Written by lwuk

19 Aug 2005

Chapter 2

Edwina Cynthia Phillips (and she hated the Cynthia) walked into the shower at about 10:00. She had telephoned her employer and apologized for rising late and would she mind if she had a day off. Jeremy her line manager laughed as she sad something see ate last night had disagreed with her and it made her sick. What she should have said was that she ate something that did agree with her and made it vomit its white sticky liquid, but she knew the boss would have not been impressed. The day off sick was authorized and she found herself walking into the shower while Paul offered some Earl Grey tea. She accepted and said she would be a while.

Paul's money had meant he had decorated his flat very modernly. For modern you could read expensive. The Shower was powerful, hot and also had a steam room option. She sat down on the seat, which was built into the wall, after having a quick wash in the shower and turned the steam to max. She found this very rewarding as it opened the pores of her skin and made the flesh tingle. The steam rose dramatically filling the void in which the two wrap around glass doors had encaged her. The doors did not close too tightly that steam escaped from between gaps. The warm water soon turned to salty beads of sweat from the opening pores. These micro droplets soon joined to create orbs, which just leapt and flowed down her skin. Not being largely endowed in the breast region, Eddy's sweat crept slowly towards her nipples and seemed to hang there until another rivulet pushed passed and joined up to drop and splash into her lap. She watched these globes of steam and sweat form and run, drop and collapse into her lap. She opened her legs very wide apart and reached for the conditioner she had bought some weeks back when Paul had offered her a place to hang some clothes as they were spending more time together. She lathered-up what little pubic hair she had and was about to grab the razor to trim up when she felt the foam running south down the inside of her thighs. She looked down and pushed the foam that was stationary to the center point of her groin. A semi-solid mass of froth sat awaiting the moisture from the steam and sweat. The foam started slowly to move towards the gap between hair and the skin. The initial slow pour of conditioner foam hit the smooth skin and rushed like a torrent towards the upper part of her vagina, dragging more with it as if afraid to go alone. She saw it rushing and wondered what it would feel like. Her breasts had a rush of blood and the nipples started protruding halting the droplets that fell ever so regularly. The mass stopped just above the covering hood of the clitoris and separate right and left to run either side of the shaved lips. She was disappointed that it had not over run the curtain guarding the sacred spot. She looked up grabbed the razor and started trimming the small amount of stubble that had accumulated since the last cutting exercise only three days before. The blade rasped on the skin. She swilled out the three bladed head with some water that lay in the soap container. She pulled the right lip across the front and shaved closely. Releasing the skin, the flap fell back and allowed the steam: sweat and foam enter the area secured by the pelvic bone. She felt the heat and turned the razor around in her right hand in inserted the handle into the vagina. There was little satisfaction. She withdrew the handle and pulled on the left hand side of the skin and drew the blade expertly across. The Itch deep inside had been rekindled, she inserted the handle again. This time twisting slightly and she slowly drew the handle away from her body. She tried again and felt frustrated that the plastic was not providing total satisfaction. She wanted more and wondered if Paul would hear her crying his name from the steam shower as he was in the Kitchen, boiling the kettle. Eddy finally gave up with the handle inside her and ran it up the lips and used the grooves in the handle to rub over her clitoris. This sensation was something she was after. The handle moved quicker, forward and back, her knees closing slightly as the feet remained static. The steam moving more water down her body as the gravitational pull worked on all the surfaces, pushing the water down into the shower foot well. The clitoris was engorged with blood now and stood proud of the cover. She dropped the razor and it fell towards her left foot. She kicked it away, almost out of disgust and the finger started rubbing furiously on the right hand side. Occasionally she would put pressure on the clitoris. Her heels began digging into the plastic floor of the shower. Her head rolled backwards as if looking into the sky, her eyes closed and her back pushed against the cold plastic of the shower wall. The right foot slipped slightly as the increased speed and friction of the masturbation began to bring forward the fruits of hard work.

The doors opened and Paul stood there, mug of tea, with milk, no sugar in his hand. He surveyed the site before him. She looked him directly into the eyes as her head came forward. The steam escaped around her running over Paul, his outstretched hand and cup. Paul stared back deep into her eyes.

'Please continue', he said very quietly.

