Written by lwuk

19 Aug 2005

Chapter 3

It took a minute for the two girls to stop giggling, while Paul's erection was lost instantly. They watched Eddy's neighbours close the door wondering if they were spotted. It seemed not. Sharon lying on her side was facing Paul and Eddy who was almost on his lap. Eddy started to laugh again and this time Paul joined in. Sharon leaned towards Paul and kissed him on the chest. She stood and grabbed her clothes. The mules on her feet being the only item she had on. Sharon then walked towards the bedroom. Eddy followed, pulling off her top and with one deft hand undid the bra clasp behind her back. Paul saw her and Sharon disappear behind the bedroom door.

Paul stood up and teetered on his trapped feet. He sat back down and started tugging at his shoelaces. The right lace became locked and he had to concentrate on it. The left foot freed easily and pushed the shoe off. He removed the left sock before returning to the right foot and it's cloth cover. The jeans he had been wearing need tugging at the feet to remove them. The buckle on the belt felt cold as it bounced around his ankles. Once freed, he left his clothes there, seeing the three cars in the car park and reflected on the current situation. A smile crossed his lips and turned towards the bedroom.

The door had not been closed, but the bed laid in the recess behind it, therefore Paul was blind to what was occurring until he rounded the door and its frame. Paul was ready for anything (almost) and was not surprised the find Sharon's tongue caressing Eddy's breast. The girls never noticed his arrival and only when the mattress sloped as Paul joined them on the divan did they realize he was there. Paul lay flat on his stomach, his face inches away from the trimmed cavity of his girlfriend, who was completely naked. Paul's boxer shorts were restrictive when he was erect at the best of the times, but now the bed acted as a bind to the straining penis. Paul's faced buried itself into her and he could hear the quiet sigh turn into a groan as the attention given to her breast and vagina caused her body to reach a new height. Sharon was causing the top half of Eddy's body to convulse while Paul's hot breath and tongue were causing a rise in Eddy's blood pressure and heart rate. Eddy's hips moved in unison with the face attached to her groin. As Paul moved around the reach different parts of the warm flesh, Eddy sought out his tongue. She felt the flicking and abrasion of the tongue. Her body waxed and waned like a ship being rocked by the waves. Sharon's left hand had run down her own body and entered herself momentarily and rubbed her clitoris as it withdrew. The moist hand withdrew away and ran back up her body and crossed towards Eddy's mouth. A finger entered the oral cavity and the Eddy sucked hard on it. The groaning chocked as another finger was forcibly pushed in. Eddy's waves grew larger. Sharon had removed her mouth from the fully rouged nipple of Eddy, as Sharon's lipstick had lightly smeared over it. The hand from Sharon's mouth was removed and the replaced with a pair of lipstick covered lips. Their tongues sought each other out. Paul's eyes, usually closed, as he knew every fold of his partner's body, were staring at the view above him. His throat contracted as he swallowed the fluid that were emanating from the hottest part of her body. The pause in action had annoyed Eddy and her pelvis was thrown up into the face of Paul. It caught him off guard and his nose took the impact. His eyes watered from the impact, but the girls were impervious to the pain Paul suffered and the groin was thrown his way again. This time he was ready and the mouth, which was already opening, collided at the perfect point. Eddy's hands were moving and pushing Sharon's breast around at the same instant. Sharon felt Eddy bite down onto her tongue and grab hard at the nipple as her hips convulsed and shuddered as the orgasm rose through the groin up to her brain, which triggered the reflexes in the nerves. Her mouth gave up the passion and her voice leapt into Sharon's throat, causing Sharon to pull her tongue away from the hard-pressed lips of her female friend. The pain in the breast was enjoyed.

Sharon moved away and Paul's head lifted. He moved up Eddy's body, which was still coming down from the physical high she had been given. Paul's boxer shorts showed his erection in clear definition. He arrived at Eddy's mouth and kissed the lower lip gently. Sharon was resting on one arm looking at the two of them. Eddy returned his affection with a shallow pout. Eddy felt his stiff penis push on her thigh and a hand quickly held the clothed member. Sharon now sat up and moved to Paul's hips. She pushed two fingers from each hand, down each side of his hips and pulled firmly down and backwards to relieve him of his boxer shorts. His erection jumped around as it was pulled down the body until the fabric had passed, then released to its preferred location.

