Written by dobin

9 Oct 2006

The day I swung with Caz for the first time

As you may have read, Caz and I have had a stormy relationship over the past few years and some amazing sexual experiences, a threesome with her and her partner and many one to ones along the way, she has found it more exciting now to cheat with me, even though her partner Jim has agreed and enjoyed threesome fun and knowing that I have fucked her.

After our last threesome fun I found the opportunity to fuck Caz's sweet pussy whenever I was asked and in some daring places. Once on the A130 she started to play with my cock in full daylight, eventually going down on me and forcing me to find the nearest lay-by where I promptly got her onto her knees and fucked her hole until we both unloaded huge orgasms, cars passing were sounding their horns as could clearly see the action and I had stripped off her top so her tits were in full view bouncing away with every thrust.

Then one day in a field of wheat in the deep countryside, laying on a car rug we stripped naked and enjoyed the sun on our backs as we just simply shagged, after we were in the full throws and the deep thrusts, a woman walking a huge dog cam immediately by us and totally stunned stopped and watched us, I just turned and The woman was transfixed soon had her hand up her short skirt and in her knickers and walked closer to get a better view, standing almost between my legs getting a good look at my cock pumping deep into Caz. She had at least 2 fingers deep in her hole and was near to orgasm herself, Caz watched her with interest as she came and that seemed to tip us all over the top and I shot a huge load deep up inside Caz. The lady apologised and started to cover up but I asked her if I could see her pussy as she had clear view of my cock and she happily pulled her soaking knickers to one side and asked me if I wanted to feel it……stupid question.

There was no further action but we did promise to try to return the next week on same day and time when she would also like to watch again, however this started me thinking about swinging, a subject I had only had people joke about and Caz was the ideal person to join me as my partner. Her interest in the lady was what sparked me thinking this as I wondered if there was any bi interest there. So, I made a plan and told Caz, she was fascinated and had the perfect opportunity as Jim was due to be away with his son (by first marriage) all one weekend soon. I arranged to meet a couple who were very experienced from Peterborough, and duly made the arrangements on a Friday night. The tension was amazing the sexy chat was quite unbelievable as if it was Caz's very first sexual experience.

The day arrived and we met at the hotel agreed and introduced each other then went for a drink at a local pub. The drink flowed and soon there was some tactile action, the odd touch of a leg etc and we agreed it was time to get to the room. Once in the room Karen, the other woman, made a bee line for me and we kissed passionately and fell on the nearest bed, Caz was being attacked by Simon who was pulling her top off to reveal a beautiful specially selected bra and shortly after, matching pants. They too were kissing and clothes came off in all directions, Karen had my cock out in seconds and was gorging herself on it whilst I was fully inside her knickers getting a soaking wet hand. She got up, straddled me, slipped down my undies and off, and sat directly on my cock…mmmm heaven. I looked at Caz who was now in a full 69 with Simon although his cock was not that big her mouth was quite full and she was totally engrossed as he lapped at her dripping cunt. She saw me getting pounded from above and demanded that Simon fucked her ..NOW, he needed no second invitation and I was able to see his dick disappear firmly up into her sweet juicy cunt.

I was now able to get Karen n onto her back and was doing the same as Simon pumping away, I looked over and he was looking as if he was about to shoot his load and sure enough he was pumping seed up Caz in just a few seconds after that. She looked disappointed and he tried to comfort her by again licking her out but she wanted cock. I invited them to join us on our bed and soon both girls were greedily sucking my cock when I thought this being the perfect moment, I pushed them together and said to them to kiss each other..well it was like releasing a tiger, Caz had her tongue deep in Karen's throat, they both held my cock but had no interest in it at that moment. Karen felt for Caz's tits and the show was about to start, tits being sucked, pussies felt and fingered and laying on top of each other simulating being fucked. Caz laid back on the bed and Karen went between her legs and kissed her cunt, an amazing moan came from Caz as she was getting her first bi cunt licking and Karen's arse was sticking up nicely for me to come behind her and fuck her as she did so.

There was 2 amazing orgasms that night from both girls and Simon never got hard again so the job fell to me.

A fantastic experience and great introduction to swinging