Written by p8ntballer

31 Jul 2005

If you like stories that get to the sexual gymnastics in a few paragraphs don't bother reading this one.This is about eroticism. The slow build up to hearing my usually shy wife confess to me her sexual adventures. Most men that have a desire to see or hear about their wives with other men will agree that it would be the anticipation and slow build up that gave the greatest turn on. She, and the men, let themselves gradually go one step farther into illicit sex. Listening to my wife telling me the details was the biggest turn on of my life, though she did it reluctantly.The story is true: I will tell you later how I know. Some of the finer detail may not be 100% because she told me several different versions but essentially it is fact. However, it took years to get to the truth and because this is real life there was also anger, jealousy and pain. Now I will get on with it.At the time we had moved into a house on an estate that was having an extensive remodernisation programme. My wife, 23 years old, natural blonde, good figure and our two daughters just about school age. She attracted a lot of attention from the army of workmen on the estate. The houses each side of ours was empty having work done on them. One day whilst having a sicky from work I rose late and was in the bathroom when I heard the workmen from next door speak to my wife, who was in the garden hanging out the washing. I heard her exchange greetings with two men then heard her say, " I've got my husband at home today." One man said "Oh I see." That was it! Very suspicious, not a normal conversation. She was warning them. Why? They were obviously on their way round. My head spun. What had she been getting up to while I was at work? I felt both anger and jealousy. I went down stairs and said, "What was that all about?" She denied she had said it. Well to cut a long story short there was an almighty row. Things got very much out of hand over the next few days and for everyone's sake we had to sit down and talk about it quietly. She admitted she had lied to me. Yes they did come in the house, only for a coffee and a chat she said. I told her there must be more to it but she started getting angry and tearful again so I left it. Until, a few months later when they had gone, I raised the subject again. . The incident had nagged at me, but trying to stay good humoured I told my wife in bed that I bet they really fancied her. I told her I was only mad that she had lied to me. It was OK if they came round for a coffee and chat. "Bet you liked the attention though " I suggested. She relaxed a bit and said she felt flattered by the whistles she got in the garden. "So how did you get chatty with them?" I asked."When I was in the garden, hanging out the washing, (having two young girls that was often) they wolf whistled at me from the next door bedroom window," she said. I got a picture in my head of my wife in the garden and immediately got a hard on. Then, short skirts were in fashion and my wife was sometimes a bit careless bending over. No wonder they whistled. " Did you flash your panties? " I asked. She was shocked. " It's OK, I said, "I'm not going to get angry. The thought of you flirting when I'm at work is quite a turn on. After all, you must get bored now the girls are at school."In truth, at that time my feelings were mixed up, jealously, angry she had lied and worried that she had been unfaithful. Yet I couldn't quite understand why I also felt sexually turned on at the same time. "Well, I suppose they would have seen my panties sometimes." she said. " You mean you know you did," I said. Re-assuring her that it was quite a turn on hearing about it she was more forthcoming…but still hiding something. "Did you flash for them intentionally?" I asked. She nodded. "Tell me about it""When I went into the garden, hanging out the washing, I knew they were looking at me from an upstairs window. So I bent over the wash basket more than I needed to, so my dress would ride up. Sometimes I stretched up for the washing line knowing my short summer dresses would finish up nearly to my waist. I could hear them whisper to each other in hushed tones." My cock got very hard and my heart beat faster. "Carry on," I said. She looked nervous. "They started coming into the next garden so they could chat over the fence. I could feel them eyeing me up. I suppose they wanted a closer look.""Did they get one?" I asked. She looked down sheepishly and nodded. "So they were looking over the fence chatting while you worked and you treated them by bending over to show your underwear?""Yes" she admitted reluctantly, "I made it look accidental, didn't do it blatantly."Trying to remain calm, I asked her how they started "visiting". "One day they told me that the water had been turned off and they couldn't have a drink. I invited them round for a coffee. It was all innocent really, they started coming round often in their coffee-break and staying for a chat""How many of them?" I asked. "Sometimes three, but one worked in other houses."Let me picture this" I said. "Three men who you'd been flashing your knickers to were now alone with you in the house. Did that make you excited?" She looked down again. "Did you bend over for them in the house?" She never answered. "Come on," I said "Don't spoil things by lying now." She started to look upset. "Yes," she quietly answered. "What did you do?" said I, trying to stop shaking. Not with anger, but with incredible sexual excitement. "They sat at the kitchen table, I pretended to carry on with my jobs so I had an excuse to bend over. Sometimes I sat across from them and let them see up my dress. All my clothes are very short so it wasn't hard." I couldn't hold back any longer. One hand went round her while the other went up her skirt. " So they could see your panties from the front, right between your legs. And you did it all intentionally, wanting to turn them on. You've made my cock very hard, tell me more." She breathed heavily as I put my hand inside her pants. "What else did you do?" I whispered.She closed her eyes and put her head down on my shoulder. "Is thinking about it turning you on?" I asked. "Hmm, a bit," she said. " If I wore a skirt usually I had on a low cut top. Some are quite tight, bit too small really. When I put the coffee on the table they looked down my front.""So you knew they were coming round – did you dress in shortest or lowest cut on purpose, to show more.""Yes," she avoided looking up "It sounds bad.""Its OK carry on," I said gently." I have some dresses that I wouldn't wear outside because they have got too small or short. Same with tee - shirts and tops. Some dresses are too flimsy, see through them. I put them on when I knew they were coming round. One only just covered my bum. The tops made my nipples stick out."" What about your panties, did you pick the most see through or sexiest.""Might as well tell you, yes I did, I took the girls to school and on my way home I usually saw one of the men and they asked if it was OK to come round later. Then I came home and changed into something more revealing and sexier to turn them on and give them a show. I checked in the mirror to see how much I was showing. And yes I chose little panties." She was having an outburst of honesty. Hope she doesn't stop now I thought."Did you wear the panties you bought to liven up our sex life. The ones that are so small and see through you may as well have none on. And those sexy red ones?""Yes," she answered, "They got a good view when I sat across from them and let my legs fall open.""What did they say?""Nothing" she said, I could see they were turned on by the bulges in their pants and how they looked uneasy. "And you also was turned on?" I asked. "Yes. My nipples get hard when I'm feeling sexy: I could see them looking as we talked. Their eyes went from between my legs to my bosom."Not wishing to push her too fast I asked a casual question. "It must have been obvious to them you had changed clothes.""Yes they knew, it seemed like a game at the time. They would sit and drink their coffee and chat and I would give them a little show. Like reaching up to a high shelf above them so they could see all the front of my knickers - some of my dresses are that short. Bending down right in front of them, knowing my pants hardly covered my bum and where very transparent anyway. Sat so all three of them could see up my skirt and letting my legs fall apart. Hitching it up a bit before I sat down so it would ride up more and give them a better view. One day I pretended not to notice that my skirt was higher than my crotch when I was sat down. They could see everything.""Did you open your legs as well?""Yes" she said. " I let them casually swing to each side. To let the men see my pussy. Sometimes we sat chatting like that for 20mins or more, just letting them enjoy the view. I fucked her 3 times that night.Over the next couple of days I couldn't concentrate on my work. I had an irresistible urge to rush home and ask her more questions. The mental images caused me to go to the bathroom and masturbate like crazy. I pictured my wife sat in our kitchen, her skirt pulled up to her waist, her legs wide open, her nipples sticking out from her shirt. Three men with very hard cock's looking at her pussy through see though panties. Did she wear the flesh coloured "nude effect " ones I wondered? They must have gone further, have wanted to touch her, feel her tits, touch her pussy. My God! She must have wanted them to. She dressed up for them, bent over for them, thought about how hard their penis's where. They must have made a pass at her. Did she want any, or all of them to make a pass at her? How far did they really go?I could hardly wait for a chance to find out.

