Written by newinwilts

11 Jan 2006

She was an English Lit professor. She was sooooo hot. You think its all poetry and textual deconstruction but spending years looking at Victorian sexual repression in books must have an effect one way or the other. She must have decided to abandon the victorian values...

We were at at a conference and our respective bravura performances seemed to have done the trick. I couldn't keep my eyes off her and she was gazing at me all the time I was presenting, even though it wasn't here area of interest - seems I was! So we made the academic small talk thing and smiled and parted, until the end of conference bash that is...

She eyed me up while at the bar and then was moving in such a hot way on the floor, her full body was firm and sexy. Her eyes were drilling me and a smile was playing across her lips. Okay I don't normally dance but some choice cuts and the even choicer prof did the trick. Back and forth, eyes locked, pounding rythmns, you know the score. Eventually I signed I needed to go to the loo. Maybe she misunderstood the hand signals but then again maybe not.

She hesitated for a few moments and followed me in, just as I had got it out and started pissing. She grabbed it to stop me spraying all over with one hand and pulled me into a stall with the other. She aimed me and let me empty before she flushed and slid onto the seat in front of me and whispered "you'll want cleaning" and swallowed my hardening cock. She was astounding. Her tongue and rich, pouty lips caressing and enchanting. Her sensual fingers caressing my balls. God, I had to push her away before I shot my load. She stood and turned. I needed no invitation. I squatted and liccked her until I could hear muffled moans and gasps as she chewed on her arm, desperate to keep quiet (and failing). Unable to resist her lovely wet hole I stood and slid slowly into her hot depths... I moved slowly but she arched her back and pushed toward me in her desire and need. Then she let it go. She became noisy and that finished me, I erupted into her.

We opened the stall and were met with a small crowd who applauded wildly. She was astounded to see her head of department but not as surprised as I was to see mine, clearly my lover wasn't the only lady brave enough to enter the gents.

Pleased and embarrassed we fled, her dripping with my cum. Back at the hotel we just carried on where we'd left off...

But that's for another night (if you want)