Eddy's hand fondled the damp head and positioned it and the entrance and again moved her hips forward. Paul did not need encouragement and as he entered Eddy's hand moved away before the downward force crushed it. She felt the heat fill her inner walls. The head had no resistance as the pressure pushed it down the tube his tongue had sought earlier. Sharon was removing the underwear from around his feet and stopped looking at what she was doing, but started looking as his bottom. She watched it rise and fall. She could not see Eddy's chest do the same thing. Eddy's breathe back shorter as Paul's regularity increased. Sharon's hand found his buttocks and started rubbing them, moving them to his back and eventually to his neck. She moved forward and kissed the back of his neck. This caused an electric shock sensation and he slowed to find out what it was. Eddy's eyes were moving between Sharon and Paul. Sharon left Paul's neck and moved her larger frame backwards. She moved so far back she was using the momentum to stand. She saw the couple below making love. Eddy in rapture and Paul trying not to orgasm. Sharon wanted not to be left out and carefully crossing on leg over Eddy's torso, she squatted down onto Eddy's face. Eddy's mouth made contact with the lips and ignored the button of orgasm, which she knew Sharon would do, if Eddy went there too soon. Paul's head was now smacking Sharon's back and so he repositioned himself. While retaining his penis inside her, he brought his knees up while holding his weight on his arms. This movement meant Eddy's legs went wider and were held over his knees and thighs. The three them were forming a "U" shape, Paul and Sharon being the uprights and Eddy being the bottom. Paul's hands were free as his hips rocked backwards and forwards increasing the pressure on the inside front of the vagina. His right hand dropped above his thrusting penis and rested on Eddy's clitoris. Paul's other hand came from behind Sharon's back and placed it fully onto the breast. He did not cup it or hold the nipple, just squashed against her body. Sharon's right hand came up followed Paul's lead and held her own breast. Sharon's hips began movement in tempo with Paul. The lady at the base flashed her tongue away from the slit and hit the clitoris. Sharon climax had an effect on the other two. Firstly Sharon fell forward and crushed her pubic region into Eddy's mouth. This caused greater pleasure for the girl on top. Eddy's tongue was placed firmly onto the clitoris and could not move. The dampness, which had been present, turned into a thunderstorm and Eddy could do little but let it fall onto her. Paul's groping hand was left behind as Sharon had fallen forward. Paul lost his balance slightly and his hand recovered to Eddy's body. Paul increased the pressure and speed, forgetting his partner. Sharon's cloudy mind cleared and she lifted herself off. Eddy gasped in air and was more conscious of the probing in her vagina. The head of his penis forcing itself in and out. Sharon did not want this to end yet and so she moved around to face Paul and pushed his chest backwards so he fell away from Eddy. She then moved forward, bending at the waist. Her mouth gapped and the head moved onto his penis, flooding Paul with sensation the tip could not handle. Eddy moved her legs away from Paul and curled herself. In this position she rolled around over her back and side wards. Paul on his knees receiving oral from a woman he had only met once and his girlfriend was encouraging him to enjoy it. He felt Eddy's breathe on his lips and picked out the tongue as it entered his mouth. Her hands ran over his chest and pinched his nipples while the fuller figured girl was sliding his penis inside her mouth. Sharon stopped and rose on the other side of Eddy. She started kissing his nipple and gently bit it before licking. Eddy felt Sharon's hair on her chest and broke away from Paul. She also moved down to his left teat and mothered from it. His erection twitched violently, nudging against Sharon's thigh. Her hand descended down and held his testicles lightly scooping them. She released them the felt then fall. She left his hard nipple and moved away from the couple and lay on her back.

"Eddy, any chance of getting shafted by your boyfriend?" said Sharon very bluntly. Paul did not need to look at Eddy, as her tongue, teeth and lips had already moved away. Paul was about to mount her, when Eddy stopped him, both to his and Sharon's surprise.