My wife pulled away and turned her back on me, shifting to the far side of the bed. "What's up?" I asked. We had started to indulge in a spot of foreplay and I had suggested she tell me more about her visits from the builders. "Nothing else happened," she claimed. "It was just a bit of fun."

"Sure it was," I said, sarcastically. "Come on, do me a favour! Your showing all you've got and three red-blooded men don't take it further. You bent over for them and made it obvious you were giving them a show. That's why they started talking to you in the first place. And you tell me they didn't make a pass at you. I hate it when you lie. Just tell me the truth."

"You're just looking for an excuse to make trouble," she mumbled. "So that's why you won't tell me?" I responded quickly. "Something did happen then?" "OK, I messed about with them a bit," she said. "It was just a bit of flirting. I liked the attention they were giving me."

My heart beat faster. Messed about with "them", she said. She had let them all touch her. Whilst they was all in the same room I wondered. Or did she go into another room or upstairs with them individually. Surely not, no not my wife. But she said messed about with "them." "Tell me, how did they first make a pass at you?" I said quietly.

"Well," she said hesitantly, "After a while, I knew they were getting more and more turned on. Each day when they came round they started to make more comments about how nice I looked. I think they were a bit shy about making a move. They must have talked about it to each other. I loved the attention. After having two kids it made me feel good that I could still turn men on.

Then one day, when they had sat in the kitchen I felt a hand on my leg from behind. My skirt was slowly pulled up and the man said, "Lets see what colour you're wearing today." I remember, he sounded very nervous and the others forced a giggle. No-one said anything for a few seconds, as though they were waiting for my re-action."

"And what was your reaction?" I asked.

"Nothing," she said, sheepishly, " I just stayed still. Then he pulled my skirt higher – to my waist. I heard them starting to breathe heavily. They were just as nervous as me." She gave a little laugh. "Then one said, "That looks nice, blue panties." The man holding my skirt slowly turned me round and asked if it was OK if they looked from the front. He put his arm round my waist and held my skirt up. Then he kissed me.

They were scared of going any farther and tried to laugh it off as a joke. It was a bit tense and they drank their coffee then went back to work."

"You said messed with them. What happened with the others?"

"Did I?" she said.

"Come on! Don't make it hard work. Just be truthful." I pleaded.

"That had sort of broke the ice," she continued. "The next day they said that they hoped I wasn't annoyed about having a laugh pulling my skirt up. I shook my head. Look!" she said suddenly. "Are you sure you're not out to cause trouble and hold this against me?"

"No, it's fine," I answered. " I just want to know the truth. Anyway I've told you, It turns me on hearing about it." I moved closer to her and put my hand on her breast, fondling her nipple. "Carry on."

"I made them a drink, the atmosphere felt different, then when I walked passed the man who had kissed me he pulled me on his knee. He said that I was working too hard and should sit down. The chat was normal and casual but my skirt had ridden up when I sat down and to keep balance I had to spread my legs open. I was facing the other two men. The one whose knee I sat on said his friends had a good view. I nodded. That seemed to turn him on, he started to kiss me – and his hand went to where yours is now."

"He played with your tits?" "Yes," she breathed out when she answered. " And his mates watched, and you kept your legs open giving them a good view?" "Yes," she breathed again. "And you was very turned on and let them go further?" "Oh God!" she said, "what have I started?" "Did you?" I demanded "Yes," she sobbed. "I'm sorry." "Carry on telling me." It was almost a command.

"One of the other men stood up and said doesn't he get a kiss too. I kept sat on the first man's knee and he carried on playing with my tits, I let the other one kiss me. They both felt my tits and kissed me for a while then they said it was only fair to give their friend a turn. They moved me across to his knee and pulled my skirt right up. Instead of sitting me sideways they pulled my leg apart so I straddled him. Oh God! I could feel his cock bulging out of his pants between my legs. Then he kissed me and the others kept my skirt up and touched my bum. They all had turns feeling my tits. I couldn't help wiggling about. I could feel his cock pressing against me."

"Did they get your tits out or take your top off?" I asked. "No," I didn't let them go any farther."

"That's not true is it?" I accused.

"No," she admitted. "OK it's not, but they didn't that time."

Listening to my wife using words like tits and pussy was new to me. She was, as I've mentioned, very shy. To her that was crude language. My cock had slipped into her and I started to fuck her slowly. "Has talking about it turned you on?" I asked. "A bit," she said. Then she moved faster. "Thinking about those cocks has got me excited," she whispered. "Did you get to play with those cocks?" I asked. "Please, no more questions," she begged. "Just fuck me!"

A few nights later I'd been out having a few beers. Not really being a drinking man I was in quite a happy mood when I got home. I poured myself a large whiskey then sat and reflected on things. My wife was going to make me work for every detail. But why? How did I really feel about my wife performing for these other men? Wonder if she had others as well? Or was it true anyway. I remembered what I'd heard in the garden. I knew that much was true. So why won't she just tell me the full story? How bad was it?

Thinking about it just brought images to my minds eye. By the time I was halfway down the glass my cock was hard. To hell with it! I was going upstairs to bed. Not to sleep, but to wake her up and make her tell me. The drink was having a strange effect.

"What are you doing?" she said as I turned her to face me.

