Written by Jake

12 Jul 2020

My first dinner on the Island was odd. Everyone wore tails apart from the staff who wore shorts or full whites if they worked in the kitchen. I had been naked at picnics and eaten naked  with friends but there must have been 30 couples sat,  mostly 2 couples to a table. Every now and then someone would walk past to the buffet.  Cocks in various states and fannies trimmed, full bushes or clean shaved.  

It was Sam who showed me the dining room and a couple who walked in behind us invited us to sit at their table. We chatted, had our single glass of wine and stayed away from garlic. 

Sam sat opposite me and next to the man John, Jan sat next to me. Jan pushed her leg against my leg and I pushed back feeling her warmth against me. She reached down and felt my growing ccock. I reached across, she opened her legs and I felt her warm humid pussy. 

Sam delivered a soft kick under the table and asked 'Would you like a 4sum after dinner.' It was clear she ment after dinner and I remembered the no sex in the dining room rule. I squeezed Jan's leg and returned to eating.  We all agreed we would like to.  

Jan and I went up for desert and when we got back to table she offered me a 'nibble ' of her lemon meringue.  Somehow the soft meringue and tangy lemon mousse gave me an erection as I  took it off her spoon. She pulled the spoon from my mouth. 

John asked if we were finished.

I told him we were just getting started and we walked out to the guest's pleasure garden. I asked if Jan had any preference and all she said was 'any way you want me'

We stopped by a large round bed by the pool. John took a hand full of Sam's breast and they began to kiss. I turned to Jan and sat her on the high bed kissing her and feeling her body. Then I dropped to my knees and started to eat her. She opened her legs wide and started to give commentary. 'Just like that. Gorgeous tongue  I love that. Yes. More. Harder. That's right….' Finally she cried out, almost a yell and I came up for a breath. There were men and women looking on. Some just holding each other, some kissing and touching one man wanking. Sam was on her back, John shagging his heart out. 

I looked back at Jan, she held her pussy open and I was tempted to push my naked cock into her, but I reached for a condom and pulled it on. Then pushed my cock into her. I watched her face as she took my slow deep push. Her eyes dilated her head tipped back, she bit her lower lip and then let out a sound that could have been 'lovely'. I pulled back and back in. Jan started her comments again, 'your so hard, your good…..' sometimes I add ,'love your pussy….your wet an juicy'. Sam was still on her back, a man had bent a woman over on the other side of the bed and was taking her from behind. Others had become more interested in each other and Jan was fingering her clit as I pounded her feeling myself getting closer. John grunted,  pulled out and started to eat Sam. I was pleased that Sam was being properly taken care of. Just as his head went to Sam's pussy I spilt cum into my condom. Holding the condom I pulled out dropping to my knees and brought her quickly to her second orgasmic screem.

I sat back looking at Jan's gaping pussy and beyond couples starting to enjoy each other.  I stood up, offered my hand to Jan. She took it and pulled herself up and we kissed. Sam came to us, claimed a kiss and told me we could have anal if we went to their room.

I will tell you what happened there next time.

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