"From behind!" Eddy ordered and Sharon obliged by moving into the required pose on her being on all fours. Paul's view had increased in delight, as he saw her anus and vagina in sharp contrast. Eddy's hands were busy. One held Paul's erection, the other had one of Sharon's breasts. She started masturbating Paul and in unison rubbed Sharon's breast very firmly. She stopped playing with Paul who was inching closer to bare backside. She guided Paul into her girlfriend. Paul's immediate reaction was one of horror as he found her very tight and muscular inside. Sharon gripped his stiff penis and moaned loudly at the initial thrust. Eddy now had a spare hand and cuddled Sharon so that both her hands held her breasts. She stopped moving the globes of flesh around and pulled her hands away. She watched Paul's speed slightly increase and noticed his hands were holding Sharon's buttocks, lightly shaking the white flesh occasionally. These movements were separating the anus and Paul's right hand moved to the center and started teasing the puckered hole. Sharon's reflexes moved her away from Paul, but he followed her. At the same time, Eddy had placed herself on her back and was sliding under Sharon. Eddy was greeted with a view of a penis shaft that became visible and then hide inside the warmth of Sharon above her. Sharon's arms slowly lowered her torso onto the bed. This gave Paul a better view of the teased anus and he licked his thumb and started slowly pushing his thumb into it. Sharon broke the silence by saying,

"Got any poppers?" Eddy annoyed by the interruption pulled herself away and delved into the bedside cabinet, which was a duplicate for the one that Paul had in his own bedroom. Eddy handed the small brown bottle with a gold wrapper to Sharon. Sharon removed the top and inhaled through the open nostril as she had pinched the other. Sharon felt the rush as the muscles relaxed. She secured the lid on the glass vile and buried her head sideways into the pillow. Eddy had crawled underneath and continued marveling at the view as Paul threw his hips forward. Paul finally pushed his thumb into her anus and pushed down to fell the thin membrane between anus and vagina, felling his penis, which was already hugged by the muscle control of Sharon. Eddy, although not bored wanted to continue the presence. She moved closer to Sharon and Paul's union and stuck her tongue out and licked both of them together. Paul felt the course with the smooth and could fell the pressure that was his climax and orgasm coming from his scrotum climbing up his penis slowly. Sharon's vocal noises become louder and she slid the bottle under her nose again and undid the lid and inhaled more than before. Her head started sensing more and more as her heart rate increased. She was enjoying the attention of the mouth of Eddy, who had just started pinching her nipples alternately, Paul's penis which was as far as she was concerned straining as his speed was subsonic to her weakened mentality from the anyl-nitrate and the thumb which he had started moving quickly, although this was involuntary on his part as it was his body movements that were moving the hand. Sharon had just summed up everything and the Light she had experience with Eddy earlier arrived and her body became to cry out for more which the two were already providing. She bit into the pillow to stifle the cries of pleasure. She started shaking and her legs trembled and Paul gave one final push and held himself there. He rocketed his semen into her. Paul's thumb slipped out of Sharon anus and he quickly pinched the cheeks together. He then slowly continued the pushing, gently at first, as he was as sensitive as Sharon. Eddy started kissing the drowned vagina and penis. Paul lost his erection very slowly, so he withdrew from Sharon, Eddy started licking the shiny head. Paul quivered as he her mouth tasted the two ejaculates of the two people above her. Eddy watched as some sperm slipped out of Sharon's vagina and run down the edge of one her lips and slide into the inner thigh that was hot and sweat covered. Paul withdrew his penis from Eddy's mouth. The sensations were too great so close after his orgasm. Eddy extracted herself from underneath the now calm Sharon. Paul was stroking Eddy's arm and breathed out deeply to expel the air that he held during the final drives forward into Sharon. Sharon collapsed onto her side. Eddy lifted her head and kissed her female friend on the thigh. Paul decided he better show affection to his partner rather than the gallery 'barmaid'. He stroked Eddy more. Sharon was the first to move from the bed, dashing off across the room through the lounge and into the bedroom, screaming

"Too much wine!" Eddy laughed and whispered into Paul's chest.

"Too much cock more like." Paul snorted as if his nostrils had watered in them. They heard the shower running and Eddy curled up closer to Paul.

"Any good?" she enquired. Paul almost laughed at the question but decided against that for fear of being hit. Paul saved the situation by smiling.

"That's okay" she said, "yes we arranged it this morning. I only got the idea a few days ago and you made me very randy in the shower this morning." The shower stopped and about 30 seconds later Sharon arrived wrapped in a bath towel, which was pale blue. Paul admired the way the breasts had been pushed up. Eddy rose from the bed. Kissed Paul and traced Sharon's footsteps to the bathroom. She noted that there were now four cars. The new one was a Police car, which had parked opposite hers. She continued slowly to the bathroom. Did not both closing the door and opened the glass to the small cubicle. She wished she could have the steam as Paul's did.