"I want you to tell me about the builders – while I fuck you," I said. I forced open her legs and slid my cock inside her. "Don't, your drunk," she protested. "No I'm just feeling very turned on. I want to know all the details." "Why are you obsessed with details, I can't remember everything. You're trying to catch me out." "Tell me I want to know," I demanded. By now she was moving with me and breathing heavier. "Come on, tell me," I coaxed.

"I've told you," she said, with that same heavy breathing voice she had a few nights before. "I let them kiss me and play with my nipples though my tee-shirt." "You admitted it was more than that," I said, gently thrusting my cock into her. "Tell me and give me a turn on."

"One day they came round and I was wearing a dress that buttoned all the way down the front," she said. "I took turns sitting on their knees as had become the habit" "You did that every day?" I asked, my heart pounding. "Yes, I let them take turns kissing me and touching me." "Had you touched their cocks?" I asked. "Just let me tell you my way," she snapped.

"They were scared to go further in front of each other. They didn't know how far they could push me. We were all nervous. It was like I had a different world during the day, my private world. I suppose I wore that dress on purpose, I wanted them to go farther. I sat on their knees and wiggled about so I could feel their cocks go hard. Then one unfastened my dress. It was the first time they had seen so much of my tits. My bra was a bit flimsy. He put his hand on my tits and pulled my bra up. The others gasped. He started to suck my nipples." She stopped talking waiting for my reaction. I was trying not to come!

"Go on, carry on!" I mumbled. "I looked at the others while they watched me having my tits sucked. It was an incredible turn on. One of them stood up and finished unfastening my dress so it fell apart. He put his hand on my cunt." Jesus! What did she say? "I let him rub me. His hand was outside my panties and I felt them getting very wet. He knelt down and kissed my belly while his fingers worked on me. The third one, trying to join in came to the side of me bent over and kissed me."

"They then stood me up and kissed and played with my nipples. I felt a hand go in the top of my pants. I felt fingers inside me, touching just the right spot."

"Did you touch them too?" I whispered. "Yes," she admitted almost inaudibly. "I let my hand be guided to rubbing a cock through his trousers." "Did he get it out – or you?" "I did,"she admitted. "When the others saw, they got their cocks out too. I wanked their cocks while they fingered me and sucked my tits. I pushed my hips forward against their hands."

"Did you make them come?" I was about to myself! "Yes, they let their spunk come in my hand and on my belly." "Did you come too?" "Yes, They made me climax. When I felt their hot cocks' quirt spunk all over me I came. I loved it."

By now she was bucking her hips to meet mine. "Fuck me harder!" she pleaded. "Give me your cock! Suck my tits!" Is that what she said to them? I thought. That took me over the edge. We both came almost together.

Now very tired, we fell asleep. It was obvious she had more to tell.

Having broken down a few barriers my wife seemed a bit more relaxed telling me about her and the workmen. She did however get irritated when I pressed for too much detail. Like, where exactly was everyone sitting? What precisely was she wearing? It was the detail that created a picture in my mind of the sequence of events and gave me the biggest turn on. Sometimes I asked her to tell me the same story again but the details differed. She related how during the morning she would get excited and turned on waiting for them to come round. They would start off just chatting and having a drink, then she would sit on someone's knee and they would all start to feel very horny.

Sometimes she sat on a knee and they just chatted while a hand stroked her pussy, her dress pulled up so they all could watch. Other times it got more active. Her hand would be put inside someone's pants and she would be asked to "play with it." While that was going on her front would be undone and her tits would be on display. " I started to wear buttons at the front all the time," she once explained, "To make things easier."

She told me that sometimes she stood against the kitchen sink with one of the men, her with dress undone all the way down and her tits out of her bra, masturbating him while the others watched. Once they all took turns at this, ejaculating on her. Sometimes she stood with her legs parted leaning against the worktop facing the seated men, whilst the man stood with her had her pants pulled to one side, his fingers inside her bringing her off. He stood at the side of her, giving his mates the best view.

"Did they ever take your knickers off?" I asked. "Couple of times," she admitted quietly. "The first time they asked me I said no, someone might come to the door. I could button up my dress quickly but didn't want to take my clothes off." "Otherwise you didn't mind?" I asked. "No. God, it sounds so bad!" she said guiltily. "We were stood against the worktop at the time, I had a man on either side of me, my dress undone. And before you ask - yes, I was playing with their cocks. I had one in each hand. They asked me to take them off, give them a proper look. When I said no one of the men told his mate to go and lock the door.

When he came back they watched me take my knickers off. I let them look and play with my pussy. They rubbed me and put their fingers inside me. They lifted one leg up on a chair to see more." "Did they fuck you?" "No, but I held their cocks against my clit whilst I wanked them off" "All three of them?" "Yes – all three of them," she admitted, looking down.

"Tell me something, honestly," I said. "Tell me when they first fucked you." Now this was a big step! "Don't spoil it by lying, just tell the truth."

"After I first took my knickers off for them I let them do it often. Sometimes they would take them off to get an extra thrill: other times they watched me do it. Also it was just two of them that came round mostly. The third had gone on holiday. I had been sat on their knees, without my knickers, my skirt round my waist, playing with their cocks. It just went all the way. They stood me up and one kissed me more roughly than usual. I could feel both their cocks pressing against my belly. They rubbed my tits and nibbled them harder than usual too. One said open your legs, I said no, but did it anyway. My head was turned to the side and I got kissed hard. Then I felt a cock against my cunt." (She had used that word again!) "I know I should have stopped it but I was too far-gone. I let him put it inside me. He fucked me standing up." "Did you let them both fuck you?" She nodded, "Yes, both of them." "And after that they did it often?" I questioned. She nodded again. "Whilst we're being honest, answer me something else. Did you sometimes suck their cocks?" She took a deep breath and nodded yet again. "While other watched?" She gave another hesitant nod. "Did they come in your mouth?" She broke down – now she started to cry. "Don't ask me any more," she sobbed. I think I'd pushed it too fast.

Now it all went wrong, I pressed for information like I was interrogating a criminal. Had she sucked them off? If she admitted to being fucked by two why be cagey about what else she had done? What was she hiding? One question however caused her to really go ballistic. That question was - "Have you done the same with other men?" She went absolutely "ape – shit".

The next few days were like World War Three. Until she had finally had enough and screamed at me, "None of it ever happened, it was all a lie. I only said it to turn you on in bed. You pestered me so I gave you a story. How long do you think their coffee breaks were?" she added mockingly. "Can you really imagine me doing something like that?"

To be honest I could not, but in fact she had done much, much worse. However it would take me almost ten years to find out – and the evidence would come from someone else. Someone who was there!

