Written by dobin

3 Aug 2006

A night in a boring hotel in Aberdeen,

I say boring, the hotel was in fact fantastic huge rooms soft luxurious beds and all creature comforts needed by anyone were on tap, my room overlooked the indoor pool and I could walk directly outside to it. I was working on a 3 day stint and during the day found time to return to the hotel and use the pool and Jacuzzi. Both were almost always empty with the odd traveller using the pool to cool down.. I jumped into the Jacuzzi and there was an American girl another lady and her hubby and soon we were all chatting nicely. The girl was sweet young and I suppose untouchable but certainly eye candy with firm pert breasts with a clear nipple view, as I was off dreaming about sucking on those pert little babies a foot started to play with mine under the bubbling water. I looked at the girl and she showed no sign of interest and I looked at the lady … she had obviously been turned on to something but what, and where do I go from here.

The foot got more adventurous and was now moving up to my inner thigh and of course I allowed the access to whatever adventure she was after. The bubbles stopped and had to wait for 10 minutes before restart so in the meantime I could get a better look at my interested lady, she was surely in her late 40's very well toned not slim but fit, we carried on talking and her hubby decided to go and swim as we waited for the bubbles again, the lady climbed out of the spa to turn it back on and I saw much clearer her body which was very neat indeed, and as it started she then made back in and this time sat next to me and took no time to have her hand on my thigh, this time my cock reacted and I had to adjust it in the holster which she found rather amusing and smiled at me broadly. The girl now could see that something was happening and showed a definite interest in her hand in the bubbles and moved around to be in better view next to the lady, 'do you like this' she asked…god did I, yes I replied….moving her hand now over my cock…'and this' well she had me in such a state I was gagging to feel her as well, the girl now had her hand in her bikini bottom and the lady asked her if she enjoyed what she was watching…nodding she just couldn't speak but carried on with her fingering.. at this point neither had even seen my cock and only the lady had felt it over my trunks..'shall we help him out of his shorts' she asked the girl who not only agreed abut went now to my side and her hand instantly joined the ladies with some ohhs and ahhhs, the slipped down my trunks and together they just worked on my cock, lifting up it broke the surface and the lady instantly got her lips around the now very red dome.

My hands were trying to find a way to feel both women and I was able to reach and put my hand between the girls legs which opened easily and allowed me to pull her bikini to one side and finger her cunt. The lady had a one piece on and it was more difficult so I stayed with fondling her tits. The hubby looked as if he was on his way back in so we hurriedly got sort of tidy and agreed to meet after 11 when the pool closed.

The time was ripe, I had some wine and put on fresh swimmers and headed out to what was now a totally deserted pool. The lady was soon there after me and followed me into the water and instantly kissed me and slipped her hand onto my bulge we swam to the shallow end and as I stood up she went down on me for one of the most amazing blow jobs I have had…stopping short of shooting my load as I had other ideas for that and lifting her up I took her to the side of the pool , sat her on the dge and while I was still in the water I opened her legs wide and peeled her swim costume to one side and kissed her delicious cunt. One hand on her tit the other with 2 fingers inside her cunt and my tongue working her button, she soon exploded and tasted divine. The young girl seemed to have bottled and not come down and I now wanted my big cock inside this sexy woman so I started to take her to my room, drying her off as we went. As I went to close the door the girl appeared and said…am I too late, well obviously not and she joined us into the room, I stripped the lady as the girl just dropped what looked like a summer dress to reveal a totally naked body.

We all got onto the bed and both girls giggled and sucked on my cock with all the fun comments that girls make. The girl was first to move and she got up and straddled me and the lady helped direct my cock into her very tight but soaking wet cunt. She rode me harder than I thought possible and as she did she held onto the lady who feasted herself on the young hard nipples, as she got off me the lady licked all the juices from my cock and laid the girl back to do the same to her fingering her as she did.

As she was bent over the girl and enjoying young wet cunt I slipped my cock firmly up her cunt doggy fashion to an amazing scream of delight, the girls were now kissing each other madly and I pumped myself hard inside the lady and seeing the girls cunt come under the body of the lady I took my cock out and fucked her like that.

The session went on for a couple of hours, the lady had to go and the girl stayed the night with me and we fucked in every way possible and went for a couple of swims too, also ending up with my cock up her cunt in the pool on both occasions.

In the morning she left and later that day I met the lady and hubby, whilst he went to get a drink she said how much she had enjoyed it and wanted to do it again but they were off that evening and confessed to me that she had never ever kissed a woman before let alone her pussy and do all the things she did to that young sexy American girl. We keep in touch still but never get to be in same area at same time but we will one day. The girl also admitted to me that she had several fem/fem relationships and used big vibrators but had never ever had a cock in her at all, she had one more night with me before we both moved on. The girl, well she was 20 years old less than half my age and saw me as a safe person to do it with for the first time and not get the young fumblers groping and messing up, the bonus to her was the lady.