Written by vicky69

12 Nov 2005

it was a hot day i didnt know u was coming u bang in the door i open it u stood there with a grine on your face.I let u i only had a towle on as i just got out of the shower!!

u pull me close to where my tits were squshed against your chest!! i could feel your hands moving all over my body we were kissing really hard deep in to my month your tounge playing with mine i could feel your hard nob pressing against me i slowly moved my hands to your down your back undone your zip and slid my hands u are so hard im rubbing u were still kissing your are now inbetween my legs tounching my pink fleshy walls!! u put your finger on my clit it so hard your rubbing it then u put your face down there i could feel your tounge just licking my tigths my fanny was now in ecstasy im quivering from enjoyment! then u start to lick me then u start to jabbed deepley with your teeth nipping at my clit my jucies are all over your face u come u kiss me so i can taste myself!! i hold on to your nob i went down on u i start sucking on it really hard u i can feel the blood pumbing around your nob fast u slid 2 fingers up my pussy squelchy as my lips parted u start finger fucking really hard i could feel my self cuming i cum all over your fingers u went back down on me u lick it all up ! that was it i had to have your lovley cock in me it went so easy u could see the steam coming off us we are both really sweaty u start fucking really hard at this im really loud screaming with pure heven!! my legs are high in the air your still banging in to me i can feel your sweat dripping off u im ther trying to catch it with my month! im licking your chest i can feel my self on the edge u were showing me no mercey i cum from my g spot all over your cock which made u cum deep inside my pussy my fanny was now just like a cumpot!!!!