She had stopped as he opened the doors and began the movements very slowly. Paul had turned around and was placing the cup onto the glass shelf that stood in front of the mirror above the basin. The soap had dropped over the top of the plughole again. He undid his dressing gown and turned in one movement. He entered the shower and say she was very close to climaxing. His sexual organ had flooded and stiffened before undoing his robe. He closed the doors behind him and the steam began refilling immediately. The cold gush had heightened the hot parts of Eddy and her nipples stood proud and very hard. She removed the hand that was giving her pleasure and pushed her knees and feet together. She moved sideways and Paul sat next to her. She stood up and facing the doors with he back to Paul, lowered herself onto his erection. Paul's hands quickly found both breasts from behind and squeezed the flesh hard. She screamed with pain and pleasure as the hands slipped onto the nipples and pinched them too. The rhythm on his penis became more frenetic. His manhood was being driven home. Her hands, which had rested on her knees, were lifted and moved backwards behind herself. She rubbed the hairs on his chest and found his nipple with the right hand. She applied pressure between her thumb and forefinger and twisted. The steam drowned out his gasp of brutal pleasure. The left hand, which was not so dexterous, sought out the same target. The hand hunted for its prey and once located got special attention for not coming to hand immediately. She learnt forward, straightening the arms for better control. The fingers tightening and loosening like a pulse. Paul's right hand moved from the breast and moved to the clitoris. She almost jumped as he hit the spot. The downward movement following this was heavy and Paul wondered if she was in control. Eddy released his nipples and the stinging became immediately as the heat of the steam ran towards his solid protrusion. She leant back and placed her head on his left shoulder, no longer rising and falling but rocking backwards and forwards. Paul's penis had less control and slipped out on one very long forward motion. She raised herself and held his manhood and positioned just on the clitoris and rubbed it backward and forward before re-inserting it. She leaned back again and Paul's head met hers and they kissed fully, mouths open and tongues attacking each other. Paul's hands returned to her breasts after losing the fight of rubbing her pleasure button with his penis. Eddy started moaning deeply and loudly. Her cries were from deep inside and her lungs gave air they could ill afford for the activity was making her breathless. Paul's emotions were not far behind and the water and sweat that they were both generating was acting as a lubricant and their bodies slipped and slid against each other.

Eddy came first. The noise was shattering in the air, the steam compressor joined in to make the sound harsh and painful. She shuddered on his penis and she slowed momentarily. Paul was close and maintained the pace on the rocking motion Eddy had started. Paul struggled to keep her hips moving as her climax fell away, but Eddy was aware of what she was doing, holding him to increase the pleasure. Paul started bouncing Eddy on his lap and she could feel the heat from within, as the pressure of the semen and strength of the blood coursing through his groin was palatable. Eddy started increasing the beat again, shocking Paul, whose reaction was to stop his motion and relax slightly. Eddy started moaning again as the orgasm plateau was once more obtainable.

Paul closed his eyes slowly rolling his eyes into the back of his head as the heat at the tip of the penis erupted and the fluid ruptured into Eddy's vagina, hitting her cervix so hard she dropped all her weight into her lap and the nerves rocketed to the usually heights of pleasure. Her hands fell to his thighs, rubbing them. Their mouths touched and there was a gentle and soft probing tongue. Paul groaned at the weight he was beginning to feel from Eddy's relaxation.

"2-1", Eddy said smiling. She rose from him gently and patted the limp penis underneath her.

"Good boy" she mocked. Paul smiled at her and let out a small laugh.

"Look, now I've got to shower again!" said Eddy,

"Together?" asked Paul.

"No, I am going for my tea" she quipped.

Paul showered and made sure that every nock and cranny was clean before stepping out of the shower. He walked into the bedroom to find the naked Eddy on her mobile.

'. 2:30 then, Okay. My place or yours? Okay. So at 2.30, bye'

"I thought we were going for a walk in the park and go for a late lunch this afternoon.

"Oh, yeah," see replied, "I've changed our plans. Remember I am supposed to be sick."

"Okay, so what were you arranging" enquired Paul.

"I am seeing a friend at my place at 2:30. Want to get introduced as my boyfriend?"

"I'd rather be called your lover." he quipped.

"Do you want to come or not?" she said with mocking annoyance. He nodded his head and that was settled. He had postponed his meeting with his financial advisor as Eddy had dropped enough hints about throwing a 'sick'.

