Written by unknown

3 Dec 2007

The party was still going strong but I was so tired, I'd been dancing all night and needed to relax my feet. I looked every where for my friend, she was meant to be the designated driver. "where the hell was she" I said to myself. I was too tipsy to go home by my self but I felt like a zombie, I needed to find a place to rest my head. Fuck it I thought to myself, I'm going upstairs to find somewhere to sleep.

I found an empty room where every ones coats had been left. I sat down on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands. It had been such as long night. As laid back on the bed and my head hit the pillow I could hear moaning. Aaaa....aaa... yeah just like that...

Who was that I thought I jumped up and realised I wasn't alone in the room. Just creep back out I thought to myself, save yourself the embarrassment of disturbing them. I edged myself to the corner of the bed when there was a loud sound of enjoyment. The sound started to turn me on and before I realised it I was sliding my hands down my knickers playing with myself. I was imagining it was me getting all that pleasure. my pussy got more and more wet as I started to really enjoy myself. I laid back down on the bed and the touching got more and more frantic. Aaaa... there was another moan, but it wasn't the mystery woman, it was me. The mystery woman looked up and found me touching myself. Any other time I would have most properly been so embarrassed and run out, but strangely enough her watching me turned me on more! I let her join me in my knickers touching my wet pussy. The mystery man appeared and started to touch himself. He then slid his hands between the mystery woman's legs and started to rub. She then pulled my underwear off a sung her head into my vagina, this turned the man on even more and he pushed his erected penis into her now soaked pussy. He fucked her so hard and with every thrust she'd suck my clit just that little bit harder. Before I knew it I had come all over her face, as he had all over her ass.

Then just as quickly as it all started it was now over they got dressed and left me lying on the bed thinking what had just happened. Still to this day I never got their names!