! and i lay there letting him .. he placed a finger in me .. Mmmmmmmmm! nice wet cunt for me to fuck he said .. nice for my spunk to spill into ..

Col . came toward my face and started to kiss me on my lips i responded by kissing him back, while ste was fingering at way at my cunt ... Then col pushed his cock toward my mouth

Here whore suck my cock he said .. and i did opening my mouth wide as i could taking him in my mouth, lickin and sucking his cock . rolling his cock back and forth on my lips and in and out my mouth, wanking him .. he played with my tits .. my nipples firm and erect . licking and sucking, biteing them .. i moaned and groaned so hard ..

Ste started to get faster finger fucking me .. then he turned to col and said .

lets fuck the whore in every way we can

col taking his cock out my mouth, lay on the floor ..

get on my cock slut sit on it now!!!

getting to my knees i straddled over him my thighs open wide and placed his cock deep in my pussy .. starting to ride him up and down .. while he grabbed and sucked my tits .. squeezing an rubbing them ..

ste got behind me and was rubbing his cock over my arse .. making me want his cock in my arse, moaning harder .. making my arse wet .. from my wet pussy. he slowly starting to push his cock in my arse ..

arching my spine while he did .. a slight screem ( painful ) that hurt so much but i couldnt stop him now not now i wanted it !!

now they were both in me in my arse and my pussy .. both of them fucking me rideing me like a dirty whore ..

Oh yes ! col was enjoying it .. watchin my face and the pain it was causing and it was .. but i didnt want them to stop .. they could fuck me all night and i would love it ....

You liking that whore said ste yes i am i replyed very much fuck me more harder. oh we will whore col replyed . we will .. till we ave add our fill ..

col took his cock out of my pussy . and made me kneel before him .. suck my cock you bitch .., and i put his cock back in my mouth .. ste was still behind me riding my arse for all he was worth

dirty slut yes !!!!!!!!!! my spunk is going straight up your dirty arse .

Gripping my hips .. and spreading my arse cheeks .. pounding away at my arse fucking my arse for all he was worth ..

I\'m cumming in that you slut .. his cock swelling wanting to spunk .. pushing himsefl harder in me .. dirty slut yes your aving this .. a last gasp .. his cock filled with cum and was spurting into my arse his cock fully pressed against me all of him in me spurting his cum till he\'d done !!!

col making me suck away at him .. giggling while ste spunked in my arse .. yes he said nice ste . dirty slut isnt she ..

Mmmmmmm ste replyed yes she is .. and im makin her suck my cock when u ave done col ..

sucking away at col after ste add finised fucking and spunking in my arse cum dripping out of it !! . col was holding me by my hair forcing his cock futher in my mouth .. yes yes yes he said . slut ..im going to cum .. i hated cum in my mouth but didnt dare say anything after all id asked for this.. let them know i was more than willing .. ramming his cock futher in my mouth swelling and readying to spunk .. he arched his back and my mouth filled with him . spilling into my mouth i swallowed .. all down my throat ..Mmmm! yes he groaned .. now ur turn ste ave more of her .. while we can .. tie the slut up.. ste took me to the side and found the rope they kept in there garage .. taking my hands and tieing them behind my back .. placing a gag over my mouth .. a hanky that was in his pocket, i didnt complain i was enjoying .. ste said the whore is tied .. Mmmmm! col moaned yes my cock is still hard and wants more of her mouth but that can wait .. turning me over on my tummy .. he placed his cock near my arse .. rolling his cock back and forth .

nice arse he said .. i need to fuck that . pushing his cock in my arse i arched my back and screemed .. he put his hand over rmy mouth and began to pound away at my arse with his fully erect cock in and out fucking my arse yes !!!!!!!! i could hear him repeating whore slut . wants my cum in her arse dirty slut am going to cum in that ..

ste nealed in front of me .. pull my up hard by by hair .. and began to wank his big cock in my face .. pushing his cock toward my mouth i turned away .His cock add been in my arse i didnt want it in my mouth after that .. but ste took the gag off while col was still fucking away at my arse .. his breathing so deep and heavy getting faster and harder ..

ste said open ur mouth u whore .. no i replyed / open it he said or i will slap u ..

i didnt believe he would slap me so i refuessed again .. his hand went across my face and hard . i opened my mouth.. his cock rushed into my mouth and was fucking my mouth . i tried to spit his cock out but he wasnt aving any of it .. suck it u slut .. suck it or ill slap u again .. suckin him deep and hard in my mouth wanting him to hurry up and cum .. i sucked him faster .. his cock swellin..... he was getting more and more ecited .. he was spunk .. he held my head in place and began to spunk .. oh yes you dirty fucking filthy whore . ! id took it all .. all of it in my mouth and swallowed all his cum !! he\'d done with me .. finshed his cum spilled all over my face and out of my mouth there was so much so much that add filled my mouth .. col still pounding away at my arse enjoy his cock and the tightness of my arse round his cock .. im cumming in your arse .. spunking deep in it . and u will lick my cock clean you slut . faster he got .. his body fully stretched .. the swelling of his cock .. yessssssssssss his gasp ! oh yes am cuming in your arse you filthy slut .. banging harder faster deeper he came .. then pushed me off him .. relaxed back on the floor along with ste . they laughed together .. we are finshed . you can go now slut and with that i dressed the cum dripping out of my arse .. licking my lips of the last but of cum from ste . i walked out of the garage fully dressed and feeling fully saticfied .. and off home i went with a smile on my face . just like the dirty slut i knew i was .. !!!!! xxxxx

PS!!!!!!!!!!!! now uve read it let me know what you think ????