Written by wobble-botty

15 Mar 2007

I'm stood at the door way to my dental surgery, I glance into reception and into the waiting area, seated is an extremely attractive sexy lady, dressed in a pin striped suit, the short skirt and high heels showing of her extremely beautiful legs, I feel my cock stir in my trousers thinking I hope she is coming to see me…….

I walk back into my surgery thinking about this woman and waiting for my next patient to arrive, as I fiddle with my instruments in walks that stunning lady I had seen in the waiting area.

I stood 'Morning I'm Shaun', 'Catherine' she replied with a lovely smile 'what can we do for you today Catherine' I said suggestively? 'Oh just the once over' she replied.

'Ok take a seat then and we will have a good look at you' I said. She sat down on the seat and slides her backside up and onto it, I placed a pair of glasses onto her gorgeous face and stood behind her and adjusted the lights. I could not take my eyes off her legs, her skirt had ridden up and I could see the tops of her stockings and a glimpse of her smooth skin above them, my cock began to stir again, stockings or hold ups I thought? My cock was now like steel and I reached down and adjusted myself.

'Ok open wide' I said, I took my instruments in hand and carried out a routine inspection, occasionally glancing down at her ample heaving tits, bulging out of a sexy bra under her jacket. She wriggled once or twice in the seat revealing more of her stocking tops and those sexy legs, was she playing with me and teasing me?

I stood up and removed her glasses from her face 'take a mouthful of mouth wash and gargle, don't swallow', she looked straight at me and said ' I always swallow', with this she reached up and stroked my throbbing cock through my trousers, 'mmmmm she said someone enjoyed what they were looking at,,,,,, very nice', reaching inside she wrapped her warm hand around my throbbing cock, desperate for her touch, 'drop your trousers and let me see that cock' she said. I did as requested and she pulled down my boxers and began to slowly rub the length of my cock, caressing the tip in the ball of her fist, licking her fingers and gently stroking it, cupping my shaven balls in her other hand, squeezing and groping them. She moved to the edge of my dentists chair and her skirt rode up, she had sheer black sexy knickers on and I could see her neatly trimmed cunt through them, and it was stockings and suspenders she was wearing. Staring at me her hand left my balls and slid to her open legs and into her damp knickers, she slowly began to tease her clit with her fingers. Her head moved forward and she took my rampant cock into her warm velvety mouth, her teeth gently rubbing against my head as she took me deep into her throat, her head bobbed up and down and covered my cock in her saliva, I grabbed her hair so I could watch it slide in and out of her mouth. She inserted a finger inside her cunt and began to fuck it slowly with her fingers. I held her head up and grabbed my cock so she could lick my balls, running her tongue all over it, licking and biting my shaven nuts, I pulled her hands from her knickers and licked her juices from her fingers.

I pushed her head away and pulled her up, I undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, I lay back on the chair my rock hard cock standing proud and erect, I pulled her to me, she straddled me I ripped her knickers from her and smelled them, her smell was of pure sex and was intoxicating, she grabbed my cock and guided to the entrance of her cunt, rubbing it along her soaking slit, then lowered herself onto it so every inch of my thick cock filled and stretched her, she moved up and down fucking me long and deep, she licked her finger and slide it into her own arse, fucking me and her arsehole. She rose up until she had just my tip inside her then slammed down onto me, forcing her finger deeper into her arse.

I undid her shirt and lifted up her bra so I could take her amazing nipples into my mouth, licking, sucking and biting each one in turn. I pulled her up further and told her to 'stand on the chair', she stood over me those sexy legs amazing as her shoes were by my shoulders, high heels and stockings such a fucking turn on. 'Now let me lick your cunt clean' I demanded, she lowered herself slowly down onto my face, I could now taste her sweet juices as my tongue began to fuck her dripping hole, sucking each lip into my mouth in turn before releasing it and pleasing the other one, her juices ran over my lips, tongue and chin she was so turned on. I pushed my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could then it moved to her clit, flicking it with my tongue, my hands where on her arse groping it, her fingers still pushing in and out of it, she began to moan quietly as my tongue flicked her swollen clit, she began to squirm and her first orgasm ripped through her body, she gripped me as her juices flooded onto my face, she lowered herself and kissed me and licked her juices from me.

She stepped down from the chair, I climbed off and lay her on the chair and spread her legs over the arms , I licked the remaining juices from her cunt then moved up her body, she looked ravished as I slid my cock back inside her with one thrust, my nuts swinging and banging against her stretched arse, I hold her down and fuck her with long deep strokes, she arches and begins to rise to every thrust of my cock wanting it deeper and deeper inside her. I pull out of her, grab her hair and pull her head to my cock, she licks it clean of her sweet honey. I pull her up and spin her around onto her front, I kneel down and open up her arse cheeks and push my tongue deep into her tight little hole, she moans and begins to rub her clit hard my tongue trying to get as deep as possible in her arse, I push her legs open and stand up I rub my cock along the crack of her arse and round her little dark ring, then I thrust it back into her cunt, holding her wrists I pound her hard 'harder, deeper' she begs. I pull it all the way out then ram it back in 'yes yes' she squeals. My speed gets quicker and quicker, my cock deep inside her, she reaches around and scratches my hips 'don't stop she moans' my cock plunging hard and fast into her cunt 'mmmmmm' moans, I can hear her muffled groans with each thrust 'don't stop I'm coming' she moans her fingers frantically rubbing her swollen clit, her cunt grips me tight she cries out her moans louder as she comes, my cock squeezed hard as the orgasm takes hold, I fuck her harder and moan as I empty my spunk deep into her belly.

We slow and separate, she falls limp on the chair 'fuck me that was fucking amazing' she says.

I lift her up gently, kiss her soft and passionately 'that was good for me too baby, I will see you in about an hour' I say.

As my girlfriend Catherine dresses I spank her arse, we kiss as she leaves, 'see you later darling' she shouts as she skips out of surgery, oh I love that girl………..