They breakfasted on toast and another cup of tea after Eddy had spent another twenty minutes in the shower. Paul went up and checked out what she was up to, but she had continued shaving her legs and bikini line and had wanted to continue steaming herself. Paul had asked if a fish was steamed for this long. She threw the bar of soap at him. Eddy had told him he was staying at hers tonight and he accepted without thought. They drove from West London, out via Greenford and onto the A40, which became the M40. Turned off at junction 2 for Beaconsfield and followed the small dual carriage way into the outskirts of the Old town. Eddy had a flat here, but they continued onto the new town and train station as her car had been left there since yesterday morning. After retrieving her car and paying the additional fee for overstaying they drove in convey to the flat, which was converted from an old barn. The two flats were large, with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Both flats were downstairs. Eddy's residence had a 20-foot window, which overlooked the car park courtyard and field of the farm next door. Eddy's parents had helped with the deposit, as they were impressed by their daughter's choice of abode. The builder had been unusually sympathetic with the conversion and the period feel was there. Through the window Eddy could tell her guest had arrived. Paul was not as observant.

The wooden bedside table Eddy had bought him would have fitted better here than in his flat, but he would have been embarrassed to turn down her first gift for him. Anyway, he had intended a small face-lift of the bedroom and a wooden floor would be better than concrete covered in expensive carpet. It would be easier to keep clean as well for his maid. That was one of the benefits of money. The daily maid, cleaned, did the washing and ironing. Eddy had been quick to notice this and cheekily dropped her clothes into his laundry basket.

Both cars easily parked in the courtyard that the barn afforded with it. Paul grabbed the overnight bag out of the boot of his car. He had to wait for Eddy who was stroking next door's cat. That reminded him, his cat required a trip to the Vets'. His doorman of the block of flats he lived in, although they liked to be called the long-winded French word Concierge, would let them selves in and feed his cat. The Cat liked living next to the river and as there was a 24 hour manned door, the cat knew he could just walk down the stairs, scratch on the metal kick plates of the fire door at the bottom and the stairs and someone would let him out. Paul had decided sometime ago to have a cat flap put into his door, so the cat could go when it wanted, but deep down he liked the idea of the cat relying on him for some things, like when he wanted to go out for a pee. The management of the flats had been reticent about letting him cat flap the top door, but once Paul had located a fire proof cat flap, they could do little to stop the one outside his flat, but they would not let him do the bottom of the stairwell fire door. Anyway, the 'doormen' received a very large Christmas bonus from him to look after the cat occasionally.

Eddy unlocked the barn door, only to find the top lock undone. Paul was surprised to see no shock in her eyes as they flicked towards him and she just smiled. He was concerned. The door swung open and as a precautionary measure Paul pushed past her and entered first. The strong smell of old oak crossed his nose and hit the throat drying it immediately. He was always surprised Eddy's clothes never smelt of it. Sitting on a wooden framed settee was the barmaid Sharon.

"Hello" she smiled at him as she saw the shock in his face. Eddy followed on hearing the female voice. Walking over to Sharon, Eddy planted a kiss firmly on Sharon's lips and Sharon did not flinch but smiled at Paul afterwards.

"How are you Shaz?" asked Eddy, "Oh, this is Paul, remember him?"

"Would I forget a good malt drinker?" she replied with another question.

Sharon was as before, tight bright blue top showing the larger breasts than would the norm and it seemed no bra, tight skirt which stopped mid thigh and bare legs. She wore no make-up and her auburn hair was pulled back tightly to give an eight inch ponytail.

Paul was in disbelief. "You know each other?" stating the obvious.

"Yes" said Sharon, before Eddy could join in or make conversation. She stood up and Paul was convinced very quickly that she was not wearing a bra as the tight top juggled the mounds of flesh beneath.

"You're the boyfriend I've heard so much about. Not bad Eddy, now I've had time to have a good look" she mouthed as she walked towards him, her eyes stopping slightly longer than was required in the hip region. Eddy giggled.

Eddy had moved behind Paul and put her arms around him. She was two-thirds the height of him and the looked like a couple of trees, which were planted years apart, but growing together at the same speed.

"And she is a girlfriend from school" said Eddy to Paul's back, pressing her head side wards so she could be heard and to gain as much contact possible.

Eddy then explained that Sharon worked at the Gallery and the bar staff had not turned up, so instead of mingling and selling, Sharon was forced to work the bar. Luckily a good finishing school meant she knew all the drinks and mixtures a barman would have to guess at. They were best friends since school and Edwina and Sharon were dorm mates and cried each other to sleep at the beginning of each term for the first year. By the sixth year, they would hate going home because they could only talk on the telephone and that was for only a few minutes a day.

