Written by Unknown

4 Oct 2005

We have been married for 22yrs and the children are at uni our sex life has reallly been nothing for years wife seem to have lost that sexual urge so I had to relieve myself with my hand or meet couples over the years for sexual fun but thats been not mamy.

Things changed one night on her Birthday ,we had gone out for a meal at a Hotel wife was dressed sexy nice skirt short but classey and a white button top which just showed enough of her 38DD's .Julie had a few glasses of wine and a few spirits so was very laid back and relaxed and looking quite sexy but knew she go home nighty on and asleep.

On the way home was dying for a piss and knew a pinic carpark near by so pulled into there when we got there ,there was a few cars parked and noticed 3 couples in there cars and a few guys .

The couples got out and were chatting to each other then went down the path and a bit later notice the guys going .

I ask julie if she wannted to goand see what was happening she said no but nagged her and we eventuallly went wife a bit reluctant .

When we arrrived we saw a sight which was horny but thought my wife be shocked I said we better go but she just stood there watching as the women sucked there partners cocks and they were being felt by the guys .I said to Julie that i had o go for a piss she just mubled something so I went into the darkness and relievd myself .When I turn back I was shocked to see a guy standing behind julie rubbing his hand on her bum and his other on her top rubbing her tit.

I stood and watched with my cock in hand wandering how far he go before she stopped him .His hand went under her skirt trying to run up her legs but it was tight thought that was it till julie undid her skirt and let it dropped i was fucking shocked as she stood in stockings and a thong she open her legs so his hand could go between her legs .

By tis time 2 other guys arrived and had her tits out and her thong off and was fingering her another guy was kissing her and she was moaning .

They took her to a pinic table and laid her on there by this time all she had on was stockings and hi heels , there was a guy licking her and another sucking her tits while she wanked him .One of the married couple came over and the girl kissed her and felt and kissed her nipple. Her husband put his cock in her mouth and she sucked it like it was her first taste ,she hadnt suck me for years .

I saw one of the married guys go round to julie cunt and rub his cock up an down her cunt coul see it was soaking as he teased her could see her trying to push her cunt against his cock then I heard scream "fuck me ,please fuck me "next thing he shoved his cock in I swear she came several times suddenly after a while the guy shot his load in her .One of the females jump between her legs and liked her cunt bring her to another orgasm by this time the guy she was sucking had shot his lot in her mouth his wife was kissing julie while another guy was fucking her and shot his load in her .

She stood up and Knelt over Julie and lowered her cum filled cunt onto her mouth ,julie said she never suck another Female pussy but she grabbed her bum and licked and sucked her till she came several times .

Julie was fucked by at least 7-8 guys and licked 3 cunts had swallow cum had cum all over her and was going round sucking cocks and cunts , I was so memerised by her behavior that I never got involved but came twice .

Julie walked back to the car naked as I cvarried her clothes as we got into the car she smiled at me and kissed me hard with her tongue could taste the cum and cunt juices whickh made me hard she saw it and sucked my cock till i was bursting ,she then ordered me out of the car she laid back on bonnet and told me to fuck her which I did cars were pulling out and could see us in there head lights which made julie cum several time ,eventually shot my load .

On the way home she was wanking me and asking if she was a slut I said yes ,did I mind god NO this was my Fantasies come true.

Since that night we been to several carparks various counties and to a few clubs .Julie now dresses sluttish when we are going out but when not then she looks a real classey housewife, if only our well to do friends knew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!