Written by 1darin

13 Mar 2006

First I would like to introduce myself. my name is ric - i am a man with a relatively small penis - 6 " measured on the upper side. i have only small but hard, solid balls that hurt very much when squeezed. If there is any request i will eagerly send pics. my wife Miriam has slowly come to regret to have gotten married to me. Once size did not yet matter to her. But in the course of time she started explaining that she promised herself quite some extasy from larger and longer penetration, i.e. bigger dicks. i had to buy all kinds of penis attachments to be/seem longer and bigger in girth. The more she felt sexual gratification the more she was yearning for the "big dick"!

Who can tell today if she told me about it to humiliate me or if it had become her real dream - anyway who knows a woman´s deeper intentions? The two men in this true (non-fictional) report were sure to fulfil this aspect of her female desires. They had big dicks and used them right on her - perhaps an additional turn-on was her sexual humiliation fetish with other men - well understood not with me - she actually loves to scold and humiliate me by shouting at me or behaving like a boss. She is a hot woman and a boss - for me.

i am writing this report alone - perhaps my wife Miriam would not like to know that some bulls (or cuckolds) will jerk off - reading and fantasizing about the true events that happened to her a year ago in summer. i was looking for contact with a strong dominant man, a real dom, but i was not clever enough to search in the right places, so i had a choice among lots of vanilla men - until i finally came across somebody who wished to do precisely what was needed. Today i know there are lots of men who would eagerly do what these two doms did. But today is today.

The first one was a man in his 40s, a bit obese and tall, the boss of a small firm, rich, well-clad, he had a nice black BMW limo which was to play its role later on...we waited for him in a highway restaurant and when he arrived, he ignored me and took his seat next to Miriam. He ordered her - after some sips from his coffee - to go to the bathroom and to return with her briefs in her hands. She did as she was told and sat next to him naked under her summer dress. This dom did not wait to be asked but placed his hand on her thigh and walked his fingers up to her cunt. i ignore what he really did, because i sat opposite. Then he ordered me to direct him to the nearest forest path where he could park his car without anybody surprising us. When we arrived there, he felt Miriam dominantly up on the hood of the BMW and undressed her totally...luckily nobody came near...at least nobody i noticed. She was turned on a lot, i was surprised to see that - because it gives a man pain and pleasure at the same time - seeing his wife being in sexual frenzy in a situation that would not excite her in the least if he were the man in charge. So this bull took her to the back seat of the car. i was in front and had a good view what was going on. He did not do much preparation no licking and such - she was hot and wet and so he just took a condom and fucked her before my very eyes and - sadly - after no more than two minutes she did cum with a painful squealing noise (his cock was not small at all!) and not too long cummed as well. We seperated until the next meeting, a week later.

No sooner had he left us when my wife told me she had not liked his sweat and his belly, then he was a bit too old to her. But i assured her that she had had some pleasure out of it - apparently - since she had cum. She would not discuss. Then we met this dom again. This time he wished her to wash and soap him in a romantic small lake nearby. i was allowed to watch from the shore and was excited by the sight of his outstanding cock. There was a rustle in the bush along the shore and i noticed an elderly man - naked like me - watching the love games of this stark naked couple. My wife has a beautiful build, she keeps herself fit and ready for the occasion - as i now can understand:-) and the man next to me masturbated without any inhibitions as much as i did. The happy couple did not take notice since we were hidden. Then they moved ashore and lay on a blanket to continue, exhausted from their water games. They liked each other, i guess, it was visible. Then came the fucking part - the old man next to me was breathing heavily and the couple did not care too much about the world around them. But after this dom had cum, he quickly left Miriam and drove home. Her cunt was wet, but she went into the water, i had no chance to get any cleanup duties, i did not wish to at the time...i was not ready then.

It was a surprise to me when Miriam told me she did not wish to see him again since he was too fat and too old. But i accepted and looked for somebody else on the internet. i finally got into contact with a dom, this time younger than the two of us - 31 years and slim, good-looking. We met in a highway bar - again - not far from our place. He was not very chatty, but looked at us very intensively. Finally he indicated that first of all he wished to see the two of us naked - so he could decide on our use. We drove to an empty barn, it was getting dark and nobody could possibly surprise us there. Once inside, he commanded me to undress and i did. my cock was erect and my head was spinning - i was prepared to obey whatever he would tell me. i was told to turn around and place my hands on the back of my head and not look on under any conditions!

Meanwhile i heard the sounds of unzipped pants and various clothing, sighs from Miriam, some muttered words in a rough tone by him. Then there was silence for quite some time. One sound of moisture and skin made me jerk, he fondled my wife and while i moved a little he shouted at me not to move or to jerk off. my cock was rockhard, short as it may be otherwise. It lasted for some minutes, my stiff organ was aching for release. i have no idea, when the breathing of the two partners become rough and strong - moaning and parts of words and ultimately the familiar cries and sighs of my wife cumming in rapid movements and even pain. i waited and waited, he sighed too and then i heard the sound of clothes being taken and put on and then i was ordered to dress again, we drove back to the highway and he commanded me to write him an email stating precisely the weekend and the hotel where we could meet for the next lesson in obedience. i was already dreaming about a possible holiday partnership for the two of them, as one can often read...the new couple in a double bed room, the cuckold in a single bed room next door.

But a week before i could write my mail, my wife said that her menstruation had been due to arrive a week ago already, so she believed he had impregnated her, since he had obviously taken no condom for this intercourse and injected all of his sperm into my wife. i told her it did not matter to me and i was quick to accept his child as mine. My balls do not produce enough sperm for an impregnation the doctors say. In fact my cum is no more than four to five drops of a watery substance, even after a long period of denial - but apparently too little for the purpose. Moreover Miriam at that time had sex with me less than once a month. She masturbated a lot, though, fantasizing about humiliating scenarios - as she told me when she was drunk one day. So we waited and she was not too fanatic about being pregnant by an unknown man. When the period finally did arrive, she forbid me to write for our next appointment with that dom and she never talked about seeing some other dude in that direction...she simply would not tell me what were the motives behind her obvious change of mind - perhaps it is the wish to find satisfaction with a partner she finds herself and for herself? the above events are not fiction - this is certified by 1darin@mail.com