For the sake of brevity, and not boring the reader, I will summarise the next few years in a short paragraph or two. There were rows and recriminations. "Even if it wasn't true," I told her, "You have hell of an imagination. So how come our sex life is so boring?" Not helpful I know but there you are! It never stopped nagging at me. What was the truth?

There were three possibilities I thought. One, it never happened. Two, it was a love affair with one of them and not just sex. Three, she had done something far worse that she had to hide at all costs. The latter was least likely – but turned out to be the one. Denying it happened was convenient, she didn't have to remember which version of a particular story she told me.

I did discover she was having an affair, which is hell of a tale in itself. However that's another story. The point is I realised that even though she seemed shy and naïve and never went out drinking or clubbing with the girls (her choice) she was capable of being quite naughty! Male readers beware! My wife's adventures happened in the house or at her part time job. Do not underestimate the opportunities for your wife to be unfaithful.

If this were a film a caption would appear on the screen saying "Ten years later".

I was at a self - defence class – (no it hadn't got that bad!) One of the guys there was chatting to me and in the course of the conversation asked me where I lived. When I told him he said, "Oh yeah, I worked on those houses when they were modernised a few years ago." I avoided telling him how long I'd lived there and let him tell me about the work. "We had a good time," he said. "The bosses didn't give a shit, we could disappear for ages and no one bothered. The site was vast and most of the people had moved out whilst the work was done. It was the way it was financed, no time limit, building inspectors and bosses on bribes. Plus they couldn't get the enough proper tradesmen, so they turned a blind eye to most things. You could do what they thought was three days work in one and half days then do what you liked. Some entertained the housewives, if you get my drift," he said laughing. Now this guy could tell me a few things I thought.

I offered to buy him a drink to loosen his tongue but he didn't have time. He was still very forthcoming though. "A few housewives had extra work done for favours – one red - head went though plumbers, electricians, carpenters you name it, depending on what jobs she wanted doing."

After listening for a while I said, "Yeah, I once met a guy who worked on that job, think he was called Bob." It was a lie of course but that was the guy's name that my wife most talked about, the one that seemed to lead. Where was he from now?"

" Oh him, Bob. Yes well he did have a good time. With a young blonde piece, sexy looking girl she was. Took her kids to school then Bob and others visited."

"Really!" I said trying not to look so anxious. "What you mean "others?"

"Two of his regular mates at first, but he let some others in on the action. They had a wild time."

"Sorry, it seems a bit hard to believe," I smiled. "So they queued up?"

"No, course not, not everyone was friends with each other, little groups formed, some weren't interested others went to the pub some even sunbathed. Then again some stories you heard were not true, some guy bullshitting. So you didn't take much notice sometimes. It was also wise not to ask too many questions. Some secrets were not secrets, if you follow me.

He carried on talking, I became more convinced he was talking about the same guys – and my wife.

"So how do you know this stories true? Were you one of the privileged few?"

"Unfortunately no, but one Friday morning I had to go round to the blonde's house. The building inspector wanted another guy and myself and I had to and find him. Usually on pay-day morning people drifted away to the pub or had a sleep somewhere, but I'd noticed for a couple of weeks that odd ones went into this house. Maybe about five or six, not all at once - singles and pairs. It would have looked normal only I knew that there was no work scheduled in there. The area was usually more or less deserted by lunchtime.

Well the guy I went for wasn't a friend but I'd seen him go in and seeing that other workmen had gone in I didn't think the door would be locked. I thought maybe that they had a card school going or they were having a drink with the blonde though it seemed unusual. I had to knock on the door.

A guy that knew me answered it and when I told him what I wanted he ushered me in and shut the door. That was unusual it was bloody hot weather. He left me in the hallway and went into the kitchen, I could hear muffled conversation but it was quiet for five or six guys.

He had pulled the door closed a bit but there was a gap, when I moved towards it to have a peep I could see the backs of a couple of guys and others at the side all staring at a corner of the room. I thought they must be watching a TV, my view was blocked. When one of the guys moved I had the shock of my life! The blonde girl was sat on a kitchen chair: she had nothing on top. Naked from the waist up – and she was sucking a guy off! She was jerking it while another had his hand in front of her. When he moved a bit I could see she had her legs wide open, skirt round her hips and – no knickers on. She was letting the other guy finger her, and her hand was playing with his cock too. I guess the others were waiting their turn," he laughed loudly.

"So you stayed and joined in?"

"No, I was ushered out again when the guy came in the hallway. Told you, not everyone was friends and some guys you didn't complain to. Keep quiet and protect your kneecaps. Know what I mean?"

"Well," I said laughing, "You tell a fine tale, but it was interesting if unbelievable. I think you've been winding me up."

"Please yourself," he said laughing to. "Anyway, I'm off home, see you next week."

Fucking hell I felt like shit. That was my wife. So it was true – but worse. Or was it someone else? No, too many details fit even the guy whose name I'd offered. Having told myself years ago that I should be grateful my wife was not as unfaithful as first believed I was now back at square one. What was the truth? I had had enough she was going to fucking tell me. I had been treated with contempt.

One thing I noticed on the way home – in spite of the hurt and anger - my cock kept getting hard. It had turned me on.

When I got home my wife was sat on the sofa watching a film. I walked over and turned it off. "You have some talking to do," I said. "Shall I tell you how Bob is?" I shouted.

For the next fifteen minutes she listened, ashen faced, while I told her whom I'd met.

"Right, I want to know the real version! True version! Not the bullshit version. I know lots of details – and yours better match." She started to cry. "Don't try that trick again, it won't work," I sneered.

It's difficult to convey to the reader the mood and atmosphere of what happened next. She was guilt – ridden, ashamed, embarrassed, scared of making me more mad with her lies though. I made it clear I wanted to know everything – and I meant everything. Every little detail. Though for the reader's sake I'll avoid repeating earlier stories. It was confession time.

"Lets start with something easy to get the ball rolling," I said. "Answer yes or no – did you have sex with the builders?" "Yes," she sobbed. "With more than one?" "Yes" "In same room at same time?" "Yes," her head lowered. "Sometimes they brought other men and you gave them what they wanted?" "Yes." God, my cock was hard now! "You performed while others watched, then gave them a turn?" A slight nod from her. "Was it always in the kitchen?" "No." "Where else?"

"In the bedroom - or in the lounge, sometimes in the bathroom or downstairs toilet." Fucking hell! That last statement blew me! Don't push too fast? I thought. Come back to that one later.

"Was it the first time you'd been unfaithful?" "No" "More than once before?" "Yes." Jesus! Better come back to that too!