Back in the bedroom, Sharon and Paul were having an awkward moment of silence even though Paul had delivered his seed into her not ten minutes previously. Paul asked a question and regretted it almost immediately. Sharon was brushing her hair with a big black brush that had laid on the dressing table.

"Done this before?" The silence was restored momentarily as Sharon stopped brushing her hair. She eventually continued.

"Only once before" said the brunette. Paul could sense the frostiness of the answer.

"With my ex who died" Paul raised a hand as to stop her. She would not say anymore about the subject that day, but she did continue.

"Eddy and I are old friends if you get my train of thought, we've been 'together' since school. We are not lesbians, no way, we like cock too much!" Paul was reminded of Eddy's comments as Sharon had gone to the shower.

Eddy strolled in, the damp footprints visible in the fawn coloured carpet. She smiled at both. Paul's testicles ached from the draining and explosiveness of his two orgasms that day and it was only 4 o'clock. He lifted his fairly fit, but slight hairy frame from the bed. His sexual organs swinging as the blood returned to help other appendages. His tiredness made getting off the bed difficult and the girls giggled at his weak legs gave way slightly. Strength returned and he ushered himself out of the door while both eyed his naked body exiting towards the bathroom.

After showering, the three re-dressed and opened the huge patio doors to the outside world and sat outside on the small patio that sat alongside the car park. The police car was still there and they occupied their thoughts over what it was there for. The worst suggestion came from Eddy that they had video equipment and had complained about them and there was now a film of the three of them. Sharon dismissed this saying that no man had ever seen her on video yet and she had found one she wanted to that with. Paul's eyes stretched. He looked at Eddy who had started blushing. Paul realised Eddy had been on a video before. He laughed out louder and Eddy became redder. Sharon looked at Eddy,

"Yes I remember, you were once on a video!" Eddy glared at her friend,

"Thanks" huffed Eddy. Sharon started laughing.

"Have you still got it?" asked Paul.

"Oh I think about five million people have got it!" shrieked Sharon, trying hard not to erupt in a fit of the giggles. Eddy remained quiet.

"Go on Eddy, tell him" Sharon was still containing her laughter.

Eddy face had turned deep red and the chest had flaring into the same colour. The nose was the only thing still flesh toned where the bridge was. Eddy slightly peeved at her friends deceit decided to remain quiet. Sharon and Paul kept ribbing her about the video. Sharon knew the whole truth, but was dropping hints to Paul. " It was an elevating experience" was one comment. Eddy's blue eyes had no extended out of their sockets every time she looked at Sharon. She then changed tack and started pleading with Sharon through facial expressions. All this did was egg Sharon on. "Camera, lights, Action!" and Sharon held up her hands like a camera deciding what the view would be like through the lens.

"Alright, alright" Eddy said very quietly. Sharon and Paul smiled at each other.

Eddy started relaying the story how she and a boyfriend from years back "Two" jumped in Sharon were on their way back to his flat. Arrived at the tower block, jumped in and started getting it on in the lift. Eddy's skirt was pulled up, pants moved to one side, his trousers undone, penis, which was semi-erect, pulled out and they had sex standing in the lift. No big deal. They got to the top of the block of twenty stories and then went down again. This drew a small laugh from Paul as he contemplated 'going-down' in a lift that was going down! So ended the sordid story of the lift. Or so Eddy and boyfriend thought.

Six months later on the new wave of programs showing the public on CCTV (closed Circuit Television) cameras was a couple that had sex in a lift. Eddy's marketing company worked on the advertising for this and saw the lead shot, which was of her and boyfriend with their faces shaded out to keep the couple's identity secret. Eddy knew who it was and so did the producer, director and film cutting crew as they had the original video footage. Eddy's request to move from the account to another fell on deaf ears. Eddy dyed her hair the week before the production crew turned up, but she got some strange glances from her colleagues. The show went out and the commentator made the line that as Eddy had pressed the down button once the lift had got to the top that,

"The man must be pushing all her right buttons". Viewing figures for the program broke the expected number and Eddy was hailed a hero for her marketing talents…..