Both shared a flat as they went to the same University and fell out badly over a boy. They did not talk to each other for two years until the boyfriend of Sharon who Eddy had dated first died tragically on a light aircraft accident in poor visibility. Both arrived at the funeral and settled their differences. A year later, both with excellent degrees, Eddy's in Office management, a degree in bossing people as Paul described it and Sharon's in Modern Art meant they both got jobs in the West End of London. It was almost inevitable that they shared a flat. They only called it a day when Sharon moved in with someone. That failed a year later, by which time Eddy had bought the flat in Beaconsfield and Sharon bought a flat in Docklands during the recession after her rather messy split.

"Drinks" said Sharon.

"No" said Eddy, "Pub!" and turned to Paul who knew better than to argue. His stomach was already empty of the toast he ate several hours ago.

They ate a surprisingly good meal, where the barman smiled at Eddy. It was Paul's first time in this pub. Eddy kept smiling at Sharon and whispering, which was pissing Paul off. The girls were drinking wine and Paul quaffed 2 pints of a special beer that came from a little Yorkshire village. Paul's entrepreneurial mind thought about buying one, but that faded away as the girls started drinking Baileys doubles on ice. They were giggling and Eddy kept touching Paul on the inner thigh and pinching his muscles.

Eddy settled the bill, "My Local!" she demanded.

And they wandered, or better described as staggered back to the flat. Luckily Paul's bladder was not at the point of busting as he wandered into through the door. The girls pushed at each other to get to the bathroom first. Sharon won using the additional weight and height. Eddy landed on a chair.

"How did she get in?" Paul enquired.

"Told you, babe, she's my Girlfriend, she has the keys to this place and I have keys to hers".

Sharon walked out and winked at Eddy, Eddy grinned back at Sharon and Paul noticed the exchanges and was horrified to what they were planning. Eddy dragged herself out from the chair and rolled one way and the other as the drink made her swerve to the bathroom. She shut the door and the noise of her dropping the toilet seat lid could be heard in the living room. Paul moved towards the Bathroom to help his girlfriend. Sharon tugged on his arm and stopped him.

"I think she needs help" Paul murmured. Sharon shook her head.

"She's fine, honest, I've seen her a lot worse" Sharon said quietly, but forcibly.

Paul looked down at Sharon's hand and it was strong, firm and purposeful attached to his arm. Sharon did release her grip, but moved closer to him. Paul started moving away, but not quick enough for Sharon to place a kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you for giving her some stability" whispered Sharon into Paul's left ear. At that point there was a crash from the bathroom and both the occupants of the living room started laughing. Eddy walked out and saw their faces and proximity to each other and looked Paul in the eye,

"Trying to steal my bestest friend?" Paul cringed at the grammar. Sharon's lips parted and planted another kiss on Paul's check catching him by surprise.

"No, I'm going to steal this one, like I stole the last one" Sharon said without thinking. Slightly hurt by her friends jibe Eddy replied,

"And look what happened to him!" Sharon's body physically shrunk.

"Sorry" said Eddy, rapidly sobering up at what she had said to Sharon. Eddy moved across the room, removing Sharon's arms, which were attached to Paul and held her. Paul put her arms around the two girls and watched the tears well up in the ducts and trickle out of the corners. Eddy kissed the tears away from Sharon's face by leaning towards and lifting herself. Eddy smiled, Sharon smiled and they kissed full on the lips. Paul's head was facing outwards looking at the sunshine in the courtyard he could see through the window and missed the mouths moving. He only heard the groan from Eddy's throat and thought she was about to cough. He turned to the girls and was rudely withdrawn from his daydreaming. He watched as their heads turned to allow better access to the tongues. Paul was holding in his hands two girls kissing. His amazement was increased when Eddy drew away from Sharon and started kissing Paul's cheek. Sharon carried on with Eddy, by kissing her neck. Paul final broke the silence by laughing.

"Is this what you were arranging?" Asked Paul, but before he got his answer Eddy had located the moving lips and flicked her tongue onto his. Silva mingled and passion started stirring in Paul. Eddy was already relaxing as Sharon broke away and stood behind Paul and started kissing his neck. Paul's nerves were tightening. These feelings were unorthodox and he had no idea how to handle the situation. Eddy's mouth withdrew from his and started undoing his shirt. Sharon's hand started pulling the cotton garment at the back, pulling it out of his belted trousers. Eddy's hands neglected the last three buttons and pushed both hands through the shirt and rubbed the chest. An extra pair of hands rubbed his nipples as Sharon had entered the shirt from behind. Eddy's hand dropped down the belt and tried to unfasten it. Sharon's hands felt harder and more brutal that Eddy's and Paul's response was more guarded. He had no idea what was happening to him, but knew he could not stop it. The belt buckle chaffed on Paul's stomach as it broke free the constraints of the loops. The button and zip of his moleskin jeans were easily undone.