"You like lots of cock?" "Yes – well not exactly." "Explain." "I always had a fantasy about being obedient for men. Not being tied up or anything, just do things for them. I couldn't go out and find men: I'd be to scared. What I mean is when I got chance to do it for real I wasn't really bothered if they didn't shag me. It was just the situation that made me feel sexy." "But you liked different cocks inside you?" "Yes" "Was your time with the builders the first time you had sex with more than one man at once?" She hesitated, "No – but it was before I met you," she explained, as though it didn't matter.

"So did it start the way you first said?" I asked, settling back knowing this was going to be hell of a turn on.

"Yes, bending over in the garden, except I went a bit further than I said. I never went out shopping or anything without tights (pantyhose) or stockings but being a very hot summer I took them off at home. Once when I bent over for them I had purposely left on my tights but taken off my panties. I had checked in the mirror just how much they could see from a bedroom window. I wasn't brave enough to go naked underneath then. When they came into the garden I used to squeeze my nipples before I went out to make them stick out more. You see I had bought some very tight low cut tee – shirts to show my tits off and some very thin see – though shirts. I left quite a few buttons undone. I felt very excited waiting for them to appear, sometimes I played with myself in front of the bedroom mirror, and by the time I went out I was very sexed – up."

"Did you leave your pants off when they were looking over the fence?" "Yes, a few times but I had my tights on. Yes, I purposely turned my back to them and bent all the way over. Please do something for me," she said. "Kiss me." I obliged, she was very passionate. "Carry on," I said, pulling away.

I poured her a large drink – just to relax her of course.

"Well one day I was talking to them over the fence letting them look down my front and Bob said I looked smashing. Without thinking I said would you like to come round for a coffee.

I really meant just him: I had undone an extra button on my shirt and tweaked my nipples to make them hard. My bra was very flimsy and see - through. When the door opened they all walked in."

"So you were hoping to get Bob to make a pass at you?" I asked.

"Yes, I suppose so, or just see how turned on I got him. I wondered what his cock would look like: sometimes I could see it sticking out through his pants. The story about the water being turned off wasn't true. I asked them round. It had been a while since I had seen another man's cock, the thought made me excited."

"But you had seen a few – even after we got married?"

"Yes, sometimes it just happened and I didn't resist the chance. Anyway, they couldn't take their eyes off me, especially when I sat down and let my skirt ride up. The rest you know really, I finished up one day sat on their knees and kept letting them go a bit further. They were very shy at getting their cocks out in front of each other so sometimes I went upstairs with one of them, on the bed. Sometimes when we went back down I left off my bra or panties. Sometimes another man would take me back upstairs."

I poured her another large drink. "What did you do on the bed?"

"Sometimes they would just lie on the bed and play with me and I would wank them off. Or they would take off their jeans and underwear and take my knickers off." She looked at the floor and said, "I let them fuck me or sucked them off."

"Did they come in your mouth?"

She nodded. "Tell me, did they ever take you doggy fashion?" "Yes, sometimes," she murmured. "You knelt on all - fours on the bed?" I asked. "Yes, or stood and bent over a chair or the bed," she added.

My hand went to my zip: her eyes narrowed as my very hard cock came into view.

"Did they ever all take you upstairs?

"One day I was up there and the others sneaked up and burst in for a laugh," she said watching me slowly rub my cock.

"What did they see?" I asked.

"I was knelt on the floor – the man was sat on the edge of the bed – I was sucking his cock. I just had my blouse on, nothing else. They stayed and I got on the bed with them. They either fucked me or I sucked them. I had lost any inhibitions with those three by then. Then one went on holiday and I never saw him again. He left the job. The other two still came round and we either went upstairs or did things in the kitchen or lounge. Not so often the lounge though, there was a chance we could be seen easier.

I always made sure they locked the door, just for chance anyone came."

She looked more relaxed now: the drink was doing its job. "What do you mean did things in the kitchen, what sort of things?"

"They got me to bend over a chair and fucked me from behind. Once they laid me across the table with my legs overhanging, after they both licked my pussy one put his cock in me and I sucked the other – at the same time" That made her wiggle her bottom in the chair. "Why don't you touch yourself," I suggested. The memory of it is making you turned on, isn't it?" She nodded again. "Its OK," I said, "Lift your skirt up."

She followed my suggestion.

"Sometimes I took off my knickers and straddled one of them – put his cock inside me and the other one stood over me while I took him in my mouth. They tried to do what they had seen in girlie - mag pictures. I just went along with what they wanted. Once I was just walking around the kitchen while they drank their coffee, bending over for them as usual. Bob stood up and grabbed me from behind and told me to bend over his mate – his mate had got his cock out – he told me to suck it. I had to bend really low from a standing position – Bob pulled my knickers down and stuck his cock in me – his mate masturbated in my mouth."

"Do you like a mans' cum in your mouth?"

"Hmm," she said, "I like watching it come out and tasting it, all warm – I like all the liquid that comes out of a mans cock." The last bit sounded like she was thinking aloud. I had to slow down before I came myself. She was now partly tipsy with the drink and partly in ecstasy I think!

Taking advantage of her extreme outburst of honesty I moved across to her and put my arm round her. Kissing her neck I whispered, "Tell me about the other liquid – what do you mean?" My heart was beating hard. What was she going to tell me?

"We were in the kitchen one day – they were just drinking coffee – Bob's mate stood up and said he needed a pee. Bob laughed and said to me, why don't I go with him and hold it for him? His friend said she wouldn't dare. Bob kissed me and said go on do it I dare you. I followed his mate into the downstairs toilet. He put his arm around me and pulled me to him when he got his cock out. I took hold of it and he kissed me. Then he said it was no good – he was too hard to pee. I was disappointed, the idea had turned me on, and I wanted to watch his pee come out, maybe put my hand in the stream. He said I'd have to help him, make it soft. I knew what he meant, but instead of wanking him off I sat on the seat and sucked him. He came in my mouth then when it went slack I stood up and held it waiting for the pee to come out. I could hear Bob listening behind the door – I hoped it made him envious. His mate started to pee and I held his cock watching it come out. I let my finger get in the way so it went on my hand. Fucking hell I was turned on!" she said, frigging her-self harder. Now this kink I never knew.

"I bent down a bit to watch it closer – then when it stopped coming out I put my mouth back around his cock – licked the last drops. He hadn't finished though, I felt a bit more dribble on my tongue."

"What did you do?" I asked pulling my todger harder.

"I closed my mouth on his cock and licked his pee-hole. Like letting him know I wanted more. I felt some more squirt out – all hot and lovely in my mouth. Am I wicked?" she asked. "Can you forgive me – letting a man piss in my mouth – and me loving every drop of it?" Now she was really gone. "Did you swallow it?" I gasped.

