Written by dobin

3 Jul 2006

It wasn't that long ago when I was a driving instructor that I had my first taste of sex outside marriage, I had been a good and faithful guy until….Mandy. She was a 19 year old dark haired beauty with a superb figure that was hard not to snatch a glimpse of especially when she was doing 3 point turns, the movement of her arms made those firm breasts juggle gently and often I would rise to the occasion but of course not daring to stare or even touch.

I went along with her for a few lessons and being probably the best student I had ever had, suggested a test soon. The day of the test arrived and I went to collect her from her house. The lesson before she asked me if I had any tips that would help her pass and having no serious problem with her driving ability I jokingly said well wear something a bit sexy maybe you could put the examiner off. Well, when I saw her I could have fucked her there and then, she wore one of the shortest skirts I had seen, obviously stockings, good driving shoes but when I looked at her top…see through with no bra I was…well stiff as fuck in seconds.

Anyway it was hard to concentrate on the lesson and I was waiting to see the examiners face as she signed in for the test…it was of total shock. The test went well and she was back in very quick time. Remember, this was a test in April, not too warm, and as the examiner walked back in he commented.. 'good driver passed ok, but what the hell would she be wearing in summer?'.

I duly drove her back home and she said that she wanted to thank me, I had taken a picturesque route back and she said, just stop for a moment, here will do, and she indicated a turning with an open gate. Once stopped she said…'this is for all the hard work you have done to get me through' and with that she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth, I naturally responded and within seconds we were tongue fighting and I was rising yet again at the thought of this hot young woman now in my arms, mmm she said, I see you are rising again..how have you managed to control yourself all these weeks? And with that she stroked the outside of my bulging trousers still kissing me even harder now. Opening the zip I gasped as she gripped my now enormous cock, and bent down to first of all look at it closer then gently lick the tip. I took this chance to lift my hand and feel one of those wonderful breasts, unbuttoning the see through blouse and gorging myself on the firm flesh with erect nipples that I pinched hard as she started to suck me with some urgency. She seemed to love to have them pinched and begged me to do it more and harder

For some time we stayed in this position and I managed to stop my cum from shooting but god knows how. I then suggested we got out and lay in the field where we were parked, she agreed and I spread a car rug on the floor near the front of the car and she laid down instantly parting her legs for me to kneel between, I lifted her skirt to find one more surprise, no panties and a sweet hairy pussy that was dripping already, I wasted no time but dropped my trousers to my knees and entered her and fucked her so hard until we both had the most amazing orgasm…

I carried on seeing her very week and I fucked her every way possible but this started off the total sexual experience of a driving instructor, I became more bold and some of my lady pupils were even bolder, I think a reputation among ladies and their friends spread and so did many pairs of legs over the next couple of years, my reward for passing tests got more regular and even when failed as if it were part of the package.

I finally sold the business and apart from the sex and chat with mainly women pupils I do not miss the job but I will never forget Mandy. I will go as far as to say she was far the best pupil and best fuck I had whilst I was an instructor and often dream of that first day with her.