Eddy dropped to her knees, pulling the trousers down in on fell movement. Paul's feet were trapped. Eddy eyed up the black boxer shorts which had already started tightening with the exuberance of these two very adventurous ladies.

Sharon's hands ran into the back of the boxer shorts and put a hand on each of his buttocks. Squashing each white mound of flesh. Eddy had risen and finished unbuttoning his shirt and removed it. Eddy laugh out loud when she threw it at Sharon, who while moving away from the fast traveling object dug her nails into Paul's bottom making him wince and open his mouth, but no sound left. Paul stood there sandwiched between Eddy and Sharon. All he had on was his shoes, socks, trousers around his ankles and his boxer shorts. Sharon moved around Paul as her hands had already been removed, caused by the rapid Oxford cotton double stitched shirt. Eddy moved towards Sharon and kissed her neck. Sharon's gaze did not detract from her target, Paul's mouth. Paul did not kiss her back. He felt unease at the situation. There was his girlfriend taking his clothes off in front of someone else. Paul's unease was lifted.

"It's okay…." Said Eddy. Paul's eyes showed some fear. Eddy strayed towards him and their three faces were close together. She kissed Sharon on the cheek twice and then kissed the side of her mouth. Sharon responded by widening her mouth, but Eddy turned and kissed Paul. Paul responded and opened his mouth and their tongues rolled around together. Sharon started kissing the cheeks of Eddy and Paul. Eddy retracted herself and Sharon took over Paul's mouth. There was no hesitation this time and Sharon's tongue was smoother and he could taste the Baileys she had been drinking 20 minutes ago. Sharon was keen to make ago of Paul's tongue and sucked on it violently dragging his tongue into her mouth, closing her teeth down and gently biting it. Paul tried to withdraw, but the vice of her teeth would not let him. Sharon was a dominant type. Eddy during the power struggle had undone the button of Sharon's skirt. Its tightness meant that both her hands were needed to pull the short skirt over the hips. Once past the thighs she released it and Eddy saw the blue Lycra skirt drop to the floor. Sharon wore nothing underneath and Eddy right hand delved between Sharon's legs. This caused a gasp from Sharon's throat and Paul found his tongue released back into the fresh air. Eddy's left hand held Sharon's left buttock and her hand moved up the more voluptuous flesh. Eddy pulled at the tight blue top to get her hand underneath and once void was there the hand slipped between skin and cloth the find the breast she sought. Sharon's hand had moved down to Paul's briefs. She was massaging his shaft through the fabric. Eddy's snatched at Sharon's nipples and felt the chest rise as it gasped in air. Eddy relieved her hand from Sharon's groin and pulled down the breast feeling hand and pulled the top in a lifting motion. The action meant Sharon had to left go of Paul's erect penis and left her arms over her head. Her boobs wallowed from left to right as the taut top gave up the figure it had held in check for the day. Paul's vista had improved with the release of his mouth and erection and he took in the shape of Sharon who stood there only in pale blue mules. Eddy's head moved to the left breast and placed the nipple into her mouth and sucked it in. She moved her head into the soft tissue and bit gently. Paul following his partner's lead moved his head to the available breast and placed a cupping hand underneath and lifted the breast into his mouth. Unlike Eddy, he sucked in the mound of flesh and by placing his tongue at the back of his throat beat the edges of the nipple. He could sense it hardening. Sharon had placed an arm each around their heads as a mother would when feeding her new born. Eddy's left hand had delved back into Sharon's groin and the right hand was resting on the buttock. This slipped into the rear crack and a thumb nudged at her anus while the fingers joined the other hand probing into the trimmed region of her pelvis. Sharon could sense Eddy's thoughts and pushed her hips back allowing entry into the wrong hole. Sharon's juices gushed onto Eddy's hands and Paul, unaware of what was occurring beneath him had a breast forced into his already full mouth. He recoiled and let his hand and mouth fall away from the mammary.

Paul saw the car, as his head was leaving Sharon's left breast, pull into the drive and he instinctively ducked. Sharon, too engrossed in her pleasure did not move until Eddy pushed her towards the couch. Eddy collapsed onto the side of Sharon and slipped into Paul. All three lay there until the neighbors had parked, got out of their car, placed the shopping from their boot and into their flat.

The cat was stroked some more and offered its residence but decided to stay outside in the glowing warmth the Sun provided.

Paul, Eddy and Sharon started laughing.