"Yes," she breathed, "I let it run round my mouth and then swallowed it He kept letting little bits dribble out, then some would come with a bit more force hitting the top of my mouth. You'll never forgive me for that will you?

Bob opened the door and saw what I was doing – nobody said anything – we were all shocked at each other. We just went back into the kitchen – they were very quiet. The man and I exchanged knowing glances: he gave me a smile letting me know he'd enjoyed it. When they went Bob kissed me very passionately so I knew it had turned him on.

I could hold back no longer, I pulled my wife's face down to my cock and spurted my load in her mouth, then I sat back with my arm around her while she made herself come.

In the cold light of day I said to my wife, "Last night you got a bit drunk – do you remember what you said?" She looked me in the eye, "You told me not to lie anymore, I didn't." "Let me hear you say it now you are sober - you let a man pee in your mouth"

"I liked the man peeing in my mouth. It turns me on. If you want to leave I will understand."

For the rest of that day nothing else was said about sex. We just carried on as normal.

That evening about 9pm we were sat alone quietly reading. I felt uncomfortable, not knowing why. Somehow it didn't sound right for me to say, "OK, carry on with your story." My wife made the first move.

"I suppose you want me to tell you more about what I've done?" she said. "Do you mind if I start now – it gets too late and I get very tired? I suppose I'll have to finish telling you sometime."

I put down my book. "I'll pour us both a drink," I said. "No, not for me thanks," she answered. I was not quite sure that I wanted to hear anymore anyway. "Your not the shy naïve person you make yourself out to be are you?" I said.

"Yes! I couldn't have gone out to say a café or the park and behaved like that. I've told you, it was like a separate world, everyone out and me alone in the house. It was like a fantasy world that I could switch on and off. They were just as hesitant as I was sometimes. We didn't say, "Lets go upstairs and have sex." We just chatted and perhaps I'd feel a hand on me or they would sit me on their knee and it would go from there. Sometimes they would just say, "Shall we lock the door?" I would say yes or nod my head – sometimes they would say they couldn't stay that day. We didn't actually talk about sex much."

"OK," I said, "Tell me more. Sure you don't want a drink?" "Go on then, may as well make ourselves comfortable. Before we start – are you going to leave?"

"Told you, it's the lies and deceit that caused the damage, not what you've done. When you got found out you should have been honest."

"Not what I've done? You haven't heard the rest of the story yet."

"Can it really be worse than what you've already told me? I asked.

"Depends how you look at it – we'll see – but it won't be easy to tell."

Sipping my drink and trying to relax I asked my wife, "How many men were involved with this episode with the builders?"

"Do you mean how many did I have sex with - or how many I misbehaved with or in front of?" she replied.

"Well seeing you make such a distinction between the two I'll let you tell me your way," I said very sharply. "How did that start then?"

"I think the one called Bob got his thrills more from watching than joining in. He always seemed to be the one that pushed things that bit further. It seemed a game to see how far he could push me: though he wasn't a bossy person – more crafty. I always wondered why he never came round on his own. Always wanted his mate with him. He certainly didn't want to get to know me as a person. I felt a bit annoyed sometimes – like I was just a sex toy."

"But you were, wasn't exactly romantic was it? Anyway you seemed to enjoy it like that."

"Yes," she sighed. "I've got to admit I did. Showing off my body and teasing them still gave me a thrill. That's how he tricked me and played a joke on two of his work-mates – it backfired on him though – he set out to shock but I shocked him.

He liked me in a certain little sundress. It was fairly short and very see-through: one you needed a little slip under if you didn't want to show your panties. It also had a low front and was really a bit too small for me: it clung to me and looked very sexy. I hadn't seen them for a couple of days and he came round on his own to say could they come round later, in an hour. I must admit I was looking forward to it. He asked me to wear the dress – and said how-about wearing stockings and suspender belt for him underneath as a treat. I laughed and said I would think about it. That was a strange thing for him to do – I wondered what was going on.

Anticipating their visit had got me feeling excited so I went upstairs and put on stockings and suspenders - and little black panties and bra. It looked a bit "sluttish," I would have never had gone out looking like that. My black underwear showed beneath my dress. If I just leaned forward or stretched up a bit I showed my stocking tops and panties and you could see my nipples through my bra, the dress was pulling very tight. Very effective for getting attention from men," she said smiling to herself.

I carried on doing my housework and being dressed like that got me feeling very, very aroused. Even leaning forward just a bit showed a little bare flesh above my stockings. I was in the kitchen when I heard the door go – I had my back to it – leaning forward, slightly bending. When I turned round it was not only Bob and his mate that came in but two others as well!

They were two men in their thirties. Bob told me that one was an old friend of his that had started to work with them. He said that he hoped I wouldn't mind if they came in for a coffee. I was annoyed – and a bit disappointed – nothing was going to happen with others in the house. I felt a bit embarrassed and awkward standing there. Bob was smirking – I realised then that he had set me up. The other men were a bit shocked, it was obvious they hadn't known what to expect, we had all been set up."

"You never thought of telling them all to leave though?" I said.

"No," she said. "I was mad but I made them a coffee anyway. Everyone started to make polite conversation but the atmosphere was a bit tense. I felt eyes looking though me all the time – or rather though my dress!"

"So they sat and chatted – what were you doing?"

"Well, I just stood up and busied myself wiping the kitchen surfaces down – trying not to bend over too much. Bob asked the others if they thought I was a great looker. Bull-shitter, I could have killed him! He said why don't I sit down – I told him it's OK, anyway you lot are sat on all the seats. He pulled me down on his knee. I got the picture then – he was trying to get them to see up my skirt! He was trying to repeat what had happened with him and his friends' weeks ago! That was how he got his thrills, manipulating, then watching while joining in."

"So could they see up your skirt?" I asked, sounding impatient.

"A lot," she replied. "He made sure I was facing them at just the right angle. I decided I wasn't going to be used like that and stood up again. Bob looked embarrassed then and said they had better get back to work. I said his friends could stay because they hadn't finished their drinks"

"Why did you say that?" I asked.

"I don't know really – I think it was to annoy him – let him know he doesn't control me. His usual friend looked mad at him as well – when he looked at me we knew that we had both been looking forward to the same thing."

"Which was?"

"Well – some sort of sex," she said coyly. "They both started to leave and the new bloke said they had better go too. I said, no it's OK you and your friend stay and finish your drinks. He looked at Bob but they just left. I shut the door behind them and sat down."

"What did you have in mind?

