Written by creamythighs

10 Dec 2005

I met a guy through here a couple of weeks ago, and arranged to meet him up on dartmoor, as soon as i saw his car approaching i flashed my lights and drove to a really dark remote car park, he followed me. We both parked up and he got out of his car and into mine. I couldn't see his features very well in the dark but that made it more exciting. He immediately kissed me roughly, and within seconds was squeezing my nipples. Neither of us had uttered a word. I felt his cock which was really hard while he slid his finger inside my underwear. He left his finger touching my pussy gently but I pushed his finger into me. He soon got the idea an finger-fucked me for ages while he flicked my nipples with his tongue, meanwhile i wanked him slowly..teasing him. After about ten minutes he pulled me out of the ca and bent me over the bonnet, he slid his cock into me really slowly but very deep, gave two thrusts and he came. He kept me in that position and rubbed my clit until I came too. I got back in my car and drove away. It was fantastic,, no bullshit or polite embarrassed chit-chat. Am looking for repeats!!!