Written by karl7

23 Apr 2009

Country Girls Are Best.

I had a friend called Ian who travelled a lot, working funny hours driving a van full of some kind of technical stuff, something to do with printing. He was married to a girl called Jenny who at that time was twenty years old, real natural blond and blue eyes, just a touch on the plump side. She had a Norfolk, country girl sort of accent and for some reason I found that very attractive, certainly her chemistry worked on me something wicked. I was at college at the time, living alone in a bed sit, and used to go and stay with them quite often.

I won't explain how I got to know Ian but I have to say I didn't share much in common with him. He had a pretty ignorant attitude towards women and he was always telling me about the girls he 'had' when he was away. Quite often he would get me involved with little subterfuges to cover up his meetings with a girl. I went along with all that, went drinking with him and so on, for one reason only, I really liked Jenny and I was desperate to have sex with her. I had to wait ages and be very patient, but one day it happened. It was a weekday, I forget which, and at about lunch-time Ian suddenly announced that he had to go to work on a driving job and would be back late the next day. Well, I didn't believe him for a second and as I later discovered, neither did Jenny, but just the same and very unexpectedly, Jenny and I found ourselves alone together.

It was a lovely hot summer afternoon, and we found ourselves sitting together outside in one of those swinging couch things with a canopy. Jenny was not the worldly sort of girl, a bit of a child really, and I don't think she realised the effect she had on me. She always seemed to we wearing a short skirt with plenty of plump little thigh showing, sometimes even a maddening little flash of knickers. I wanted to have sex with her really badly but I couldn't think of a way to get started or what she would do if I suggested anything.

'Well, alone at last', I said sort of joking.

'I know', she replied looking away from me, 'get the neighbours talking I bet'

'Maybe we should give them something to talk about', I said softly. She looked away and started grabbing at her hair the way girls do when they feel anxious. I looked around to see if we were overlooked, and what with trees and garden sheds and things it looked as if no one could see where we were sitting. I had to do something, but I was afraid she might not want to, or be too scared or something.

'Well, no one can see us – be nice just to have a little kiss and cuddle, wouldn't it', I said, trying to make it sound like innocent fun. I got the response I wanted.

'Is that what you want?' she asked, laughing, 'Just that? You don't want nothing else?'

'Promise', I said, and I moved close to her and put an arm round her. She leaned towards me straight away and I gave her a little peck on the cheek - then another, then I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the side of her neck. Soon she turned her face towards me and we were kissing properly. Then I noticed something that set my blood racing – she was trembling very slightly. I really wanted her badly now and I was very hard, but before I tried to get any further there was something I needed to know.

'Jenny', I breathed in her ear, 'Can I ask you a personal question?'

'What?', she said, like it was a game.

'It's a bit personal, so you don't have to say if you don't want'

'What is it?', she asked again.

'Have you ever had sex with anyone else apart from Ian?'

'Christ – what a thing to ask- have I really got to say?'

'Well, I'm dying to know' I said.

'Alright, if you must know, I've only ever done anything like that with him.'

'Well', I said softly in her ear, 'You're missing out. It's much nicer when you do it with someone different. Specially when it's someone you shouldn't – it's kind of secret and exciting. It's like doing it for the first time but you know what to expect and you know what to do to make it really feel nice.' By now she was really trembling and I felt sure that she would let me do what I wanted if I took it slowly, so I said, 'You know, there's nothing to stop us having a nice time together now, no-one is going to know – would you like to go inside and come upstairs with me – just for a little while? I don't have to tell you what I want to do, do I?' She turned her head away to avoid eye contact and she seemed to be very agitated.

'You won't tell no-one if I let you, will you? You promise?'

'Course not – it's much too personal to start telling people.' I got up, took both her hands and pulled her to her feet and led her through the back door into the kitchen. Once inside I pushed her back against the wall and pressed myself against her and we kissed a bit more. 'Can I ask you something else?', I said. She seemed sort of resigned.

'Oh Chri… I dunno … What?'

'I'm just dying to know … you do like it, don't you? You know what I mean. When Ian goes all big and hard down there and it goes in you .. does that feel nice?'

'Oh chri …', she breathed.

'Do you get a really nice feeling between you legs if it goes in nicely and he does it long enough? If I promise not to tell anyone would you let me do that?'

'Oh chri … don't tell no-one – you can do what you want but I don't want any one to know.' So I took her by the hand and led her slowly, one step at a time, upstairs to the spare room where I slept, and we sat on the side of the bed together and started kissing again.

'Listen', I said, 'you mustn't be shy. I going to put my hand up your skirt and I want to touch you somewhere really naughty. Can you just sit still and let me do that?' Jenny was really breathing heavily and was more agitated that ever.

'Oh fuck … oh fu …'

I pulled her skirt up so that I could get her legs apart and see her knickers, then I tickled the inside of her thigh a little and gently touched her knickers between her legs. I thought she would close her legs and try to stop me, but her reaction was just the opposite and for the first time I had no doubt that I was really going to fuck her. As my fingers found the fleshy little bulge in her knickers her legs jerked open and she was instantly wet. I pushed her back so that she was lying across the bed with her feet on the floor and kissed her mouth and neck. 'Oh fu … oh fu … I shouldn't let you … you promise you won't tell no-one?'

'Stop worrying – no one will ever know – this is just between me and you.' I found a button and a zip at the side of her skirt and slipped it over her knees and onto the floor and coaxed her legs wide apart and slipped my fingers under the elastic of her knickers. 'God you're lovely', I said, 'you don't mind if I have a little feel down here do you?', then I slowly put my hand right down inside her knickers till I had it right on her cunt and pressed and stroked her till I felt she was ready then I put one finger inside her. Then I heard myself saying 'Christ it's no good, I can't wait any longer, lets take everything off an do it. The next thing I knew we were both naked and I was on top of her. I felt the tip of my cock touch her cunt and I had to push a little before it went in.

I got it in her about half way and started doing it gently and it was really nice. She was sighing and panting and kept saying 'Oh chri … oh fu … For Christ sake don't tell no one …' in her sexy country girl accent. I knew I couldn't last long so I tried turning her on with a little dirty chat. 'There, does that feel nice? Do you like doing this? Is it nice and hard? You know what's going to go in you if we don't stop – will it be alright?' She sort of melted and said 'Oh yeah … oh yeah … don't stop now, you can't help it, just do it in me…' Then she opened her legs really wide and pushed herself up and it went right in and I just couldn't help what happened next. I did it really quick and started to cum and I just kept doing it till the sperm stopped coming.

She shook and made all sorts of noises and we just lay still for a while till we came back to earth. And I didn't tell anyone – not till now that is, but you don't know who she is, do you? All you know is that she came for Norfolk.