"Nothing really. We made small talk, but I could feel his very penetrating eyes looking at me. The other one didn't say much, just looked at me. I asked if he was a good friend of Bob or just worked with him. He said I'm a good friend - are you? I said, well I suppose so: they come round quite a lot. He said he could see why if I wore sexy clothes like that. I asked if they wanted some more coffee – I suppose I wanted to keep them there."

"You were feeling aroused again?"

"Yes. Anyway, I sat down again and showed a bit more - they could see my stocking tops. Then he said how turned on stockings made him feel – and what a pity that another button didn't pop open on my dress. I popped the next one open," she said quietly. " I surprised myself more than them.

"Which button? I asked.

"The bottom one – it made my dress fall open a bit more – gave them a view of bare leg and a bit of my panties. They gasped a bit and their eyes nearly came out of their heads. He said I looked very sexy – and I was making them go hard. He asked if I did that for Bob – I said yes, and his friend. That really got them!" she laughed.

"He said well then maybe I wouldn't mind undoing a few more buttons. I undid a couple more – then he said why don't I sit back a bit and stretch my legs out. I did – then I unfastened the rest of my dress and let it fall apart. I looked at him and said " Do you mean like that? They could see everything then: my pants and bra were completely see-though. I said, "Is that a better turn-on for you?"

"He said, "What would you be doing now if Bob and his mate was still here – and we wasn't?" I said that I didn't know. He asked me if we would be upstairs - I said maybe. He smiled at me and said I didn't go to the trouble of dressing up for nothing. Then he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs now? I said that I really don't know you and anyway someone might come, what if Bob comes back? He said don't worry about that, then he stood up and held his hand out for me. I let him pull me up and looked at his friend, he just looked at me like an animal ready to pounce."

"Did that scare you?"

"Yes, but at the same time it turned me on. He was weird and sinister looking."

"Did you not ask if one or both was going to go upstairs with you?"

"No – he said, " Well?" I went to the door and locked it – then I walked towards the stairs – they both followed me. When we got upstairs he pulled my dress off my shoulders and said let's take a better look at your sexy undies. His mate sat in a chair and just carried on looking at me, at my body. He stood in front of me and just kept caressing my body, sometimes my tummy then my tits through my bra, then my thighs. When I looked at his mate he had got his cock out. It was really thick – not particularly long – but thick. I kept looking at that.

The man with me noticed were my eyes were and asked if I liked the look of it – I think I just nodded. He unzipped his own pants and pressed me on my shoulders – I knew what he wanted – I sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled his cock out and put it near my mouth."

"Did you hold it or him?"

"At first him – then I held it"

"You wanked him in your mouth – till he came?"

"Yes – It's getting hard to tell you now. I'm ashamed of the things I did. I can't believe I did them."

"Its OK," I said, "I'm not sitting in judgement – just keep to the facts."

"Yes – I held it in my mouth and sucked it, he told me to move my hand up and down and wank him – I let him come in my mouth. Then he laid me down on the bed and pulled my knickers off – knelt down and started to lick me"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes – it was very erotic. He licked my pussy while I watched his mate masturbating his thick cock. His mate was watching me being licked – laid with my legs dangling over the bed – no knickers on, just stockings and suspenders and legs wide open. Yes – I enjoyed it. Even more when his friend came and lay next to me. He pinched my nipples and then told me to open my mouth – he moved up the bed so I could suck him. It was only for a minute though. The man between my legs got up and the other put his cock inside me. He fucked me very hard," she said in a matter of fact voice, "very hard and very rough."

"You didn't like it?"

"Oh yes!" she said. "I wrapped my legs round him and thrust back. Sorry to say this but it was the best fuck I have ever had – even though he was a bit weird and not very good looking. Well, to be honest he was a bit ugly." Then she added, almost thinking aloud, "But he knew how to fuck a woman with that thick cock of his. After we had both come the three of us just lay on the bed kissing and touching each other"

"So did they come back again?" I asked. My cock was now in my hand and my wife's hand kept stroking her thigh, moving her skirt up higher.

"Yes. They came round a couple of times before Bob realised. He'd been moved to another house and was a bit peeved. He was too far away."

"So they fucked you a few times?"

"Yes – and they wasn't as hesitant as the other two! "

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well," she said nervously. "They didn't mess about as much to get their kicks."

"Tell me properly – in detail," I demanded.

"Oh God!" she sighed. "OK – one day they sat me on a chair and both stood in front of me. They got me to lick both their cocks at once then take them both in my mouth – at once. I held one with each hand and wanked them both at once."

Before I'd taken in the last remark she followed it up with, "They once got me on the kitchen floor and took turns lying on top of me with their cock in my mouth - thrusting in me - fucking my mouth."

If that wasn't enough she added, " One day, when I was passing the house that they was working on they shouted me and got me to go inside. They showed me upstairs then they both started to grope me. I played with their cocks a bit then they told me to take my knickers off. They told me to bend over a workbench – they lifted my skirt and played with my bum a bit – then they took turns fucking me from behind."

She touched her panties and rubbed her clit. "I was completely submissive to them. I loved the thick cock inside me. I would have let them do anything. I liked bending over and sticking my bum out for them – they always fucked me really hard. And they used to bite my nipples. That was good – I liked that – a cock in each hand and a mouth on each tit. We didn't waste time with coffee: usually it was straight upstairs or knickers off in the kitchen and a cock inside me. As soon as they came in the house they would kiss me and my hand would go to their zip."

That was enough stories for one night – I think we came together. We both went silently to bed.

The following day I had a permanent hard on. The mental picture of my wife obediently bending over with no panties on so two men could fuck her from behind made it necessary for me to keep disappearing to the lavatory for hand relief. By the time we were once again alone I was like an excited schoolboy.

She was very relaxed and had a couple of drinks so I wasted no time.

"Carry on telling me about the builders," I said. "Do something for me first though? Take off your dress and go and put on stockings and suspenders."

"Why?" she asked, surprised.

"Why do you think?" I replied, then I slowly unzipped myself and took out my cock.

Five minutes later she was back – wearing black lacy underwear and her stockings.

"So that's what they saw?" I commented.

"Yes," she answered pouring herself another large drink. She walked to the sofa and sat across from me letting her legs fall apart. "This is exactly what they saw."

Now she was teasing me. "Carry on," I said.

"I suppose you want to know if all four men came in the house together for a sexy time? Well – they did. One day I was upstairs with the second two and there was a knock on the door. I threw on my dressing gown and went downstairs to answer it."

"What had you just been doing when interrupted?" I asked.

"I had undressed for them and was playing with the one that had a thick cock – we were lying on the bed. The other was behind me rubbing his cock on my bum.

Anyway it was Bob and his mate at the door. They came in and he asked if someone was here. I told him yes, someone is upstairs. He looked a bit annoyed but didn't say anything. Just as he said they would go his friend from upstairs came in the room. Bob looked very annoyed then but his mate said what's the matter? They stayed and chatted a bit. All four of us were then in the kitchen. The one I had been upstairs with pulled the cord on my dressing gown and said what are we all waiting for – we all know why we're here?

I let him put his hands inside my gown and pull it apart, Bob and his other friend could see I only had panties on and they had bulges in their pants. They remembered what they had been missing! He was shocked to find I was willing to go upstairs with other men too.

That's where we went – upstairs – they took turns watching or playing."

"What sort of playing?" I asked.

"You know – wanking them, sucking it for them, just letting them pull my legs apart and letting them play with me and look at my cunt they sucked my tits"

"And fucking?" I asked.

"Well – yes –they finished up fucking me. Well - three did – one came in my mouth. I had him in my mouth while the others fucked me on all fours. Doggy fashion they called it. They really pounded me."

"If this is turning you on put your hand inside your knickers. Did you do that for them sometimes? Let them watch you play with yourself?" She gave one of her guilty nods. "Yes," she said, then her fingers moved to her clit and she stroked it gently.

"Did they still never come alone?" I asked. She was still avoiding telling me something I felt. "And once you said it was sometimes in the bathroom, what did you mean?

"I'll tell you," she said. "Will you pour me another drink first please? – I'll need it!

My wife lay back on the sofa, her legs outstretched and open. One hand was inside her lacy black panties - the other held her drink. She had on black stockings and suspender belt. By now I had taken off my trousers and underwear and was gently playing with my cock. My wife began to speak.

" Sometimes after I had sex with the men, usually I would let one of them come into the bathroom with me and we showered. I would wash their cocks and they would soap me. I liked to soap the one with the very thick cock – I loved to play and look at it. Sometimes, if I had time I would get turned on again and wank them off in my mouth or on my tits, or let them fuck me again. Sometimes I would bend over the bath or toilet and they fucked me from behind. Sometimes I would be under the shower with a man and one of the others would want to pee – that would get me very turned on – just watching. Once I was stood up with a man fucking me, holding my bum and bouncing me on his cock. He lifted me off the floor and I wrapped my legs around him – I looked over his shoulder and watched another man pee while I was being fucked. It made me climax straight away

They never got me to hold it though."

"Did you ever hold it again for the other guy – the one you did it with originally?"

"I'm about to tell you, that's why I needed the drink," she said quietly.

"Yes, when Bob was sent to another house they were split up – his mate got chance to come on his own a few times. I was going to avoid telling you about this," she confessed.

"I thought so – carry on please," I replied.

"The first time he came on his own we started to chat. It was early morning so I wasn't expecting anyone else just yet. We chatted a bit then he started to kiss me. He told me he really enjoyed what we did a couple of weeks before. I think he was a bit scared to mention it. This was before he knew what I'd done with the other guys and we were having foursomes. I pretended I wasn't sure what he meant. He said, "The things we did in the toilet – I'd like to do it again." He asked if I liked it, I didn't answer him. When he asked me again I said I liked it a bit. He kissed me harder and said would I go in the toilet with him.

I wasn't sure but I knew I was starting to get turned on seeing the effect it had on him. I said OK but we would go upstairs to the bathroom – then I told him to lock the door. When we went inside the bathroom I told him he must never tell anyone about it. No-body, it was just between him and me. He said he wouldn't want to spoil things, he would keep it a secret. He was really excited, he kissed me and I could feel his cock sticking out of his pants. I put my hand on it and rubbed it then unzipped him and took it out. I knew he wanted me to take the lead so I said, "You can't pee with that hard on – shall I make it go soft." He was really excited. I pulled it a bit then I knelt down and licked it, then – it just came in my head to try something.

I told him he didn't need to point it downwards – I turned him to the washbasin and put his cock over the edge. I gently pulled it and said to him: "Pee in the basin for me."

He found it hard to relax enough at first then it started coming out – in little spurts. I was very aroused myself by now."

My wife's hand began to move faster inside her pants and her eyes closed – she carried on talking.

"I watched his piss come out then I was so turned on I turned him round, sat on the toilet and put it in my mouth. When I felt the first bit of warm liquid I sucked harder and he came – I swallowed it all. He tried to pull away from me but I groaned and held it in my mouth. I put my hand behind him to stop him pulling away. He let little bits of pee come out in my mouth. Then he said he would have to let it all come out!

I told him to hang on – I stood up and took my top and skirt off and kissed him – then I whispered to him that he must never tell what we do. He nodded – then I sat on the toilet again. He knew I wanted him to piss on me – he said what about your bra and pants, they'll get wet? I said don't worry, then I took hold of his cock and licked the end.

Fucking hell!" she cried out, "Was I turned on!" It was not a question – it was a statement!

"He started to let it come out but wasn't sure if he should let it come full force. I looked up and groaned at him – he knew then. He let it come all over my tits! – I held his cock so I could control the flow. We both watched my bra and panties getting wet with his piss. Then I said to him again, "Are you sure you won't tell anyone?"

He said no, honestly he wouldn't – so I opened my mouth and pointed the stream of hot piss into it. He said, "Fucking Hell! That's great! I let the full force fill up my mouth then let it overflow down my face. I kept squeezing his cock to slow down the flow then let it go again. When he had almost run out I kept it in my mouth and swallowed the last drops – he still had little spurts coming out – I swallowed it."

When she was in this state it was more a case of her re-living the events for herself than telling me. I knelt down between her legs and licked her pussy through her pants and kissed her thigh. "What else did you do?" I asked. "Did you do other kinky pee things?"

"Hmm, but I'll make you mad. I never did those things with you. You won't like to hear it." "Tell me," I said, sliding her panties off and kissing her pussy. "Tell me what a naughty girl you was."

"It didn't all happen then- the pee thing – he came himself a few times then I lost touch with all of them. They got new bosses and things tightened up. Anyway I had already put a stop to things. It had gone far enough and it wasn't a turn on anymore. It had lost its spontaneity. It was silly that the one who came in the bathroom with me had to check if others were coming first. The situation had got stupid. Apart from that there was a couple of events that made me end the games altogether – one I must admit I enjoyed but wasn't a good idea – the other was dangerous and scared me."

"Are you avoiding telling me?" I accused.

"No! I'm just saying it was quite a few months later when the job had finished that I came across him again," she explained.

"And you invited him round for sex?" I suggested.

"Well – I asked if he would like to come round for a coffee sometime," she declared. [..]